RIF WG Publishes long awaited working drafts

On a day that will go down in RIF history as spring cleaning day, the RIF WG passed 14 resolution while the American group members finished up their tax returns.
Among the 14 resolutions were decisions to publish new public working drafts of the RIF Basic Logic Dialect (BLD), and RIF RDF & OWL Compatibility (RDF+OWL), and the first workding draft of the RIF Framework for Logic Dialects (FLD).
The new FLD and BLD drafts incorporate significant refactoring of the previous BLD draft. FLD introduces a more general view of logic-based rule languages in a framework that can easily be instantiated for other RIF dialects, and BLD presents itself both as a stand-alone rules interchange dialect as well as an instantiation of FLD.
The RDF+OWL draft focuses on combining RDF graphs with BLD, and now incorporates a view of RIF-OWL compatibility developed with input from the OWL WG, as well as updates to reflect minor changes to BLD.

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