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Pacific Daylight Time
Columbia - South Tower 4th floor
Web Fonts Working Group ( View calendar)
Emilio Cobos Álvarez, Philippe Le Hegaret
Big meeting:
TPAC 2022 (Calendar)

Hello WG,
Like we previously discussed and agreed, we will have our TPAC hybrid WG meeting from 10 am to 4 pm, split in two sessions with the lunch break between noon and 2 pm PDT.
Please see agenda below, additional agenda+ suggestions are welcome.

Please note that all in-person TPAC participants are expected to comply with the following health & safety requirements.


  1. Revision of method negotiation:
  1. Discussion: Incorporating The HTTP QUERY Method without blocking the progress of the IFT Rec.

  2. IFT Open Issues

  • Future progress of the IFT considering the number of unresolved Range Request issues
  • Discussion: Possible changes to IFT Recommendation structure to include Range Request without blocking the progress of the IFT Rec.
  1. Discussion: Effects of IFT adoption on existing font formats and possible future changes.

  2. Conformance Tests: current status; server / client test needs: development and test harness.

  3. AOB

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