AC Meeting Summary, Archiving, Locators, Use Cases

See minutes for a more detailed record of the discussions.

AC Meeting Summary
Ivan Herman provided a summary from the recent AC Meeting. Bill McCoy of IDPF presented about PWP. Web Platforms Group (formerly HTML and API groups) will publish HTML 5.1 CR in June. It looks like Service Workers will move forward, but Packaging for the Web and the FindText API are on hold. There was a lot of discussion about EME and Security. DPUB should be aware of this, no immediate needs, but pay attention in the future.

Archival TF Update
Tim Cole gave an update from the Archival TF. They have been gathering data by meeting with archiving organizations. They have met with LOCKSS and CLOCKSS, and Leonard Rosenthal will soon provide information about PDF/A. LOCKSS/CLOCKSS indicated that a lot of necessary information will be provided by the manifest. The TF has been drafting use cases and general information about archiving as well.

Locators TF Update
Ben DeMeester provided an update about the Locators TF document which is all but complete. The document provides a lot of terminology and definitions. Ivan Herman added that there are some terms like “PWP Processor” that are not really defined for now. The chairs are discussing whether to publish this document on its own or incoporare it into the PWP White Paper. The first section of this document has been shifted to use cases for the use case repository.

Use Cases
Heather Flanagan requested that we move forward with creating a use cases publication modelled after the use cases in CSV on the Web. We agreed that we will address use cases around packaging at the virtual F2F. Other use cases should be added directly to the wiki or as a GitHub issue.

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