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It so happens that, in a short time, several entries appeared in the blogosphere on Semantic Web applications. David Provost published a report, Richard MacManus published a blog in ReadWriteWeb or, in the last issue of Talis’ Nodalities, Ian Davis writes about the same subject. This triggered me to draw the attention again to the collection of Semantic Web Use Cases and Case Studies that W3C publishes and maintains at These entries are not written by W3C but by the original users who made the extra step of submitting information to be published on that list. At this very moment there are 33 entries from very different companies and institutions, that include Vodafone, Sun, the UN’s FAO, the National Archives of Korea, Eli Lilly, BT, Nasa,…

If you read these lines and you do have an application that you would like to submit, please contact me or the dedicated email address:!

On a somewhat similar line: there is also a Wiki page that gives information on Semantic Web tools (not applications but, eg, David Provost’s report concentrates on those, too). This is a public Wiki, everyone can add new tools there; please do!

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