Dave Raggett at Industry of Things World

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It is our pleasure to announce that Dave Raggett, W3C lead for the Web of Things; and Georg Rehm, Manager of the German / Austrian Office of W3C, will hold a workshop at Industry of Things Worls in Berlin, Germany on Monday September 19, 2016.

Workshop description: The value of the Internet of Things will be in the services, especially those that combine different sources of information. However, today there is a severe lack of interoperability across different platforms. This will increase risks and lower the return on investment. We can expect the striking heterogeneity in standards to continue as different platforms serve different needs. This workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss properties and characteristics of overarching umbrella standards that are able to bridge the gaps between platforms. The big challenge is to enable semantic interoperability and end to end security. The workshop will introduce the work being done in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), with its Web of Things group, in collaboration with other alliances and standards development organisations. These future Web of Things standards are being designed on the foundation of the rich set of existing W3C standards such as RDF, XML, OWL, Semantic Web etc. To enable a high level of interaction among the attendees, the number of places at the workshop is strictly limited, so please register as soon as possible.