Participants in the Devices and Sensors Working Group

This is the list of people participating in the Devices and Sensors Working Group.

Statistics on participants.

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Bah, Slimane
Picture of Slimane Bah
Ecole Mohammadia d'Ingenieurs Rabat (EMI)
Bernhart, Bryan
Intel Corporation
Bhaumik, Rijubrata
Intel Corporation
Christiansen, Kenneth
Intel Corporation
DADAS, Mohammed
Picture of Mohammed DADAS
Gouaillard, Alexandre
Picture of Alexandre Gouaillard
CoSMo Software Consulting Pte Ltd
Grant, Reilly
Google, Inc.
Hu, Ningxin
Picture of Ningxin Hu
Intel Corporation
Hwang, Dongseong
Picture of Dongseong Hwang
Intel Corporation
HTML5 Converged Technology Forum
Picture of WOOGLAE KIM
Inswave Systems Co., Ltd.
Kis, Zoltan
Picture of Zoltan Kis
Intel Corporation
Knudsen, Lars
Picture of Lars Knudsen
Invited expert
Kollarova, Martina
Intel Corporation
Kostiainen, Anssi
Picture of Anssi Kostiainen
Intel Corporation
Kruisselbrink, Marijn
Google, Inc.
Kubo da Costa, Raphael
Intel Corporation
Lin, Wanming
Intel Corporation
Logvinov, Andrey
Invited expert
Mandyam, Giridhar
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc
Menard, Alexis
Intel Corporation
Olejnik, Lukasz
Picture of Lukasz Olejnik
W3C invited expert
Poussa, Sakari
Picture of Sakari Poussa
Intel Corporation
Ross, Brian
Privakey, Inc.
Shalamov, Alexander
Intel Corporation
Steglich, Stephan
Picture of Stephan Steglich
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
Steiner, Thomas
Picture of Thomas Steiner
Google, Inc.
Stojiljkovic, Aleksandar
Intel Corporation
Tran, Dzung
Intel Corporation
Waldron, Rick
Picture of Rick Waldron
Xue, Fuqiao
staff contact
Picture of Fuqiao Xue
W3C Staff
Yamamoto, Eiji
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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