CSS WG specs

Some of you have noticed that some specs in the CSS Working Group (Selectors for instance) remain in Proposed Recommendation status and don’t move to REC even if it seems there is no blocker. That is and will be the case also for some other CSS 3 modules that are near completion. These documents hold a normative reference to CSS 2.1 that is not itself in REC yet. Once CSS 2.1 reaches REC status – and that’s on track wooohooo – all the documents that reached PR with a conditional move to REC will themselves move to REC. In other terms, we’ll have a basket of documents all moving together to REC that day.

I hope it clarifies a bit a situation that is only triggered by the W3C Process. It’s normal, nothing strange here, no weird blocker. Just stay tuned :-) Thanks.

Daniel Glazman, CSS WG Co-chair