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Central European Summer Time
Magnolia, Low Level
Web Fonts Working Group ( View calendar)
Jimmy Mooney
Big meeting:
TPAC 2023 (Calendar)

IMPORTANT - there is a new direct link to join this meeting - click button to join!
(Please see agenda+ topics added.)

Hello WG and our fellow TPAC attendees,
Please see below the updated meeting info with agenda and IRC chat info added. We will be using the same WG Zoom room for the full day of W3C TPAC F2F / hybrid WG meeting.
The proposed agenda consists of two major parts - one is spec-related and the second half is dedicated to conformance testing. I expect that the full day schedule would be a good fit to accommodate it, with the scheduled break in between two parts of the discussion.
Thank you, and looking forward to our upcoming meeting next week.


  1. Current status of the IFT specification

(Lunch Break)

  1. IFT conformance testing
  • review normative parts of the spec and identify potential testability concerns;
  • server-side conformance testing: approaches, implementation, etc.
  • client-side conformance testing: overall test structure, design, implementation;
  1. Housekeeping:

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