Participants in the Education and Outreach Working Group

This is the list of people participating in the Education and Outreach Working Group.

Statistics on participants.

The Member-only view of this list includes additional contact information. See also the Patent Policy status page for this group.

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Abou-Zahra, Shadi
Picture of Shadi Abou-Zahra
W3C Staff
Arch, Andrew
Picture of Andrew Arch
Bakken, Brent
Picture of Brent Bakken
Pearson plc
Boudreau, Denis
Picture of Denis Boudreau
Deque Systems, Inc.
Brewer, Judy
Picture of Judy Brewer
W3C Staff
Burge, Helen
Picture of Helen Burge
Deque Systems, Inc.
Chadwick, Jennifer
Picture of Jennifer Chadwick
Comerford, Rachel
Macmillan Learning
Conway, Vivienne
Picture of Vivienne Conway
Web Key IT Pty Ltd
de Vries, Hidde
Picture of Hidde de Vries
W3C Staff
Dick, Wayne
Duchateau, Sylvie
Invited expert
Eggert, Eric
Picture of Eric Eggert
W3C Staff
Evan, Mitchell
Ferraz, Reinaldo
Picture of Reinaldo Ferraz
NIC.br - Brazilian Network Information Center
Freed, Geoff
Invited expert
Halter, Adina
Picture of Adina Halter
Comcast Corporation
Harris, Ash
AKEA Web Solutions, LLC
Henry, Shawn
staff contact
Picture of Shawn Henry
W3C Staff
Hodges, Kim
AKEA Web Solutions, LLC
Kasdorf, Bill
Picture of Bill Kasdorf
Book Industry Study Group
Keen, Laura
Picture of Laura Keen
Library of Congress
Kelly, Sean
Picture of Sean Kelly
Invited expert
Kidachi, Kazuhito
Picture of Kazuhito Kidachi
Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.
Kinney, Kris Anne
Picture of Kris Anne Kinney
Educational Testing Service
Kramer, Howard
University of Colorado Boulder
Mace, Amanda
Web Key IT Pty Ltd
McSorley, Jan
Picture of Jan McSorley
Pearson plc
Menezes Miller, Vicki
Picture of Vicki Menezes Miller
Invited expert
Montalvo, Daniel
W3C Staff
Mueller, Mary Jo
Picture of Mary Jo Mueller
IBM Corporation
O'Brien, Chris
Picture of Chris O'Brien
Accessible Media Inc
Oncins, Estella
Invited expert
Palmer, Mark
The Scottish Government
Phillips, Lewis
Pulido, Jes
AMAC Accessibility Solutions & Research Center
Pulis, Sarah
Ran, Ruoxi
Picture of Ruoxi Ran
W3C Staff
Rush, Sharron
Picture of Sharron Rush
Rydberg, Kevin
Picture of Kevin Rydberg
saleem, muhammad
Miskan Environmental Consultation
Sinclair, Norah
AMAC Accessibility Solutions & Research Center
Sloan, David
Picture of David Sloan
The Paciello Group, LLC
Steinberg, Richard
Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
Tyler, Bill
Picture of Bill Tyler
Invited expert
Velleman, Eric
Picture of Eric Velleman
Accessibility Foundation
Wainwright, Dena
Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
White, Kevin
The Scottish Government

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