RDFa Working Group launched

W3C launched today the RDFa Working Group, whose mission is to support the use of RDFa, a format for embedding structured data
in Web documents. The Working Group’s goals include making it easier to author RDFa, promoting continued adoption of the technology in HTML, XHTML, and XML, and helping developers create RDFa applications. The group is chartered to extend and enhance RDFa 1.0, including the specification of an API. The Working Group will also support the HTML Working Group in its work on
incorporating RDFa in HTML5 and XHTML5 (as a followup on the the currently
published Working Draft for RDFa 1.0 in HTML5).

About Ivan Herman

Ivan Herman is the leader of the Digital Publishing Activity at W3C. For more details, see http://www.w3.org/People/Ivan/

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