These are the W3C press releases of this year. More are available via the archive of press releases.

Internet Society and World Wide Web Consortium Strengthen Relationship to Help Ensure Open Global Internet

11 December 2009

W3C Outlines Roadmap for Realizing Web for Social Development

8 December 2009

W3C Standard Facilitates Information Management and Integration

27 October 2009

W3C Community Convenes to Discuss Future of HTML, Health of Internet Ecosystem

6 October 2009

Financial Data on the Web: A Collaborative Workshop with W3C and XBRL International, Inc.

5 October 2009

A Sprinkle of POWDER Fosters Trust on the Web

1 September 2009

From Chaos, Order: W3C Standard Helps Organize Knowledge

18 August 2009

W3C Celebrates Semantic Web Progress at SemTech 2009

15 June 2009

World Wide Web Consortium Launches Office In Senegal

26 May 2009

Service Modeling Standards Extend Reach of XML Family

12 May 2009

W3C Welcomes Developer Community at WWW2009 in Madrid

7 April 2009

Realizing Government Transparency and Openness Through Standard Web Technologies

25 February 2009

W3C Multimodal Standard Brings Web to More People, More Ways

10 February 2009

Social Networking Challenges Identified by Industry Leaders in W3C Workshop

10 February 2009