Closing of the SWEO Interest Group

The W3C SWEO Interest Group came to the end of it’s charter at the end of March with a flurry of activity. Very recently completed items include the publication of the paper Cool URIs for the Semantic Web by Leo Sauermann and Richard Cyganiak, and a Semantic Web Business Case paper and presentation by Jeff Pollock.
Although it is the end of this SWEO, many of the resources that were created will continue to be developed. These include both the knowee and Linking Open Data Community Projects, the Information Gathering task, and the FAQ document. In addition, the collection of Semantic Web case studies will continue to be developed, so please go to the Web site to see how you can submit one today!
Other notable achievements include the creation of the Semantic Web logo by Benji Nowack in collaboration with W3C’s Communications Team, and the creation of a Semantic Web flyer by Dunja Ewinger and Paula-Lavinia Patranjan.
It’s been fun working with such a great group of people in SWEO, and it’s been wonderful to see the increase in use of Semantic Web technologies since the group begun. To facilitate continuing communication about education and outreach, the SWEO mailing list has been converted into a public mailing list, and the #sweo IRC channel will be maintained.

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