TPAC Summary: Day 2: Ed & Outreach, IDs, ARIA

Full minutes for Day 2 are available.

After an exciting night of hunting for green Kit Kats and Pokemon, we regrouped for another day of meetings.

Education and Outreach
Karen Myers is looking for more authors from the DPUB IG to write ~500-word pieces, frequent updates to tell everyone what we are doing. Topics might include working with IDPF or TF updates. Every time we publish anything, we should blog about it. Our blog (the one you are reading right now) needs to have more than short minutes.
Conversation then shifted to trade press and conferences. We had a great brainstorming session about organizations outside of the US that Karen and others can contact. We are also considering running webinars. This is a call for action to the whole IG. Do you have a reflection on what happened this week? Write a short blog post! Tweet about us. If you’re speaking at a conference, please let Karen know. Please let Karen know where you go for publishing industry news.

Slides are available here.
Ivan Herman prepared a quick overview of PWP and the need for identifiers. PWP is basically a URL for a collection of web resources with the advantage of portability. We need an identifier to get to the package and as well as a method to get to its components and sub-components.
Ivan mentioned that the publishing industry has a variety of identifiers, and this group is not setting out to resolve the issue of creating one identifier to solve them all. It is important to keep in mind that PWP is a collection of resources, so we need to be able to access the collection as well as the insides.
Overall consensus is that DPUB must decide what is in the package before deciding how to point to it. Further, it is important to understand that a URL is a locator, not an identifier. It points to a page. The page may have all sorts of stuff on it, but that URL is not the thing. It is a location. We still have a lot of questions, but we have some direction about how to begin answering them.

Joint Meeting with ARIA WG
We met with several members of the ARIA WG to go over several loose ends.
Extended descriptions: DPUB provided feedback about the ARIA WG’s extended descriptions grids. The ARIA WG plans to rule out some of the proposed options. ARIA will compile feedback and bring back to the stakeholders with info about how specific use cases might meet use cases.
Mark Hakkinen provided an overview of his work on web components with ETS and IMS Global. Mark has been transforming the DIAGRAMMAR model into web components. There was some discussion about whether it is possible to implement this today and browser support for web components.
After some discussion about roles, attributes, and code samples, we agreed that DPUB-ARIA Module will go to Second Public WD in mid-November. If code samples are not updated at that point, we will release a third public working draft later.

And, that closed our formal sessions. We had a few breakouts with great attendance. I have compiled about 20 action items from the F2F. We have a lot of work to do! Thanks everyone for a great week!

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