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Bert Bos Communications


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Bert Bos completed his Ph.D. in Groningen, The Netherlands, on a prototyping language for graphical user interfaces. He then went on to develop a browser targeted at humanities scholars, before joining the W3C at INRIA/Sophia-Antipolis in October 1995. He is co-inventor of CSS and created & led W3C's Internationalization activity. After working on HTML and XML, he led for many years the CSS and later also the Mathematics activities. He is now working on privacy technologies and is part of the W3C communications team.

Photo of Kenzo Ishida

Kenzo Ishida Graphic Design Volunteer


Kenzo Ishida is a graphic designer specialising in digital design, motion graphics and illustration. He has a background in working with creative agencies and in-house studio teams, and joined as a part-time member of the W3C MarComm team in August 2020. In addition to responding to graphic design requests from the wider organisation, Kenzo is also involved with work on the W3C site redesign.
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Xueyuan Jia


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Xueyuan Jia joined W3C in May 2015. She was the primary meeting planner at W3C/Beihang, and also the Media Contact in China as a member of W3C Marketing and Communications team. Since June 2017, she fully joined Marketing and Communications team to be committed to Member communications, W3C groups and team supports, as well as to expand W3C press relations in China.

Photo of Tanya Mandal

Tanya Mandal Marketing Fellow, W3C Marketing and Communications


Tanya joined the W3C Marketing and Communications Team as a Fellow on behalf of Internet Academy in December 2016.
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Coralie Mercier Head of W3C Marketing and Communications


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Coralie is Head of W3C Marketing & Communications. Since February 2015, she manages the Consortium's Comm activities, including messaging, press relations, W3C website, branding, marketing, internal communications as well as Public and Member communications.

Since joining W3C in January 1999 with degrees in secretarial work and English as a foreign language, Coralie held a number of positions such as W3C Europe team assistant, W3C Europe administration manager (2001), W3C Communications Team assistant (2005, part-time; 2008, full-time). She was team contact for the W3C Advisory Board for 12 years, helped with community outreach and developer relations.

Photo of Amy van der Hiel

Amy van der Hiel Assistant to Director and Media Relations Coordinator


Amy van der Hiel is the assistant to Tim Berners-Lee and is Media Relations Coordinator for the W3C Communications Team.

Before joining the W3C, Amy worked at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and was the Assistant to the Director and Curatorial Associate at the Exhibitions Department of the Massachusetts College of Art. She has her Bachelors in Art History from Bard College, NY and her Masters in Art Education from Mansfield University, PA.