Call for Prior Art Related to Patents Disclosed by Visa Europe

This is a public call for prior art regarding patent disclosures by Visa Europe within the Web Payments Working Group.

The goal of this call for prior art is to collect information that would help to ensure that people may implement the (future) Recommendations of the Web Payments Working Group under patent licensing terms consistent with the Royalty-Free Licensing Requirements of the W3C Patent Policy. Specifically, W3C seeks prior art available under terms consistent with W3C’s RF licensing terms or in the public domain.

While W3C welcomes information at any time, responses as soon as possible and ideally before 31 December 2016 are encouraged. See the call for prior art for instructions on how to send responses.

On 19 July 2016, pursuant to its rights under W3C’s Patent Policy, Visa Europe disclosed a number of patents and patent applications and excluded claims from Royalty-Free licensing for two specifications from the Web Payments Working Group: Payment Request API and Payment Method Identifiers. In accordance with the exception procedures of the Patent Policy, W3C launched the Web Payments Working Group Patent Advisory Group (PAG) to determine possible solutions. The PAG has advised W3C to issue this call for prior art.