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Web Architecture

Web Architecture focuses on the foundation technologies and principles which sustain the Web, including URIs and HTTP.

Architecture Principles Header link

Web Architecture principles help to design technologies by providing guidance and articulating the issues around some specific choices.

Identifiers Header link

We share things by their names. URL, URI, IRI is the way to name things on the Web and manipulate them. Some additional addressing needs in the Web Services stack motivated some additional layers.

Protocols Header link

Protocols are the vehicle for exchanging our ideas. HTTP is the core protocol of the Web. W3C is also working on XML Protocols and SOAP in relation to Web Services.

Meta Formats Header link

XML, the Extensible Markup Language, is used to build new formats at low cost (due to widely available tools to manipulate content in those new formats). RDF and OWL allow people to define vocabularies (“ontologies”) of terms as part of the Semantic Web.

Protocol and Meta Format Considerations Header link

Documents on the Web are loosely joined pieces by identifiers. It creates a maze of rich interactions between protocols and formats.

Internationalization Header link

W3C has worked with the community on the internationalization of identifiers (IRIs) and a general character model for the Web.

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  • 2018-07-18 (18 JUL) 2018-07-20 (20 JUL)

    Financial Innovation and Payments Summit

    Newport, RI, USA

    J. Alan Bird, W3C Global Business Development Leader, will be moderating a panel on Streamlining Ecommerce on Thursday, 19 July at 1630 EST during the Opal Group's Financial Innovations and Payments Summit 2018. We'll discuss what innovations are having an impact, what role standards can play in this and what implications are there for cross-border transactions.

    Opal Group’s Financial Innovation and Payments Summit will address the enterprising and adoption of innovative payments solutions and practices. This conference will gather leading players and thought leaders that are creating the landscape for the future of the industry. Uniting executives in the payments realm, stakeholders from business end-users, financial and technology services organizations will discuss and explore the key issues and opportunities today.

  • 2018-07-24 (24 JUL) 2018-07-26 (26 JUL)
  • 2018-07-26 (26 JUL)

    Meet the TAG

    Seattle, WA, USA


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