RDFa and SVG Tiny (and the RDFa distiller)

2 thoughts on “RDFa and SVG Tiny (and the RDFa distiller)

  1. No…RDFa does not “disallow” @xml:base — XHTML itself disallows it. Whatever we think of that, we can’t go adding it back in, in the spec XHTML+RDFa.

    However, note that the XHTML+RDFa spec also says in section 5.5:

    Note that XHTML 1.1, and therefore XHTML+RDFa, does NOT permit the use of @xml:base, so the only way to change the [base] is via the base element. If some other XML dialect that supports @xml:base eventually implements RDFa, a conforming RDFa parser for that host language will likely process @xml:base and use its value to set [base].

    This was a gentle pointer towards RDFa parsers for languages like SVG, that they should process @xml:base.

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