Directory of W3C Evangelists

W3C Evangelists represent W3C in various locations and are an extension of W3C's Business Development Team. They are responsible for identifying and recruiting new W3C Members, running local events, promoting W3C Training and fostering Sponsorship. An Evangelist may cover all W3C technologies in a particular geographic region or be responsible for a particular Vertical Industry within an assigned geography.

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Nayef Alawadhi W3C Evangelist - GCC Chapter



Alawadhi is a computer systems engineer in charge of technical support and operation division at MIS department at Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) since 2017. CITRA is the regulatory authority for ICT sector in Kuwait. He has an extensive experience in the IT field. His IT career started in 2002 at Ministry of Finance (MOF) at Data Processing Department. He served as part of the technical support team for the WAN division. Then, he joined ERP department at MOF, at Authorization division to serve as computer engineer for the network section. During MOF career period, he officially participated on many other roles such as MS office trainer for MOF staff, an ISO auditor for Data processing Department and member of the E-collection project committee at MOF. Alawadhi has served and still working as an official part time lecturer teaching computer science courses at Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) since 2009. He also participated in many conferences and academic events as a speaker. He is currently a board member at Kuwait Information Technology Society (KITS). Alawadhi has joined W3C with strong passion to help evangelize W3C and its importance in developing web standards in GCC region, and to target new members in the region.
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José Antonio Casas Delgado W3C Evangelist - Perú



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Daniel Dersén W3C Evangelist - Nordic countries


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Myles Grancha W3C Evangelist - Eastern Australia



Accessibility and inclusion is important, it values all people without leaving anyone out, and this is why I am a W3C Evangelist.
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Bill Kasdorf W3C Evangelist - Publishing, Global



Bill Kasdorf is Principal of Kasdorf & Associates, LLC, a publishing consultancy focusing on editorial and production workflows, XML/HTML/EPUB modeling, standards and best practices, and accessibility. He is a founding partner of Publishing Technology Partners. Bill is active in the W3C Publishing@W3C activity and co-chairs NISO’s Video & Audio Metadata Guidelines Working Group. He is a member and Past President of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) and is also a member of the Book Industry Study Group’s Workflow Working Group and the International Press Telecommunications Council. He has received the SSP Distinguished Service Award, the BISG Industry Champion Award, and the IDEAlliance/DEER Luminaire Award. He is general editor of The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing and serves on the editorial board of Learned Publishing. Clients have included NEJM, National Academies Press, American College of Physicians, American Psychological Association, SAGE, Harvard, MIT UP, Toronto UP, Taylor & Francis, Cambridge UP, IEEE, Cochrane Library, Pearson, Cengage, VitalSource, World Bank, the British Library, OCLC, ORCID, and the European Union.
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Wonsuk Lee W3C Evangelist - Republic of Korea Chapter



Dr. Wonsuk Lee is a principal researcher at ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), which is government sponsored research institute for ICT area in South Korea. Before joined ETRI he was an principal software engineer in mobile communication division of Samsung Electronics during four years. In W3C he had many roles in various groups. He was an one of co-chair of System Applications WG, a chair of W3C HTML5 Korean IG and an co-editor of Media Annotation WG. In addition he was a member of HTML WG, Web Apps WG and Device APIs WG and extra. In present his interesting areas in W3C are Automotive WG, WebML CG and DID WG.
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Chinn Lim W3C Evangelist - Southeast Asia Chapter Manager



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Amanda Mace W3C Evangelist - Western Australia



Amanda Mace is AbleDocs' Vice President for Australasia. In this role, she manages the Australasia office while growing and promoting the AbleDocs brand across the region. She's also one of only two Australian-based W3C evangelists and the W3C Australian Western Region office manager. When it comes to accessibility, Amanda believes that innovation with accessibility built into it can provide immense opportunities for people with disabilities in security, independence, and privacy. She advocates that it's everyone's job to do their bit to remove barriers so everyone can have equal access and equal opportunity to the digital world. Amanda is certified by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) as a Certified Professional. Before joining Team AbleDocs, Amanda was the General Manager of Web Key IT. In addition, she co-authored a book chapter for the textbook, "Web Accessibility A Foundation for Research," as well as the white paper entitled, "Digital Accessibility: Perceptions, Expectations and Reality." Outside of work, Amanda loves to spend time with her husband and three children. She's also an avid reader, history lover, runner, and huge sports fan, especially when it comes to Australian Rules Football.

Giorgio Mazzucchelli W3C Evangelist - Italy


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Luis Meijueiro W3C Evangelist - Spanish Chapter



Extensive knowledge about the general principles of open data and the applicability of best practices, including the definition, analysis, management, processing and reuse of public information, related methodologies and procedures associated. Some activities related to Open Data and PSI projects where I have successfully deployed the aforementioned skills and competencies are: - Development of PSI strategic documents, regulatory guides, technical instructions and training materials for the Spanish National Data Catalog (including the development of the Implementation Guide of Royal Decree 1495/2011), also for the autonomous communities of Asturias, Andalusia, Castilla-Leon, Galicia, as well as national government agencies such as CMT. - Development of a theoretical model for measuring the maturity of Open Data initiatives (in collaboration with the University of Chile Federico Santamaría / International Development Research Council –IDRC).
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Karen Myers W3C Evangelist - Americas and Australia



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Alan Quayle W3C Evangelist - Communications, Global



Alan works at the bleeding edge of IT and Telecoms, building new businesses and services. His work experience includes: BT, Lucent, Cambridge Technology Partners, founding of Teltier (sold to Cisco) and 18 years as an independent consultant focused on the intersection of IT, Web and Telecoms. He founded TADHack, the largest global telecoms / communications focused hackathon since its founding in 2014. And founded TADSummit, the thought-leadership even in programmable communications / telecoms since 2013.
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Paul Rodgers W3C Evangelist - Payments, Europe



Paul is Chairman & Founder of European payments community, Vendorcom; European Evangelist at the World Wide Web Consortium for the Payments Sector; Mentor at fintech accelerator, Level 39; and Member of the UK Payments Systems Regulator Panel and provided the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Payment Systems in the last session of the UK Parliament. He is passionate about the payments industry and the benefits to be gained by driving innovation through collaboration. His work with Vendorcom ensures that all stakeholders in the industry are connected and have access to authoritative, independent information on strategic and innovative developments, standards, regulation and market opportunities. Paul is recognised for his broad perspective on industry matters as well as his independence, authority and pragmatism in dealing with the increasingly complex change that both merchants and solutions suppliers face.
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Muhammad Saleem W3C GCC Chapter Manager



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Daihei Shiohama W3C Evangelist - Publishing, Japan



Daihei Shiohama is President & CEO of Media Do Interntaional, Inc. based in San Diego, CA, a US subsidiary of the Japan's largest eBook distributor, Media Do Co., Ltd. Media Do is connected with all the digital publishers and eBook stores in Japan and is contributing to the publishing industry as publishing service platofomer. Shiohama is one of the co-chairs of Publishing Business Group at W3C. His media and content business carrier spans close to 40 years all around the globe including Japan, the US, Europe and Asia in video, music, interactive programs,mobile, in addition to publishing.
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John Simmons W3C Evangelist - Media & Entertainment, Global



John Simmons is an industry recognized expert on Web media standards. He drove Microsoft’s efforts to define DRM-interoperable encoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, the collaboration with Google, Comcast, Netflix and the W3C for HTML5 Media Extensions and a multi-year Apple collaboration to develop the Common Media Application Format.

John’s standards evangelism across the media and entertainment industry led to the creation of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Web Application Video Ecosystem (WAVE) project, a 60-company collaboration to adopt ISO/IEC and W3C standards for streaming media on a global scale.

John received the CTA 2017 Technology Leadership Award for the creation of the WAVE Project and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) 2019 Emmy Award for the Microsoft, Google, Comcast, Netflix and W3C “Standardization of HTML5, Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) and Media Source Extensions (MSE) for a Full TV Experience”.

Recently retired from Microsoft, John now runs a media standards consulting business from his home in the Cascade Range foothills, east of Seattle, Washington.

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Bobby Tung W3C Evangelist - Publishing, Taiwan



I started to participate W3C activities with "Requirement of Chinese Text and Layout", an i18n project. Now I'm W3C Evangelist in Taiwan to spread recent W3C standardization activities to Web Industry, and recruit member in Digital Publishing area and Banking, Telecommunications.
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Marty Voshell W3C Evangelist - Automotive



Twenty plus years international industrial markets experience in Automotive, Chemical/Petroleum, Electronics and Aerospace/Defense. Focus on strategic planning, engineering systems/services and alliance development.
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Robin Wilson W3C Evangelist - Media & Entertainment, Global


Robin Wilson's involvement with W3C began as HTML5 browsers became the preferred rendering environment for TV. Robin has a background in the evolution from analog video, audio and metadata into internet streamed digital media as we know it today. This spans the early days of participating in digital sampling, encoding and compression standards activities in SMPTE, EBU and MPEG. More recently Robin has been involved with the SVA, WAVE and NATAS. He has also been involved globally in various technology companies in digital media including with compression, DRM and security products. Several were based in Silicon Valley where he resides. Robin currently advise digital media companies on the challenges of launching streaming services globally at scale.
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Rachel Yager W3C Evangelist - Financial Innovation



Dr. Rachel Yager is the founder of FortuneTimes Group (FTG) 运时国际集团 a New York management consulting firm that accelerates international business growth – in startups and Fortune 500 companies – with state-of-the-art business techniques, emerging technologies and global best practice. Dr. Yager is also the founder of SymposiumX which brings together a community of W3C members and industry thought leaders in building the next generation of emerging technologies and standards for financial innovation.