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In R.U.R. (Rossum´s Universal Robots) by Karel ?apek, Dr. Hellman, Psychologist-in-Chief, says:

Dr. Hellman (at door, left) Music is a wonderful thing, you know. You should have been listening. There's something ennobling about it, soothing …

We like it too. The Web has given a unique opportunity for everyone to link data, to share, to reuse and create. BBC is one of my favourite source of news. I like their site and I like their mission statement. Tom Scott (BBC Radio Labs) says in a blog post on helping machines play with programmes.

As part of our work on developing BBC Programmes we have been looking at how we can make the data available for other development teams outside the BBC.


We have been following the Linked Data approach - namely thinking of URIs as more than just locations for documents. Instead using them to identify anything, from a particular person to a particular programme. These resources in-turn have representations, which can be machine-processable (through the use of RDF, Microformats, RDFa, etc.), and these representations can hold links towards further web resources, allowing agents to jump from one dataset to another.

He is asking the community for comments around the RDF version of their schedules before publishing them along the other formats. There is also a cool demo which sends you notification of programme start. It should not be too hard to plug that into a Jabber client. In their demo, they are using Growl.

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