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Many in the W3C community — including staff, chairs, and Member representatives — present W3C work at conferences and other events. Below you will find a list some of the talks. All material is copyright of the author, except where otherwise noted.

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February 2014

March 2014

  • 2014-03-03 (3 MAR)

    Developing rich multimodal mobile applications using W3C Standards (tutorial)

    by Nagesh Kharidi and Raj Tumuluri

    Mobile Voice Conference

    San Francisco, USA

    Relevant technology areas: Web Design and Applications, Web of Devices, and Browsers and Other Agents.

    Using Openstream’s Cue-me™ platform and AT&T Speech Mashup, participants will learn how the Multimodal Architecture based on World Wide Web Consortium Standards can be used to develop rich multimodal applications. The session will present the W3C MultiModal Interaction (MMI) architecture and how the architecture integrates various components of a multimodal system (speech recognition, text-to-speech, ink annotation, handwriting, camera, etc.), into a smoothly coordinated application. Participants will use Openstream’s Cue-me™ Studio and learn hands-on how to use various components to incorporate rich interactions into an application in a portable, platform-independent way. The developed application will be deployed and run on devices running iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

April 2014

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