RDFa Core 1.1 Last Call Working Draft published

The RDFa Working Group has
published a Last Call Working Draft of RDFa Core 1.1. RDFa Core is a specification for attributes to express structured data in any markup language, with an emphasis on HTML-family languages, the Scalable Vector
Graphics (SVG) Format, the Open Document Format and other Web-enabled document
formats. The specification enables the human-readable and machine-readable markup of people, places, events, products, recipes, social networks, and many other concepts that are frequently published on the web. RDFa 1.1 improves upon RDFa 1.0 by adding a
number of features requested by people to ease authoring.
The announcement as a Last Call Working Draft is an open invitation to
the general public to review and provide feedback on the specification via the RDFa Working
Group mailing list
. The deadline for review feedback is 6 December.

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