DPUB IG Telco, 2016-02-08: PWP Use Cases

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions. (The headers below link into the relevant sections of the minutes.)

Admin: due to the US Presidents’ Day, next meeting is on the 22nd of February.

PWP Use Cases

The whole of the meeting focused on the use case collection of for PWP. The editors of that upcoming document (Romain Deltour, Heather Flanagan, and Dave Cramer) collected a set of issues, flagging the various use cases that had been collected on the Wiki page of the DPUB IG when it started. The meeting went through some of the issues, primarily concentrating on the question whether those issues are in scope for the document or not. Some “meta” issues were noted

  • When an issue is not specific to PWP or is way too big for PWP, than the use case may have to be discarded from the final list
  • We should not mix up the general Publishing requirements with those specific to PWP
  • Other task forces concentrate on specific questions (CSS alignment, Accessibility) and it may be better to avoid duplication with those. However, it is probably worth adding a reference to those cases, and their importance, into the upcoming document
  • There are also other sources of use cases that should be looked at, e.g., the functional requirements for pagination, started by Brady Duga, or the first part of the PWP draft.

The discussion concentrated on some specific issues, the most important are:

  • Styling and layout (issue #3): those collection of use cases are mostly covered by a separate task force
  • Pagination (also in issue #3): many of the issues around pagination related to the browser (or the reading system). Some aspects of pagination like merging several files/documents into a smooth reading experience is a PWP issue, whereas the exact event mechanism that may be needed may not be. Ie, there should be a “PWP Focus” on pagination, and the rest should be, possibly, kept in a separate document (see also the document started by Brady Duga)
  • Domain Specific content types (issue #4): most of these are discarded; they are about the content, these are general DPUB and not PWP specific
  • Identifiers (issue #5): already agreed to be out of scope (even for the IG)
  • Identifiers (issue #6): the use cases must be consolidated
  • Content and Markup (issue #7): a specific issue came up with the use case related to using PWP as a dictionary with other PWPs, it was agreed to keep it (it is also a good case on why to use the @role attribute, for example)
  • DRM (issue #14) and Security ((issue #16): this was only a placeholder on the wiki; we may need some very general use cases on the necessity to use encryption (eg, using W3C technologies for this), but it may be more general, touching on issues like CORS, too. We should not move beyond this to more specific use cases. The

It is also generally true that the old collection does not have specific use cases for, e.g., the importance of offline vs. online; this must be added to the final collection.

More discussion on the other issues to come on forthcoming meetings…

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