Media Advisory

                Industry and Academia Discuss and Demonstrate
                   Platform for Internet Content Selection
                     at Internet World Press Conference
                World Trade Center, Boston, October 30, 1995

  What: Press conference to discuss and demonstrate how parents and
        teachers can use the Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS)
        to control the on-line content to which their children have access.

  When: Monday, October 30, 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. (North End/Press Room)
        Plus -- PICS Selected for Hot New Technologies/Best of Show Track
        Wednesday, November 1, 10:15 p.m. - 12:30 p.m. (Room P1)

  Why:  The press conference will illustrate the PICS capabilities and
        prototype interfaces to this important industry standard.  The
        conference will feature:
        O  PICS News Announcements
        O  Technology and Application Overview
        O  Prototype Interfaces for Content Selection

        Presenting for PICS:
        O  Rob Glaser, President and CEO of Progressive Networks and
            Chairman of the PICS Steering Committee
        O  Albert Vezza, Associate Director of MITs Laboratory for
            Computer Science  and PICS Steering Committee Member and
        O  Dr. James S. Miller, Research Scientist at MITs Laboratory for
            Computer Science and PICS Technology Committee Co-Chair.

  Who:  PICS participants include:
        Adobe Systems, Inc.; Apple; America Online; AT&T; Center for
        Democracy and Technology; CompuServe; Delphi Internet Services;
        Digital Equipment Corporation; IBM; First Floor, First Virtual
        Holdings Incorporated; France Telecom; FTP Software; Industrial
        Technology Research Institute of Taiwan; Information Technology
        Association of America; INRIA; Interactive Services Association;
        MCI; Microsoft; MIT/LCS/World Wide Web Consortium; NCD; NEC;
        Netscape Communications Corporation; NewView; OReilly and
        Associates; Open Market; Prodigy Services Company; Progressive
        Networks; Providence Systems/Parental Guidance; Recreational
        Software Advisory Council; SafeSurf; SoftQuad, Inc.; Songline
        Studios; Spyglass; SurfWatch Software; Telequip Corp.; Time Warner
        Pathfinder; and Viacom Nickelodeon.

  For further information on PICS or to schedule an interview, please
  contact Heather McLellan at (617) 661-7900 or visit the home page at