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Central European Summer Time
Tech room, Low Level
Timed Text Working Group ( View calendar)
Sushanth Rajasankar, Peter Thatcher
Big meeting:
TPAC 2023 (Calendar)


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All participants are reminded that the W3C CEPC applies.

0930 Welcome, agenda etc
1000 Reflections from Monday's joint meeting with MEIG, and planning for Thursday's meeting with MEIG and APA WG

1100-1130 Break

1130 HD in PNG document updates
1145 Incoming Liaisons reviews

1300-1430 Lunch

1430 WebVTT issues

  • Metadata in WebVTT w3c/webvtt#511 (#264)
  • Support for additional features and path for moving towards Rec
    • adding features could block spec movement to Rec based on current implementations

1530 DAPT issues

1630-1700 Break

1700 TextTrackCue (moved to 1700 due to @marcoscaceres time constraints)

Presentation by @marcoscaceres and @eric-carlson

  • Is inline-block backdrop element relevant? w3c/webvtt#516
  • Does w3c/webvtt#519 VTTCue Constructor never calls super class (TextTrackCue) affect this?

1830 Close

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