New CSS Grid Layout, Inline Layout and Page Floats Drafts

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The W3C Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Working Group has published three Working Drafts:

CSS Grid Layout Module Level 1: This CSS module defines a two-dimensional grid-based layout system, optimized for user interface design. In the grid layout model, the children of a grid container can be positioned into arbitrary slots in a flexible or fixed predefined layout grid.

CSS Inline Layout Module Level 3: The CSS formatting model provides for a flow of elements and text inside of a container to be wrapped into lines. The formatting of elements and text within a line, its positioning in the inline progression direction, and the breaking of lines are described in CSS3TEXT. This module describes the positioning in the block progression direction both of elements and text within lines and of the lines themselves. This positioning is often relative to a baseline. It also describes special features for formatting of first lines and drop caps. It extends on the model in CSS2.

CSS Page Floats: This document describes floats that move to the top or bottom of content passages. This feature has traditionally been used in print publications in which figures and photos are moved to the top or bottom of columns or pages, along with their captions. This draft describes how to achieve this effect for floats within pages, columns, regions and elements.

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