Report of the 4th Web and TV Workshop now Available

Today W3C published the final report of the fourth Web and TV Workshop that was held 12-13 March 2013 in Munich, Germany. Around 130 participants from 22 countries represented 84 organizations discussed hybrid TV, multi-screen and other web media topics such as testing, audio, accessibility, metadata and performance.

The report summarizes the discussion of possible future steps as follows:

  • Synchronization of video and (meta) data, video & audio
  • Testing devices based on web technologies
  • Rendering and control of linear video using <video>
  • Miscellaneous gaps around delivery & rendering of IP video
  • Discovery and communication between two UAs or a UA and another device/service
  • Performance measurement (benchmarks) for web technologies/animation
  • Accessibility features
  • Pluggable CDM for EME

Outcomes of the workshop and subsequent follow-up discussions include the creation of the TV Control API Community Group and work towards transitioning the Second Screen Presentation Community Group to a Working Group to establish a new W3C standard. There is also new activity around testing, accessibility and performance requirements for the TV industry.

W3C is very grateful to IRT for hosting and helping with this event, and NBCUniversal for additional sponsorship. This work is also supported by the EU FP7 project MediaScape.

Those interested in following this work are invited to join the Web and TV Interest Group or follow discussions on its public mailing list.