DPUB IG Telco, 2016-03-14: Use Cases document

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions. (The headers below link into the relevant sections of the minutes.)

Use Cases Document

(The discussion continued where last week’s discussions left off.)

Romain put together a wiki page collecting the current use cases on the Wiki. The bullets reflect only the current categorization, but is not necessarily the final one; actually, the goal is to have larger use cases that span over several use case and requirement categories.

The group went through the bullet points and the relevant use cases on a very high level; some general conclusions

  • The “portability” use case are about what it means when a PWP is moved off line, changes its state and ownership. Related to this issue, it is important to show, through a use case, that the fact of having a single URL for a collection of Web resources is an important notion. In general, portability is one of the most important use case area that has to be set right.
  • Use cases for manifests are very important; probably the notion for manifest/metadata will come up in many different cases (and not only on accessibility issues, which is reflected on the current set of items).
    • the terminology for manifest vs. metadata should be carefully considered…
  • The group already agreed that pagination is out of scope for this document, but there is an aspect that should be described, namely that a PWP consists of many different document and pagination should go smoothly from one to the other
    • As an aside: there are areas, like pagination or styling, that are out of scope to this document, mainly because other groups are busy with them; nevertheless, these should be referenced from the PWP use case document to form a coherent unit.
  • Use cases should emphasize the need of PWP-s being rendered by browsers, although not clear whether explicit references to polyfills is a good idea here (it may be too implementation specific)
  • Use cases around scripting: the real issue in this case is related to privacy and security, what are the requirements that must be covered by a PWP, and what does that mean for security?
  • Personalization (or is “user preference” the right term?)
  • Internationalization is related, in this respect, to multiple rendition. Again, it is worth digging up the IDPF use cases when multiple rendition was introduced in EPUB.

Discussions to be continued…

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