Preview of HTML 5 at A List Apart

7 thoughts on “Preview of HTML 5 at A List Apart

  1. 15 years????

    Work on HTML 5 is rapidly progressing, yet it is still expected to continue for several years. Due to the requirement to produce test cases and achieve interoperable implementations, current estimates have work finishing in around ten to fifteen years.

    ten to fifteen years? 10 to 15 years? Man, you guys sure work slow to add a few tags. I could write 20 compilers in that time.

  2. Interessting article at alistapart, but when I read the end with the preview for the next 10 to 15 years, I couldnĀ“t believe that there plans for such a long period. The internet is changing to fast for a roadmap like this.

  3. This means not only adding a few tags, but hard work to bring everyone together, allowing only one tag to be standard.

  4. This does not bode well. Two possibilities exist as I see it. One: the ten to 15 year process yields a less-than-worthless outdated outmoded standard which hamstrings real progress, or two: “draft” releases are pumped out at an accellerated rate, causing confusion as to what is standard, what is deprecated, what browsers support what and what should be taken as solid and definitive.

    I think the whole process is moving in a wrong direction. Instead of adding in new tags and pumping the size up greatly, xhtml1 should be stripped of useless and confusing tags and set up as definitive, without adding in anything new. As it is, nothing new is needed. Standardize the lowest common denominator, a basic markup schema, and let market forces, technological progress and innovation dictate where the standard goes from there.

  5. I see the need to keep advancing markup to take into account plugins, other file formats, accessibility etc. and also keep in backwards compatibility but in 15 years we could all be living on the moon! – how can we know if they’ll be backwards compatible as a browser that’s created in 5 years will be old in 10-15?

  6. That’s ridiculous rereading though that HTML 5 is progressing at a rapid pace is so damm lame I cant beleive it…..

    what would be considered normal pace? a millennium???

    These people need to get with the times

  7. I’m really looking forward to seeing the HTML5 being officially released. The work on this standard should be accelerated because of fast Internet development. Ten to fifteen years is too much. Regarding HTML5 the CSS3 should also be fully inducted into all major browsers. I really don’t know why does it take so much time…

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