Record Attendance at W3C Technical Plenary 2015 this week

TPAC 2015 logo This week, the W3C community meets in Sapporo, Japan for TPAC 2015 W3C’s annual face-to-face Membership meeting. Participants will coordinate technical directions for the Open Web Platform, explore its impact across industries and devices, discuss organizational strategy and the future of the Web. Attendees will participate in Working Group meetings, an Advisory Committee meeting, and a Plenary Day for a panel discussion on the future of the Internet and Web with Tim Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf, Jun Murai, moderated by Jeff Jaffe; and breakout discussions on a a variety of topics. Nearly 580 people registered –a 15% increase compared to TPAC 2014 in California. This is our record attendance in the fifteen TPAC weeks we’ve organized since 2001. Although participation in TPAC is limited to those already in W3C groups, the TPAC proceedings are public and will be made available shortly after the meeting. Follow the meeting on social networking sites with tag #tpac. W3C also welcomes registered Web developers and interested parties this evening to a W3C Meetup.