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Today there was yet another revealing message on the public-html mailing list. Most of the people have difficulties to grasp what is parsed and what can be authored. This is an issue.

Sam Ruby (IBM) is saying in a message on December 6, 2007:

P.S. The reason I did not understand the original message is that I do see wbr mentioned in the current draft of the html5, and I don't see where it declares that it is an error.

Ian Hickson (Google), one of the two HTML 5 specification editors, is replying on February 13, 2008:

It's not a parse error, but there's no way to include it in an HTML document without violating the content models.

We really need to come up with a document for HTML 5 authors. I have written it a few times. This document needs to be written by Web designers, Web design agency workers, freelance, etc. It is not about creating a new language. One first step would be to extract all the content model of HTML 5. Lachlan Hunt (Opera) had started to put together what could be such a document: The Web Developer's Guide to HTML 5. It would be cool if a group of people were ready to work on this. Read carefully, working, here means editing a document, collecting comments, improving it, etc.

If you feel so, join the HTML WG.

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