Recommended Reading for the Face-to-Face

We’re looking forward to the Webauthn WG’s first meeting March 4. In preparation, we ask participants to familiarize themselves with the group’s charter and the FIDO 2.0 drafts we’ll be taking as input.

According to the charter,

The working group will deliver at least the following:

Web Authentication API
This specification will make secure authentication available to Web application developers via a standardized API providing the operations detailed in the scope section. The FIDO 2.0 Web APIs will be an input into this standard.
Data and signature formats
Formats for signed data and verifiable attestation of a signer’s properties. The FIDO 2.0 Attestations and FIDO 2.0 Signature Format will be inputs into this standard.

At the meeting, we’ll formally ask to accept the drafts and move them into the GitHub repository for editing.

For easy reference:

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