World Map and Statistics Challenge

Very often when you are working in an international organization, there are data that I want to represent on a world map. I often end up doing it by hand, but there must be a code already existing somewhere.

My requirements are simple:

  • A world SVG map with country id codes
  • A (html) table with the list of countries and associated data
  • A scale where values in a specific range get a specific color

Given this input I would like to get a colored map such as this map for drinkable water access by Philippe Rekacewicz.

If it doesn’t exist yet, it could be a nice and very useful tool for everyone else. If it exists, please leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “World Map and Statistics Challenge

  1. Hello. I’ve built a Flash file that does this (shades countries based on a XML file containing data). It took quite a while though.

    1. Hi Roberto,

      That’s cool. Do you think it would be difficult to update it and output SVG?
      Would you be ready to open source the code?

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