These are the W3C press releases of this year. More are available via the archive of press releases.

W3C Issues Recommendation for CSS1

17 December 1996

W3C Issues Recommendation for PICS

03 December 1996

W3C and CommerceNet Announce Major Step Toward Resolving Industry-wide Internet Payment Challenge [JEPI]

15 October 1996

W3C Issues First Recommendation for Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

07 October 1996

Keio University joins MIT and INRIA in hosting the W3C

09 September 1996

Jean-Francois Abramatic Appointed Chairman of W3C

21 August 1996

The W3C Announces HTML 3.2

07 May 1996

The W3C Announces Web Style Sheets

05 March 1996

The W3C Takes Leadership Role in the Development of HTML

04 March 1996