POWDER group face to face meeting

The Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER) Working Group held its first face to face meeting at T-Onlineā€™s premises in Darmstadt at the end of April. The first part of the meeting was shared with the Mobile Web best Practice Group where the discussion centred on the planned mobileOK trustmark. Description Resources (DRs) will be used to encode mobileOK conformance claims which identify resources that have been created inline with best practice for the mobile Web. As such, this is a critical use case for POWDER and the later stages of the Rec Track process will by effectively synchronized as a test implementation of mobileOK is equally a test implementation of POWDER.
On the second day of the POWDER meeting the discussion focussed on the grouping of resources. A fundamental aspect of POWDER is that it allows for the definition of Resource Sets by implication (all resources on example.org for example), any of which can then be the subject of a triple. The particular problem being faced by the group is how to handle conjunctions and disjunctions of Resource Sets. A short discussion document came out of this which sets out 7(!) possible approaches. The WG is working hard to reduce that number and expects to publish a first working draft of the Grouping of Resources document next month.
Meanwhile, the group’s use cases and requirements document will be published next week (and will be announced here).

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