Publishing WG Telco, 2019-04-29: Lightweight packaging issues

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

The whole meeting was devoted to open issues around the lightweight packaging issue. Most of the issues were easy and handled right away: media type (application/lpf+zip), name of the PEP and the manifest file itself (index.html, resp. publication.json), or no signing components in the package.

The only issue discussion that turned out to be more complicated was related to the way URI/URL’s are described and referred to in the document. There was a general agreement that, instead of including a longer paragraph, a deep link to the relevant section in the WPUB document should be used. However, the issue raised some other potential issues that will need resolution:

  • What is the ‘origin’ to be used for relative URL-s, scripts, etc, for a packaged document?
  • The current manifest canonicalization algorithm turns all relative URL-s into absolute ones. This may be fine on the Web, but it is not clear for a package, in view of the previous issue.

These questions will be raised as separate issues to be discussed (maybe at the F2F next week).