DPUB IG Telco, 2017-02-06: A11y and the charter, Groups’ chartering

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Pub Groups’ chartering

There were an overall satisfaction on the IDPF/W3C merge. The group discussed the chartering process of the various groups that will be formed (BT, WG, CG). It is urgent to set up a Business Group to contribute that WG chartering process (this IG has already a rough consensus on the direction to take). There will be a BG kickoff meeting in London mid March.

The question on whether the IG will stay after the WG is formed came up; at this moment, this is undecided. On the one hand, there may be some topics (a11y related, CSS relationships) that may make sense in an IG but, on the other hand, the realities on manpower availability may make it difficult to maintain two separate groups. It has been agreed that this issue can be decided later. In general, the goal of the WG is to concentrate on Recommendation track work (e.g., DPUB ARIA).

Accessibility and the WG

A particular issue is: what Accessibility related work should be done in the Working Group. At the moment, publishing requirements are in scope of the WCAG work at the WCAG Working Group, but it is not clear what the priority of this work it. On the other hand, the publishing community has two major input documents that hint at further recommendation track work: the “Digital Publishing and Accessibility in W3C Documents” and the “EPUB Accessibility 1.0”, and the goal is to find a “home” for this work to continue.

Two actions have been accepted:

  1. a proposal will be developed by the accessibility experts on what should become part of a charter in terms of accessibility work
  2. (once that proposal is available) a meeting should be set up with the WCAG WG representatives to decide how that work should be done and, possibly, divided among the groups.