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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Ask fantasai what bits of CSS3 are most interested in being commented upon Richard Ishida 2010-12-10
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Move the two I18N meetings so that they don't overlap Richard Ishida 2010-12-10
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Ask the Korean HTML5 Interest Group what should happen if "word-break: keep-all" is used with "word-wrap: break-all" Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu 2010-12-10
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Change the language tags article to say that now there is an extension defined, and describe it briefly Richard Ishida 2011-02-23
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Check on HTML5 language tag validator and send any comments Addison Phillips 2010-12-15
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Convey to Unicode desire to keep UTR#20 as a joint publication with identical versions Addison Phillips 2010-12-15
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Nudge everyone to ensure everyone review non-translate email by next week Felix Sasaki 2010-12-15
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Update review radar and ping www-international seeking comments Addison Phillips 2010-12-15
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Publish list of bugs with status closed and then a separate list with bugs that there is potential working group objection for review at next meeting Aharon Lanin 2010-12-22
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Write to i18n public groups and ask for opinion on whether <br> should be a paragraph separator or whitespace to be used to determin consensus Aharon Lanin 2010-12-29
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Open new issue on HTML5 to make bidi-related default stylesheet items normative (separate from merely presentational stuff) Aharon Lanin 2011-01-26
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Locate the UTR#20 source materials Richard Ishida 2011-02-02
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Publish time zone note draft in wiki form for wide review Addison Phillips 2011-02-02
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Send revised email response proposal about Widgets P&C to list Addison Phillips 2011-02-02
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Get our zakim teleconference schedules fixed with admin Richard Ishida 2011-02-09
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Ask HTML5 WG about still open bug process Addison Phillips 2011-02-09
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Fire up the time of this conference Doodle poll David Clarke 2011-02-09
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Forward reply on widgets P&C defaultlocale to webapps Addison Phillips 2011-02-16
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Query HTML5 about issue 88 Addison Phillips 2011-02-16
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Remind everyone to review Unicode in XML for approval next week (16 February) Addison Phillips 2011-02-16
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Review techniques index pages to check that all the current links in the index point to the right place Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu 2011-02-21
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Publish language tags article Richard Ishida 2011-02-23
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Propose advancement of UTR#20 to publication based on our revision and noting that we plan a substantive revision Addison Phillips 2011-02-23
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Send addison tools for conversion to HTML Richard Ishida 2011-03-16
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Finish edits and convert time zones document to HTML Addison Phillips 2011-03-16
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Prepare to make tracker-based WG comment tables Richard Ishida 2011-03-16
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Work with matial to draft bidi comments on writing-mode Richard Ishida 2011-03-16
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Change time of teleconference to 1500 UTC Addison Phillips 2011-03-16
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Check into digit shaping with CSS Gwyneth Marshall 2011-03-23
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Ping Unicode via liasion about LISA standards status Addison Phillips 2011-03-23
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Send note to html wg saying "no objection" is our official position on issue 17 Addison Phillips 2011-03-30
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Write a response on issue 88 indicating our support for the decision Addison Phillips 2011-03-30
ACTION-33 (edit) closed remind everyone to review the proposed new version of language preferences and send comments to public-i18n Addison Phillips 2011-03-30
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Ask chinese colleagues about character orientation spec Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu 2011-04-06
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Add comment to bug 10830 supporting opening of it Addison Phillips 2011-04-06
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Talk with Bert about how to deal with change marks in Ruby spec Richard Ishida 2011-04-27
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Propose move of Ruby CSS spec to WD on agenda for CSS WG Richard Ishida 2011-04-27
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Send email to Koji asking for information about IE9 language settings Richard Ishida 2011-04-27
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Draft a summary for review next week responding to the CSS selectors request outlining potential response(s) Addison Phillips 2011-05-11
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Rewrite response with new proposal to do normalization in comparison Addison Phillips 2011-05-25
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Forward revised normalization letter to CSS including information about namespaces Addison Phillips 2011-06-01
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Create wiki page with normalization position paper Addison Phillips 2011-06-01
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Review Contacts API and collect last call comments for the WG. WG members to perform review. Koji Ishii 2011-06-01
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Reply to WOFF indicating our acceptance/non-acceptance of issues per 2011-06-01 telecon Richard Ishida 2011-06-08
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Publish qa-personal-names for wide review Richard Ishida 2011-06-08
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Dump charmod-norm and add disclaimer paragraph, dates, etc. so that we can publish an interim working draft Addison Phillips 2011-06-08
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Collect any remaining comments and update timezones document for final publication Addison Phillips 2011-06-22
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Update charmodsummary and review WG member comments as they come in Addison Phillips 2011-06-22
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Contact epub folks and see if jukugo-ruby can be supported with html5 markup or if something else is needed Koji Ishii 2011-06-22
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Convert koji's comments on contacts API into tracker comments to forward to DAP Addison Phillips 2011-06-29
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Create a new product for contacts API in tracker Richard Ishida 2011-06-29
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Contact the TAG to ask for finding on normalization in about a month Addison Phillips 2011-06-29
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Create working draft of TAG finding document Addison Phillips 2011-06-29
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Publish Timezones as a WG-Note Richard Ishida 2011-07-06
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Write an announcement for time zones document as for the home page Addison Phillips 2011-07-06
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Send an email summarizing digit shaping to our public list Gwyneth Marshall 2011-07-13
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Change 512 to 1024 in the charset declaration article Richard Ishida 2011-07-15
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Point out the test framework to Aharon for potential use in bidi tests Richard Ishida 2011-07-27
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Figure out how to keep alive open bugs for the html5 LC Richard Ishida 2011-07-27
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Send addison pisa conference materials as draft for IUC presentation Richard Ishida 2011-08-03
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Raise MediaResources issues in tracker and forward to relevant WG Addison Phillips 2011-08-03
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Write to HTML5 chairs and ask for extension to complete our comments targetting mid-August (??) Addison Phillips 2011-08-03
ACTION-63 (edit) closed File accepted as accepted and unreviewed comments as provisional Addison Phillips 2011-08-03
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Send email to style@ advising that we want bidi image mirroring in CSS3 images Addison Phillips 2011-08-17
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Send addison details on CSS3 image mirroring Aharon Lanin 2011-08-17
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Add to bug 11234 that I18N WG favors the changes requested Addison Phillips 2011-08-17
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Reopen 10830 for WG indicating that we are not satisfied, citing the usefulness, backward compatibility, and current implementation Addison Phillips 2011-08-17
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Propose text for reopening 10830 to WG before actually opening it Addison Phillips 2011-08-17
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Publish personal names article and announce as appropriate Richard Ishida 2011-08-24
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Publish various language articles for wide-review with a period of about two weeks Richard Ishida 2011-08-24
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Publish articles on language tagging in HTML Richard Ishida 2011-09-21
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Draft not to our liasion (Mark Davis) indicating our support for the use of markup and our lack of support for a segmentation marker characgter Felix Sasaki 2011-09-21
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Poll WG for post-DST/Summer change time for call David Clarke 2011-10-12
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Prep charmod-norm for publication and coordinate with richard Addison Phillips 2011-10-12
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Escalate HTML5 bug 10830 to tracker Addison Phillips 2011-10-12
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Request evidence that browser developers want a list of styles in preference to a normative reference to CLDR for <q> tag implementation Addison Phillips 2011-10-12
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Post links to template and stylesheet for writing articles Richard Ishida 2011-10-19
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Ping mati about his comments on segmentation and then submit revised comments to ULI-TC Felix Sasaki 2011-10-19
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Draft a blog post about HTML5 need for translate attribute, including why a language attribute can't do it Felix Sasaki 2011-11-02
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Update the review radar and respond to WGs on pending reviews Addison Phillips 2011-11-23
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Create blog post on what's going on with IRI Addison Phillips 2011-11-23
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Invite mike or set up supplementary call to discuss progress on IRI Addison Phillips 2011-11-30
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Talk to felix about fixing draft of blog article on 'translate' attribute Richard Ishida 2011-11-30
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Add to rb bug that we don't want to escalate Addison Phillips 2011-12-08
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Add to rb bug a summary of what we discussed at TPAC and conclusions arising and next steps Richard Ishida 2011-12-08
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Update ruby wiki and post to list Richard Ishida 2011-12-21
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Request extension from HTML WG to enable response Addison Phillips 2012-01-18
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Write to IG and HTML5 list announcing discussion on i18n cjk list of ruby and complex ruby Addison Phillips 2012-01-18
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Contact individuals specifically about ruby issues asking for input (see minutes) Richard Ishida 2012-01-18
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Propose an edit to the code point definition on public list for consideration by next meeting Addison Phillips 2012-01-25
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Write to CSS style list strongly opposing surrogate pair escapes in CSS and citing CharMod Addison Phillips 2012-02-01
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Contact martin and ask if he'd like to update the misscharglyph page Addison Phillips 2012-02-08
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Comment on behalf of WG in Unicode forum expressing support for an additional review period for UTR#50 Addison Phillips 2012-02-08
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Make tracker products for utr50 and CSS Basic User Interface Richard Ishida 2012-02-08
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Look at making WEb Services draft a deprecated Note Richard Ishida 2012-02-08
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Add IME documents to review radar, write to webapps requesting formal notifications at appropriate review points Addison Phillips 2012-02-15
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Write to public-html asking for end of escalation pending future work by i18n Richard Ishida 2012-02-15
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Update ruby bug with summary of current situation and asking for no re-escalation Richard Ishida 2012-02-15
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Invite mike to next meeting to discuss ruby spec development Richard Ishida 2012-02-22
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Respond to Sam and also ping Hixie about what we're doing about ruby, noting that we need more time to reach consensus Addison Phillips 2012-02-22
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Extend number of ports for I18N call to 15 Addison Phillips 2012-02-29
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Run the time change poll David Clarke 2012-03-07
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Update html5 bug 16160 and note that we reviewed and have no objections Addison Phillips 2012-03-07
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Raise IRI product in tracker Richard Ishida 2012-03-07
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Move this call to 1500 UTC beginning next week (21 April) Addison Phillips 2012-03-21
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Inform Unicode of the Encoding document effort Addison Phillips 2012-03-28
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Inform group of need to submit comments on encoding document by 4 April Addison Phillips 2012-03-28
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Remind everyone to read and comment on IRI documents Addison Phillips 2012-04-04
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Check about Korean layout task force Koji Ishii 2012-04-11
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Review Web Workers and submit comments directly from tracker comments Norbert Lindenberg 2012-04-11
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Contact Anne about sources for information in encoding spec Norbert Lindenberg 2012-04-11
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Review IRI bidi spec for two weeks from now Aharon Lanin 2012-04-11
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Work on tidying up Additional Requirements for Bidi in HTML & CSS over coming couple of months Richard Ishida 2015-02-05
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Send email about Multilingual Web Sites CG to list Richard Ishida 2012-04-11
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Review IRI bidi spec for two weeks from now Matitiahu Allouche 2012-04-11
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Send email to our list about our need to recharter and our desire to do so under Patent Policy so that we may publish REQ track documents again with implications, process, etc. Addison Phillips 2012-04-25
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Send note about encoding document well before tuesday about approach, etc. Addison Phillips 2012-04-25
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Read and comment on bidi tutorial update at (AND ALL GROUP MEMBERS) Addison Phillips 2012-04-25
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Send email to richard, copy member list, describing our support for encoding document effort and expressing our concerns Addison Phillips 2012-05-02
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Remind WG members to read with a mind to publishing FPWD (AND GROUP MEMBERS) Addison Phillips 2012-05-09
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Ping non-WG members to look at Ruby document Richard Ishida 2012-05-09
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Check on <bdi> support in IE10 Gwyneth Marshall 2012-05-09
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Remind all group members to review other bidi documents in the Core Pipeline for wide review by next week (AND ALL GROUP MEMBERS) Addison Phillips 2012-05-09
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Write an appropriately reworded email to ULI expressing concern about the SEGEMENTATION character Felix Sasaki 2012-05-16
ACTION-125 (edit) closed (AND ALL GROUP MEMBERS) review ecmascript supplementary draft for endorsement next week Addison Phillips 2012-05-16
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Contact Ian H. about feasibility of adding attributes for bidi isolation Richard Ishida 2012-05-16
ACTION-127 (edit) closed (AND ALL GROUP MEMBERS) study additional bidi controls proposal and express support or lack of support for it at Unicode Addison Phillips 2012-05-23
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Add member@ and bidi/cjk lists to tracker tracked lists Richard Ishida 2012-05-30
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Write email to group and to martin explaining that we plan to track issues on winter list and to use winter list for more tracked discussions Addison Phillips 2012-05-30
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Write to www-international, including decriptions of other lists from about page, announcing changes in our use of list Addison Phillips 2012-06-06
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Update the Activity about page etc to describe the adjusted use of the mailing lists and add information about tracker Richard Ishida 2012-06-06
ACTION-132 (edit) closed (AND ALL GROUP MEMBERS) review Web Notifications for revew at 27 June WG teleconference Addison Phillips 2012-06-27
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Ping Adil about status of bidi IRI examples/tests and any documentation or efforts in that direction Addison Phillips 2012-06-27
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Send Web Notifications comments Addison Phillips 2012-07-04
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Publish ruby approaches document as First Public Working Draft and announce Richard Ishida 2012-07-04
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Add CSS3 Flexbox comments to tracker and forward to CSS WG Norbert Lindenberg 2012-07-18
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Make a wiki page with the basis for general guidelines for everyone to pile on Richard Ishida 2012-07-18
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Follow up on Web Notifications in three separate emails to separate threads, closing off localized fragments and direction and asking for resolution on language Addison Phillips 2012-07-18
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Update qa-byte-order-mark document Richard Ishida 2012-09-26
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Write to public-iri expressing support for IRI and a lack of support for SRI Addison Phillips 2012-07-25
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Send email(s) to the winter list asking for any .prep issues that need closing or discussion Addison Phillips 2012-08-01
ACTION-142 (edit) closed File a ticket on HTML5 asking for accommodation of IANA time zone IDs Addison Phillips 2012-08-01
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Convey to ITS feedback about considering using of extended filtering in ITS 2.0 Felix Sasaki 2012-08-01
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Satisfied with language but not with direction using separate emails on the separate threads Addison Phillips 2012-08-01
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Prepare some examples of ITS2NIF showing NFC issue for consideration next week Felix Sasaki 2012-10-17
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Move TURTLE comments to tracker and send the comments to the WG using the usual process Addison Phillips 2012-08-29
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Send TPAC registration reminder Addison Phillips 2012-08-29
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Write to Korean folks and ask them to consider bringing work to our activity Addison Phillips 2012-09-26
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Draft a proposal for adding time zone IDs to HTML5 Addison Phillips 2012-09-26 ISSUE-89
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Review list of HTML5 issues and publish a summary including review of remaining .prep items Addison Phillips 2012-09-26
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Prompt everyone to respond to the what time is meeting at poll Addison Phillips 2012-10-03
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Write summary of before/after issue for consideration by WG Addison Phillips 2012-10-03
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Reserve time on zakim for tpac calls Addison Phillips 2012-10-17
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Send invites to HTML editors to coordinate with richard over tpac meeting Addison Phillips 2012-10-17
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Update our time to 4 PM UTC Addison Phillips 2012-10-17
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Write tests for unicode-bidi: isolate Richard Ishida 2012-11-08
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Tell CSS about WG consensus on case folding Richard Ishida 2012-11-09
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Contact Aharon about creating tests for unicode-bidi: isolate Richard Ishida 2012-11-14
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Respond to Soon-Bum Lin about Korean Layout TF Addison Phillips 2012-11-21
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Remind everyone to review Html-bidi-isolation blog post for next week Addison Phillips 2012-11-28
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Remind everyone to review new-bidi-xhtml document for next week Addison Phillips 2012-11-28
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Remind everyone to review qa-byte-order-mark-new for next week Addison Phillips 2012-11-28
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Send new byte order mark document for wide review Richard Ishida 2012-12-05
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Create blog entry showing our case for css caselessness Addison Phillips 2012-12-12
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Contact Tab about plans to make the ruby spec extension Richard Ishida 2012-12-12
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Inform wg when bidi documents are ready for review Richard Ishida 2012-12-12
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Review john daggett/david baron's case tests and suggest any changes/additions needed Addison Phillips 2012-12-19
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Remind everyone to read ITS 2.0 for the 9th Addison Phillips 2012-12-26
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Remind everyone to comment on css3-text-decoration by next week Addison Phillips 2013-01-16
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Coordinate with richard regarding KLReq Addison Phillips 2013-01-16
ACTION-171 (edit) closed forward comments on case sensitivity to CSS Addison Phillips 2013-01-16
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Separately poll for final objections to making this meeting on thursdays at 1600 utc and, if none, move the meeting Addison Phillips 2013-01-30
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Update review instruction documentation Richard Ishida 2013-01-30
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Write article about floating times in HTML Addison Phillips 2013-01-30
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Contact Robin Berjon about what he's doing wrt ruby extension work Richard Ishida 2013-01-30
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Ping anne about encoding spec Addison Phillips 2013-02-07
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Establish scribing rotation Addison Phillips 2013-02-07
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Coordinate proposing text for ITS directionality with richard Norbert Lindenberg 2013-02-07
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Publish BOM document Richard Ishida 2013-02-07
ACTION-180 (edit) closed File individual comments on css3-text-decoration Addison Phillips 2013-02-07
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Add shepherds list to review radar page Addison Phillips 2013-02-14
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Send note with updated text for directionality to MLW-LT Richard Ishida 2013-02-14
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Write draft of new charmod-norm Addison Phillips 2013-02-14
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Remind group to review berjon's ruby spec extension proposal Addison Phillips 2013-02-21
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Publish blog post as wiki, put on front door, and announce to winter list Richard Ishida 2013-02-21
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Add floating times to pipeline Addison Phillips 2013-02-28
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Provide darobin with contacts in browser vendors Richard Ishida 2013-02-28
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Merge ruby documents for publication as a WG Note Richard Ishida 2013-02-28
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Announce ruby note will be published as note, last call for next week Richard Ishida 2013-03-07
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Write to contacts and cjk list about bopomofo handling as base and as ruby text Richard Ishida 2013-03-07
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Request comments on wiki page about bidi change proposal to robin, bidi list, winter list, and html Richard Ishida 2013-03-07
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Solicit from input Unicode on skipping spaces in css3 text-decoration specifically ethiopic word sep, etc. Addison Phillips 2013-03-07
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Supply CSS3 with pictures of skip-ink for tibetan or khmer Richard Ishida 2013-03-07
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Poll for heartburn for keeping call at 1600Z Addison Phillips 2013-03-14
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Send Richard notes about IE behaviour wrt direction Aharon Lanin 2013-03-14
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Request feedback on ruby use cases with an eye towards publishing updated version in two weeks Richard Ishida 2013-04-25
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Move meeting to 1500 utc following change to summer time Addison Phillips 2013-03-28
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Write back to CSS-fonts about casefolding and normalization, allowing both with health warning (see minutes) Addison Phillips 2013-03-28
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Seek clarification on [:Whitespace:] Addison Phillips 2013-03-28
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Remind folks to review ITS item in the winter 388 email for next time (4 April) Addison Phillips 2013-04-04
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Change example 47 and 45 in ITS spec Felix Sasaki 2013-04-04
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Say we're satisfied with storageSize in ITS 2.0 Addison Phillips 2013-04-11
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Ping/coordinate with robin to find out how HTML and WHAT-WG are reconciling differences e.g. the ones related to translatability attributes Felix Sasaki 2013-04-11
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Link indic TF's home page Richard Ishida 2013-04-18
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Send longdesc comment to HTML-WG Richard Ishida 2013-04-18
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Announce to the member list for review next week with a goal of publishing for wide revew Richard Ishida 2013-04-18
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Comment on default direction in UA bug for WG saying "bad idea" Addison Phillips 2013-04-18
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Set up project radar page to track projects we are working on Addison Phillips 2013-04-18
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Write back to CSS about font case sensitivity matching and remove normalization (cf two resolutions in minutes) Addison Phillips 2013-04-25
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Ensure TPAC WBS form is filed for i18n Addison Phillips 2013-04-25
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Make wording changes and implement decision to send future feedback to winter list Richard Ishida 2013-04-25
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Prepare KLReq for FPWD and usher through publication process Richard Ishida 2013-04-25
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Publish four bidi tutorials Richard Ishida 2013-04-25
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Publish html-bidi-isolation proposal for wide review Richard Ishida 2013-04-25
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Double-check that all .prep items are gone to html5 Addison Phillips 2013-04-25
ACTION-216 (edit) closed STANDING ACTION: Ping winter list with documents needing review Addison Phillips 2013-12-31
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Move "other documents" up and clean up the review radar Addison Phillips 2013-05-02
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Contact robin about stable identifier for the Ruby in HTML5 work so it can be referenced by ITS 2.0 Felix Sasaki 2013-05-02
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Replace inline bidi markup document with new spiffy version with a button and its companion explanation of UBA Richard Ishida 2013-05-02
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Change TPAC reservation to Thurs/Fri Addison Phillips 2013-05-02
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Ping HTML about how to address comments on translate attribute in HTML5 CR Richard Ishida 2013-05-09
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Talk to robin about HTML5 bidi proposal next steps Richard Ishida 2013-05-09
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Follow up on status of encoding spec Addison Phillips 2013-05-09
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Ask for feedback on update techniques documents on the winter list Richard Ishida 2013-05-16
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Send addison pointer to respec instructions etc. Richard Ishida 2013-05-16
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Prepare encoding spec for FPWD Addison Phillips 2013-05-23
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Set up KLReq in tracker and start shepherding comments Richard Ishida 2013-05-23
ACTION-228 (edit) closed File bug on 5.1 and review text, pinging robin about how best to file Aharon Lanin 2013-05-23
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Move charmodnorm to w3c site Addison Phillips 2013-05-30
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Send last call about ruby use cases to winter@ with target to publish as Note in two weeks time Addison Phillips 2013-06-06
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Talk to bobby tung about TC-Layout req idea and report back Richard Ishida 2013-06-06
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Ping Robin about missing ReSpec references Addison Phillips 2013-06-20
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Follow up with richard on getting Encodings spec ready for FPWD Addison Phillips 2013-06-20
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Ping Mark Davis asking if Google can get statistics on <bdo> usage Addison Phillips 2013-06-27
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Close ITS2.0 I18N issues (in I18N tracker) as "satisfied" Felix Sasaki 2013-07-04
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Trackerize Shapes and write to www-style to ask about rtlflip and writing-modes Addison Phillips 2013-07-04
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Add additional sections/material suggested in telecon Addison Phillips 2013-07-04
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Schedule on-line edit session for charmod-norm Addison Phillips 2013-07-04
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Ping Robin to notify that the bidi bug wasn't cloned to see if there's a gap in process Aharon Lanin 2013-07-18
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Move our tpac days to thurs/fri Addison Phillips 2013-07-18
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Produce one-pager summary of WebIDL Bytestring and alternatives for consideration by WG Norbert Lindenberg 2013-07-25
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Publish FPWD of counter-styles WG Note Richard Ishida 2013-07-25
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Remind everyone to read PRECIS documents for discussion of charmod-norm Addison Phillips 2013-07-25
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Write to the PRECIS list pointing out similarity of activity and need/desire to get similar definitions/recommendations where it makes sense Addison Phillips 2013-07-25
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Send on CSS3 Writing Modes comments to CSS WG Richard Ishida 2013-08-01
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Send links to interesting css/html emails to member and/or via tracker Richard Ishida 2013-08-22
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Announce ftf for thursday and friday (half day?) following unicode conference Addison Phillips 2013-08-22
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Ask wg for assistance in editing techniques indexes Addison Phillips 2013-08-29
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Give links to webidl discussion on dates for discussion next week Addison Phillips 2013-08-29
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Request one day extension from precis Addison Phillips 2013-09-05
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Contact the epub folks and see if they will write to html asking about ruby Addison Phillips 2013-09-05
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Ping dita folks about contacting html5 about ruby progress Felix Sasaki 2013-09-05
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Remind all the make precis review comments for next week's teleconferece Addison Phillips 2013-09-05
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Write to precis pointing out differences in approach vs. charmod, desire to align string matching, concerns about e.g. normalization Addison Phillips 2013-09-05
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Publish new qa-link-lang Richard Ishida 2013-09-12
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Look up unicode requirements on utf-8 converter regarding lone surrogates and report back Addison Phillips 2013-09-12
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Add link to tracker product on radar page Addison Phillips 2013-09-19
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Send proposal for date to switch telecon time to standard time using same wall time Addison Phillips 2013-09-19
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Send reminder about tpac with warning will cancel room Addison Phillips 2013-09-19
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Solicit feedback on translate qa article via email via winter Addison Phillips 2013-09-26
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Change the teleconference time per action-258 Addison Phillips 2013-10-03
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Cancel tpac room reserveration, notify lists that we won't formally meet but richard will be around Addison Phillips 2013-10-03
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Provide further information about issues he encountered Addison Phillips 2013-10-03
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Provide further information about issues he encountered wrt to font glyph rotation issues Addison Phillips 2013-10-03
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Publish ruby use cases as wg-note Richard Ishida 2013-10-03
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Ask on member list if anyone is willing to formally host the f2f Addison Phillips 2013-10-10
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Announce intention to publish editor's copy of bp-html-bidi on winter list following richard's update Addison Phillips 2013-10-10
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Publish qa translate flag after incorporating comments Richard Ishida 2013-10-10
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Add mati and najib's comment to bidi techniques doc Richard Ishida 2013-10-10
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Ping aharon to respond to 23260 (as well as 18490/22326) Addison Phillips 2013-10-10
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Request extension on css3 text from style Addison Phillips 2013-11-07
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Ping css about shapes issues Addison Phillips 2013-12-12
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Update css on our eta for css text comments Addison Phillips 2013-12-12
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Ask indic task force about handling of tracking in csstext, pariticulary whether the bar "breaks" in scripts that use one Richard Ishida 2013-12-12
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Publish inline-bidi-markup update for wide review Richard Ishida 2014-01-23
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Move css syntax items to live product, close irrelevant issues, and then write to css about wg position on remainder Addison Phillips 2014-01-23
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Re-integrate richards encoding changes to source and update from anne's Addison Phillips 2014-01-23
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Move css text issues live by friday, 17 january Addison Phillips 2014-01-23
ACTION-279 (edit) closed Reply to travis's email emphasizing the local-suggest-tz issue, suggesting coordination with ical, and personally addressing specific comments Addison Phillips 2014-01-30
ACTION-280 (edit) closed File an issue on encoding document asking for 'name' to be the preferred 'label' and definition of preferred label to be the name Richard Ishida 2014-01-30
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Schedule charmod edits based on a poll Addison Phillips 2014-02-06
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Ask for a lc due date on dom4 Addison Phillips 2014-02-13
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Publish wyntk about bidi update, retitling as appropriate Richard Ishida 2014-02-13
ACTION-284 (edit) closed Write back to xliff and its-ig with summary of our discussion Felix Sasaki 2014-02-13
ACTION-285 (edit) closed Respond to issue-329 indicating we are satisfied with their decision/have no formal objection Addison Phillips 2014-02-13
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Inform css that we are satisfied with counter styles now (save for issue 282) Richard Ishida 2014-02-20
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Pull together wiki page of the caseless matching problem, mining the past conversation with css plus charmod plus bug 16970 Addison Phillips 2014-02-20
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Create comments on borders/backgrounds in tracker and forward to css wg Addison Phillips 2014-02-27 css-background
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Split off radio button comment and update bug 16970 Addison Phillips 2014-02-27
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Send qa-html-encoding-declarations for wide review Richard Ishida 2014-03-06
ACTION-291 (edit) closed Ask dpub about quotes handling related to i18n-issues-80 Richard Ishida 2014-03-06
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Check maximum number on roman numerals for issue-135 Richard Ishida 2014-03-06
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Close closable html issues and update remainder Addison Phillips 2014-03-06
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Reply to css3 borders and backgrounds responses Addison Phillips 2014-03-13
ACTION-295 (edit) closed Send two new documents on choosing/declaring character encodings to wide review Richard Ishida 2014-03-13
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Navigate dst/summer time transition to keep call's time intact after dst change Addison Phillips 2014-03-13
ACTION-297 (edit) closed Poll users for what time is this meeting at David Clarke 2014-03-13
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Ask msft for information on ie12 respecting bom over http encoding change Richard Ishida 2014-03-13
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Send a note on member about tpac attendance Addison Phillips 2014-03-27
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Respond to tpac survey to reserve us a room Addison Phillips 2014-03-27
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Add action items link to agenda Addison Phillips 2014-04-03
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Publish two updated "authoring html" wg notes Richard Ishida 2014-05-01
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Ping anne and coordinate lc publication including any tidying edits on his side Addison Phillips 2014-05-08
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Summarize encoding spec bugzilla list for review by wg in next call Addison Phillips 2014-05-08
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Write a trip report/summary of the universal access meeting Richard Ishida 2014-05-22
ACTION-306 (edit) closed Ping anne about adding notations for where bugs are located Addison Phillips 2014-05-22
ACTION-307 (edit) closed Forward tpac attendance survey thing to richard Addison Phillips 2014-06-05
ACTION-308 (edit) closed Ping new members if interested in reviewing Addison Phillips 2014-06-05
ACTION-309 (edit) closed Ping anne in writing about encoding tests seeking location(s) Addison Phillips 2014-06-05
ACTION-310 (edit) closed Send note to css about satisfaction on closed css3 text issues Richard Ishida 2014-06-05
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Talk to susan about tpac arrangements Addison Phillips 2014-06-12
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Talk to dom about adding status tracking stuff to tracker for encoding last call purposes Richard Ishida 2014-06-12
ACTION-313 (edit) closed Contact dcat folks about catalog_language Felix Sasaki 2014-06-19
ACTION-314 (edit) closed Reminder to winter on reviewing encoding Addison Phillips 2014-06-26
ACTION-315 (edit) closed Close satisifed items in css-text Addison Phillips 2014-07-03
ACTION-316 (edit) closed Triage emails on encoding, file tracker items, and prepare for review in wg by next week Addison Phillips 2014-07-10
ACTION-317 (edit) closed Review bugzilla list on encoding and add tracker Addison Phillips 2014-07-10
ACTION-318 (edit) closed Update charmod-norm for publication as new working draft Addison Phillips 2014-07-10
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Report back on korean justification when response received Koji Ishii 2014-07-17
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Send link to "hamza above" id to public list John Klensin 2014-07-24
ACTION-321 (edit) closed Follow up with prashant on what we discussed about preparing indic document for fpwd Richard Ishida 2014-07-24
ACTION-322 (edit) closed Ping martin about test availability and timing Richard Ishida 2014-07-24
ACTION-323 (edit) closed Modify instrucitons for reviews to include the new markings Richard Ishida 2014-07-31
ACTION-324 (edit) closed Give wg action to read the time zone proposal for action next week Addison Phillips 2014-07-31
ACTION-325 (edit) closed Propose text for the 'false statement' issue Addison Phillips 2014-07-31
ACTION-326 (edit) closed Invite anne to next teleconference to discuss open encoding issues Addison Phillips 2014-08-07
ACTION-327 (edit) closed Update the time zone proposal and then file an issue against about it Addison Phillips 2014-08-07
ACTION-328 (edit) closed Reply to encoding false statement with proposed text mentioning that we discussed with anne Addison Phillips 2014-08-14
ACTION-329 (edit) closed Re-ping martin for test results on encoding test results Richard Ishida 2014-08-14
ACTION-330 (edit) closed Remind everyone to review longdesc issue 21678 for next week Addison Phillips 2014-08-14
ACTION-331 (edit) closed Close bug 21678 on html longdesc with comment that we are satisfied Richard Ishida 2014-08-21
ACTION-332 (edit) closed : review list of people on encoding lc thread, ensure they're copied on reply Addison Phillips 2014-08-21
ACTION-333 (edit) closed Kick off additional discussion with anne about preface wording Richard Ishida 2014-08-28
ACTION-334 (edit) closed Write back to martin to verify satisfaction on encoding 371 Addison Phillips 2014-09-04
ACTION-335 (edit) closed Note that 373 is verified Richard Ishida 2014-09-04
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Write to josh bell to confirm satisfaction on 26256 Addison Phillips 2014-09-04
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Write back to ken+unicode+plh to confirm satisfaction on 385 Addison Phillips 2014-09-04
ACTION-338 (edit) closed Write to Anne about issue/bug 26154 for status Addison Phillips 2014-09-04
ACTION-339 (edit) closed Follow up further with andrew to confirm that issue-xxx is out of scope Richard Ishida 2014-09-04
ACTION-340 (edit) closed Raise unencoded scripts issue with unicode Addison Phillips 2014-09-04
ACTION-341 (edit) closed Write to Mathias Bynens for satisfaction on 26655 Addison Phillips 2014-09-04
ACTION-342 (edit) closed Write to daniel appelquist about iri wiki page seeking input Addison Phillips 2014-09-04
ACTION-343 (edit) closed Reply to css text issues listed in linked email in minutes with satisfaction (if satisfied) Richard Ishida 2014-09-18
ACTION-344 (edit) closed Respond to css on issue-334 Addison Phillips 2014-09-18
ACTION-345 (edit) closed Respond to jonathan's note about counter styles Richard Ishida 2014-09-25
ACTION-346 (edit) closed Send email to the group seeking objections from non-attendees Addison Phillips 2014-10-02
ACTION-347 (edit) closed Ask for more input on the problem of font family names Xiaoqian Wu 2014-10-02
ACTION-348 (edit) closed Clarify action 346 Richard Ishida 2014-10-09
ACTION-349 (edit) closed Put together framework for wiki/document discussing issues and proposals for handling locale of form widgets Richard Ishida 2014-10-09
ACTION-350 (edit) closed Notify membership that i18n will meet with digpubs at 3 pm on friday at tpac Addison Phillips 2014-10-16
ACTION-351 (edit) closed Respond to intent to implement @lang in forms with note that we're building a document describing issues Addison Phillips 2014-10-16
ACTION-352 (edit) closed Change teleconference call time starting 13 november Addison Phillips 2014-10-16
ACTION-353 (edit) closed Send richard example of encoding test Addison Phillips 2014-10-23
ACTION-354 (edit) closed Ask css to change font spec example so kai is cursive not serif (or use an appropriate example font like song for serif) Richard Ishida 2014-10-30
ACTION-355 (edit) closed Establish wiki showing what our evolving plans are at tpac Addison Phillips 2014-10-30
ACTION-356 (edit) closed Work on converting cldr alphabetic index data to css predefined counter styles using automatic means, evaluating suitability of the data, and report back to wg Leandro Reis 2014-11-06
ACTION-357 (edit) closed Consider status of metadata for multilingual web usage scenarios document and report back to wg Felix Sasaki 2014-11-06
ACTION-358 (edit) closed Retire requirements for its 2.0 Felix Sasaki 2014-11-06
ACTION-359 (edit) closed Revive ltli (language tags and locale identifiers) Addison Phillips 2014-11-06
ACTION-360 (edit) closed Survey publishers if there are requirements for additional/more specific styles in chinese e-books Xiaoqian Wu 2014-11-06
ACTION-361 (edit) closed Check status of idns in ml data best practices Felix Sasaki 2014-11-06
ACTION-362 (edit) closed Share information about public knowledge base materials for use on w3c site Leandro Reis 2014-11-07
ACTION-363 (edit) closed Follow up with membership on hackathon planning for (e.g.) iri/idn or encoding tests Addison Phillips 2014-11-07
ACTION-364 (edit) closed Document how "sticky" language negotiation is done in our pages as an article Richard Ishida 2014-11-07
ACTION-365 (edit) closed Create tombstone version of "authoring techniques for xhtml & html internationalizatoin: characters and encodings 1.0" as the end-of-life of this document Richard Ishida 2014-11-07
ACTION-366 (edit) closed Identify categories non-controversial for line-breaking to support i18n-issue-316 in css3-text Richard Ishida 2014-11-07
ACTION-367 (edit) closed Send richard coordinates for standards folks in china related to ebooks, etc. John Klensin 2014-11-20
ACTION-368 (edit) closed Ping jck about chinese people working on eai Dennis Tan Tanaka 2014-11-20
ACTION-369 (edit) closed Change style sheets to new format for articles and tutorials et al. Richard Ishida 2014-11-20
ACTION-370 (edit) closed Recreate and keep up to date the "things we're working on" list Addison Phillips 2014-11-20
ACTION-371 (edit) closed Send email to member@ asking members to review their actions on project radar Addison Phillips 2014-11-27
ACTION-372 (edit) closed Ask the xslt folks for an extension on our comments Addison Phillips 2014-11-27
ACTION-373 (edit) closed Ask members of working group to be prepared to discuss eai address representation in xforms, html, et al Addison Phillips 2014-11-27
ACTION-374 (edit) closed Create wiki page to track discussion of eai address handling Addison Phillips 2014-11-27
ACTION-375 (edit) closed Defining Decimal Formats Permits Only Single Characters Steven Atkin 2014-12-02 xslt-30
ACTION-376 (edit) closed Provide Guidance on Collation Tailorings Steven Atkin 2014-12-02 xslt-30
ACTION-377 (edit) closed Set up github location for knowledgebase material Richard Ishida 2014-12-11
ACTION-378 (edit) closed Establish a tracker for the indic layout requirements document Addison Phillips 2014-12-11 ilreq
ACTION-379 (edit) closed Respond to all comment emails publicly and prepare updated draft of indic layout document and send to richard Somnath Chandra 2014-12-11
ACTION-380 (edit) closed Contact beihang staff with additional comments and suggested changes to cltf charter Richard Ishida 2014-12-11
ACTION-381 (edit) closed Check on eai documentation pages and send a link to the wg John Klensin 2014-12-11
ACTION-382 (edit) closed Update the wiki page on eai and clarify fully the current situation based on today's teleconference, adding the reference to the eai page when received from jck Addison Phillips 2014-12-11
ACTION-383 (edit) closed Follow up with cldr ticket to add counter style data Leandro Reis 2015-05-15
ACTION-384 (edit) closed Suggest wording for somnath to add to indic layout intro to explain that we'll do other languages later Richard Ishida 2014-12-18
ACTION-385 (edit) closed Write apologetic email about lateness and forward xslt3.0 comments Addison Phillips 2014-12-18
ACTION-386 (edit) closed Set up a tracker for linked data patch format and make steve shepherd Addison Phillips 2014-12-25
ACTION-387 (edit) closed Assign working group to look at uri file:// thread to discuss in next teleconference Addison Phillips 2014-12-25
ACTION-388 (edit) closed Add kerwin draft to radar and set up tracker (so wg can follow the file uri spec) Addison Phillips 2015-01-15
ACTION-389 (edit) closed Add indic layout requirements to review radar and add a tracker link Addison Phillips 2015-01-22
ACTION-390 (edit) closed Forward issue-401 to indic list and shepherd response with appropriate elaboration as needed Richard Ishida 2015-01-22
ACTION-391 (edit) closed Check mati's presence on the distribution list, etc. Addison Phillips 2015-01-29
ACTION-392 (edit) closed Follow up on lock-step publishing counter styles wg document to match css by checking on their status Richard Ishida 2015-01-29
ACTION-393 (edit) closed Send somnath proposed updates to the indic layout requirements document Richard Ishida 2015-01-29
ACTION-394 (edit) closed Send richard detailed requirements for initial letters in various indic scripts Somnath Chandra 2015-01-29
ACTION-395 (edit) closed Forward issue-408 to css as non-provisional comment Richard Ishida 2015-01-29
ACTION-396 (edit) closed Follow up on korean layout requirements comments,et al (expected due date in late feburary) Richard Ishida 2015-02-05
ACTION-397 (edit) closed Ping norbert about js progress status Addison Phillips 2015-02-05
ACTION-398 (edit) closed Publish predefined counter styles as wd when css publishes counter styles as cr Richard Ishida 2015-02-05
ACTION-399 (edit) closed Update article "an introduction to multilingual web addresses" Dennis Tan Tanaka 2015-02-12
ACTION-400 (edit) closed Follow up with new es-402 owner for status of es i18n work Addison Phillips 2015-02-12
ACTION-401 (edit) closed Send source text for "intro to web addresses" to dennis Richard Ishida 2015-02-19
ACTION-402 (edit) closed Make new version of qa-no-language live Richard Ishida 2015-02-19
ACTION-403 (edit) closed Write to xslt folks asking if bug 27615 is likely to be addressed, e.g. do they have plans for a future edition Addison Phillips 2015-02-19
ACTION-404 (edit) closed Check on zwj and friends in idna so that we can document in charmod-norm Dennis Tan Tanaka 2015-02-19
ACTION-405 (edit) closed Ensure "manifest for web applications" is reviewd by 5 March Addison Phillips 2015-02-26
ACTION-406 (edit) closed Ping icu folks about implementation of rli and friends in icu, specific version and ask for review of tests richard created Addison Phillips 2015-02-26
ACTION-407 (edit) closed Work with richard to draft text and then send to www-international a call for tests for encoding Addison Phillips 2015-02-26
ACTION-408 (edit) closed Raise need for formal i18n review step in new process on chairs@ Addison Phillips 2015-02-26
ACTION-409 (edit) closed Add creation of best practices for spec authors to project radar Addison Phillips 2015-02-26
ACTION-410 (edit) closed Write back to qt asking for issue-394 to be "noted" Addison Phillips 2015-03-05
ACTION-411 (edit) closed Notify webvtt that we are actively reviewing Addison Phillips 2015-03-05
ACTION-412 (edit) closed Publish multilingual web usage scenarios Felix Sasaki 2015-03-12
ACTION-413 (edit) closed Add linked data spec felix noted to radar, make him shepherd, and tracker-ize Addison Phillips 2015-03-12
ACTION-414 (edit) closed Review linked data spec for i18n issues Felix Sasaki 2015-03-12
ACTION-415 (edit) closed Send meeting time update proposal to wg lists soliciting input and including a change of time option for asian participation Addison Phillips 2015-03-12
ACTION-416 (edit) closed Ask working group to comment on bp_spec_bidi wiki Richard Ishida 2015-03-19
ACTION-417 (edit) closed Talk to anne/joshua about how to solicit tests for encoding Addison Phillips 2015-03-26
ACTION-418 (edit) closed Send note on member list asking for tpac attendance Addison Phillips 2015-03-26
ACTION-419 (edit) closed Remind working group to review the bp draft and supply comments on existing materials, volunteer to add materials, or provide other comments Addison Phillips 2015-03-26
ACTION-420 (edit) closed Clean up and submit webvtt comments based on today's teleconference Addison Phillips 2015-03-26
ACTION-421 (edit) closed Ping aharon with email about additional requirements document Addison Phillips 2015-04-02
ACTION-422 (edit) closed Warn wg members to look at ltli ed for discussion next week as a new wd Addison Phillips 2015-04-02
ACTION-423 (edit) closed Ping beihan folks about tpac logistics Richard Ishida 2015-04-02
ACTION-424 (edit) closed Solicit comments from wg on w3c document review process wiki page Addison Phillips 2015-04-02
ACTION-425 (edit) closed Figure out means of making bp number and/or identifier properly emphasized Richard Ishida 2015-04-02
ACTION-426 (edit) closed Ask at domain meeting about whether webvtt will be used for tv and cinema Richard Ishida 2015-04-02
ACTION-427 (edit) closed Tag all threads based on our comments in appmanifest's github so we can track Addison Phillips 2015-04-02
ACTION-428 (edit) closed Comment on process 2015 before deadline Addison Phillips 2015-04-09
ACTION-429 (edit) closed Publish new wd of korean layout requirements Richard Ishida 2015-04-16
ACTION-430 (edit) closed Contact editors of klreq for comments and seeking additional support Richard Ishida 2015-04-16
ACTION-431 (edit) closed Send new message to www-international looking for a name for our counter styles note Richard Ishida 2015-04-16
ACTION-432 (edit) closed Amend our tpac wbs to request a room for tpac Addison Phillips 2015-04-16
ACTION-433 (edit) closed Send ltli to richard for adding to github Addison Phillips 2015-04-16
ACTION-434 (edit) closed Write to klreq editors seeking response on current edits and possible future participation Addison Phillips 2015-04-23
ACTION-435 (edit) closed Publish new wd of ltli Richard Ishida 2015-04-23
ACTION-436 (edit) closed Send richard flat version of ltli for publication Addison Phillips 2015-04-23
ACTION-437 (edit) closed Create article about the time zone proposal Addison Phillips 2015-04-30
ACTION-438 (edit) closed Edit grc documents, create a github in your account, add top material, and bring to wg for review Leandro Reis 2015-06-30
ACTION-439 (edit) closed Send message to member list polling for document priority so we can schedule actions Addison Phillips 2015-04-30
ACTION-440 (edit) closed Follow up with daniel about ethiopic information Richard Ishida 2015-05-14
ACTION-441 (edit) closed Write back to fantasai/csswg and propose a way to organize layout information Richard Ishida 2015-05-14
ACTION-442 (edit) closed Remind working group to read new process document for adoption voting at next week's teleconference Addison Phillips 2015-05-21
ACTION-443 (edit) closed Contact interested parties about starting an arabic script layout task force Richard Ishida 2015-05-21
ACTION-444 (edit) closed Write to w3 parties requesting that the publication tool be updated to support note track documents after richard identifiers who to ping Addison Phillips 2015-06-04
ACTION-445 (edit) closed Check out using a subsetting web font for example chars Addison Phillips 2015-06-11
ACTION-446 (edit) closed Ask ivan about his experience with using github issues and best practices and report back Richard Ishida 2015-06-11
ACTION-447 (edit) closed Publish updated version of klreq Richard Ishida 2015-07-02
ACTION-448 (edit) closed Write a proposal to the working group for options in handling language and direction metadata in cases such as mediastream labels Addison Phillips 2015-07-02
ACTION-449 (edit) closed Remind wg membership to read and be ready to discuss Addison Phillips 2015-07-02
ACTION-450 (edit) closed Ask dom to change settings to notify of all traffic on our issues via email Richard Ishida 2015-07-02
ACTION-451 (edit) closed Respond on csvw issue 617 officially explaining that the wg believes that cldr's values and data structures are needed Addison Phillips 2015-07-09
ACTION-452 (edit) closed Respond to notifications about .lang and .dir email Addison Phillips 2015-07-16
ACTION-453 (edit) closed Publish current version of charmod so the github bits and status bits show Richard Ishida 2015-07-23
ACTION-454 (edit) closed Remind all to review for next week Addison Phillips 2015-07-30
ACTION-455 (edit) closed Respond to fantasai saying we'll send style info along by next week Addison Phillips 2015-07-30
ACTION-456 (edit) closed Double check with ff about vertical text change proposal and impact on them Koji Ishii 2015-07-30
ACTION-457 (edit) closed Remind group to review webvtt responses *before* the meeting so can discuss Addison Phillips 2015-07-30 webvtt1
ACTION-458 (edit) closed Write to utc and give a heads up about mongolian nnbsp question Addison Phillips 2015-07-30
ACTION-459 (edit) closed Summarize webvtt problem for bidi list and seek input Richard Ishida 2015-08-13
ACTION-460 (edit) closed Talk to dom about implementing option [1] for managing email traffic on www-international from github Richard Ishida 2015-09-03
ACTION-461 (edit) closed Re-read issue-80 and evaluate whether to reopen as a github issue or not Richard Ishida 2015-09-10
ACTION-462 (edit) closed Follow up with editors on bdo/bdi/etc. and prepare an example for consideration by the wg to send them Addison Phillips 2015-09-10
ACTION-463 (edit) closed Propose closure of tabular-data-model issues 462 - 479 Richard Ishida 2015-09-24
ACTION-464 (edit) closed Forward issues 472, 471, 459, 458, 457, 456, 433, 404 Addison Phillips 2015-09-30
ACTION-465 (edit) closed Look into issue 406 to see if still valid Richard Ishida 2015-09-30
ACTION-466 (edit) closed Prepare new draft of encoding spec for updated cr Addison Phillips 2015-10-01
ACTION-467 (edit) closed Review issue-400 and see if it is xslt or some other spec and decide what to do with it Addison Phillips 2015-10-01
ACTION-468 (edit) closed Forward issue-391 to dpub Richard Ishida 2015-10-01
ACTION-469 (edit) closed Forward issue-387 Addison Phillips 2015-10-01
ACTION-470 (edit) closed Forward issue-362 after rewriting Richard Ishida 2015-10-01
ACTION-471 (edit) closed Forward issue-359 to css Richard Ishida 2015-10-01
ACTION-472 (edit) closed Close all items older than 2012 Richard Ishida 2015-10-01
ACTION-473 (edit) closed Ensure we have a meeting number set up for next week Richard Ishida 2015-10-15
ACTION-474 (edit) closed Prepare and publish fpwd of best practices for specification developers Richard Ishida 2015-10-15
ACTION-475 (edit) closed Close writing-mode issues unless final comments are received beforehand Richard Ishida 2015-10-22
ACTION-476 (edit) closed Write back to media capture saying that we'll continue to work on problem but they can publish in the meantime Addison Phillips 2015-10-22
ACTION-477 (edit) closed Add i18n metadata for json to list of projects Addison Phillips 2015-10-22
ACTION-478 (edit) closed Solicit input from xliff, its, bpmlod about json/plain text i18n metadata Felix Sasaki 2015-10-22
ACTION-479 (edit) closed Ping bobby about documenting issues raised at tpac Addison Phillips 2015-11-12
ACTION-480 (edit) closed Write back to timed text and note that we've reviewed their charter Addison Phillips 2015-11-19
ACTION-481 (edit) closed Respond to presentation-api issue 506 with discussed set of comments Richard Ishida 2015-11-19
ACTION-482 (edit) closed Follow up with david s. to get name for repo and set up said repo Richard Ishida 2015-11-26
ACTION-483 (edit) closed Review close marked webvtt issues and close if satisfied Addison Phillips 2015-11-26
ACTION-484 (edit) closed Bring public-indic list into unicode discussion of utr#23 Addison Phillips 2015-12-10
ACTION-485 (edit) closed Send poll to member list on encoding spec cr handling Addison Phillips 2015-12-17
ACTION-486 (edit) closed Ask alreq folks about issue 1 in section 2.4 of charmod-norm Richard Ishida 2016-01-21
ACTION-487 (edit) closed Add issues for c5 and a note on transcoder non-normalization to charmod Addison Phillips 2016-01-28
ACTION-488 (edit) closed Restyle figures/tables to use new stylesheet in charmod and then, if necessary, make recommendations to fantasai Addison Phillips 2016-01-28
ACTION-489 (edit) closed Remind folks to read richard's qa-site-conneg article and include wide-review in next week's agenda Addison Phillips 2016-02-11
ACTION-490 (edit) closed Publish new version of qa-who-uses-unicode Richard Ishida 2016-02-18
ACTION-491 (edit) closed Put qa-ruby in production as a replacement for articles/ruby and make the old one deprecated Richard Ishida 2016-02-18
ACTION-492 (edit) closed Think about better ways to represent spaces, etc. in qa-bidi-space Richard Ishida 2016-02-18
ACTION-493 (edit) closed Publish qa-bidi-space Richard Ishida 2016-02-18
ACTION-494 (edit) closed Deprecate qa-setting-encoding-in-applications Richard Ishida 2016-02-18
ACTION-495 (edit) closed Ping the member list asking if a schedule change survey would produce more turnout Addison Phillips 2016-03-03
ACTION-496 (edit) closed Send qa-lang-priorities update for wide review Richard Ishida 2016-03-03
ACTION-497 (edit) closed Publish the 3 bidi articles and announce them on www-international soliciting any additional comments Richard Ishida 2016-03-17
ACTION-498 (edit) closed Publish qa-site-conneg Richard Ishida 2016-03-17
ACTION-499 (edit) closed Review geofencing fpwd David Clarke 2016-03-24
ACTION-500 (edit) closed Contact css about adding a css property for emoji default presentation selection Addison Phillips 2016-03-31
ACTION-501 (edit) closed Add to pri319 opposition of i18n wg to script subtag Addison Phillips 2016-03-31
ACTION-502 (edit) closed Review the unsent/pending github issues from tracker and triage for next call, sending notes to people who raised issues Addison Phillips 2016-03-31
ACTION-503 (edit) closed Add unicode-xml to project radar Addison Phillips 2016-04-07
ACTION-504 (edit) closed Forward remaining action 502 issues and ping dennis, leandro, and leslie about theirs Addison Phillips 2016-04-07
ACTION-505 (edit) closed Prepare updated unicode-xml disclaimer text for publication as a placeholding wg note while martin et al get started working on updates Addison Phillips 2016-04-07
ACTION-506 (edit) closed Remind group to study quotation mark behavior for next call Addison Phillips 2016-04-14
ACTION-507 (edit) closed Double check handling of note status for unicode-xml while we work on it Richard Ishida 2016-04-21
ACTION-508 (edit) closed Publish updated unicode-xml note based on results of action-507 Richard Ishida 2016-04-21
ACTION-509 (edit) closed Remind wg members to definitely read ruby/markup.en.html for next week Addison Phillips 2016-04-21
ACTION-510 (edit) closed Write a wiki page on <q> element proposal using extracts from the email discussion Richard Ishida 2016-04-21
ACTION-511 (edit) closed Check if discource for wicg can add notifier for an i18n label Richard Ishida 2016-05-05
ACTION-512 (edit) closed Send www-international an email about removing topic index and prepare new home page and other page mods as needed to support that Richard Ishida 2016-05-05
ACTION-513 (edit) closed Raise an issue against html about default q-styling Richard Ishida 2016-05-05
ACTION-514 (edit) closed Publish ruby markup article after pinging fantasai and koji Richard Ishida 2016-05-12
ACTION-515 (edit) closed Replace topic index with a giant search box Richard Ishida 2016-05-12
ACTION-516 (edit) closed Triage wontfixed bugzilla items in case any action is needed? Addison Phillips 2016-05-12
ACTION-517 (edit) closed Remind working group to review html items in for next call Addison Phillips 2016-05-12
ACTION-518 (edit) closed Submit approved issues to web-annotations after speaking to richard about the discussion Felix Sasaki 2016-05-12
ACTION-519 (edit) closed Delete html51 label and update radar to reflect it Addison Phillips 2016-05-19
ACTION-520 (edit) closed Remind group to review spec dev, raise issues, with a target of discussing mid-june Addison Phillips 2016-05-19
ACTION-521 (edit) closed Take a decision on github html issue 122 Addison Phillips 2016-05-19
ACTION-522 (edit) closed Html github issue 127 look into additional recommendations if any Addison Phillips 2016-05-19
ACTION-523 (edit) closed Review and update github html 121 about compatibility caseless Addison Phillips 2016-05-19
ACTION-524 (edit) closed Add comment to github web annotation issue 206 indicating that we think code points is the right solution but that we suggest/invite a teleconference Addison Phillips 2016-05-26
ACTION-525 (edit) closed Draft some examples of language use cases for review by felix of web-annotation Richard Ishida 2016-05-26
ACTION-526 (edit) closed Provide note text to indicate that selection tools should take care in selecting boundaries Richard Ishida 2016-06-02
ACTION-527 (edit) closed Review web annotation #227 and reply asap with advice on unicode normalization Addison Phillips 2016-06-02
ACTION-528 (edit) closed Look into issue 123 and update as needed Addison Phillips 2016-06-09
ACTION-529 (edit) closed Forward issue 122 to html Addison Phillips 2016-06-09
ACTION-530 (edit) closed Write to chairs@ with a note saying effectively "don't follow old lc model, giving us no time to react" Addison Phillips 2016-06-09
ACTION-531 (edit) closed Add big orange box link for "how to get a review" and pointer to spec dev Richard Ishida 2016-06-09
ACTION-532 (edit) closed Send a note to www-international asking for last call on deprecation of o-time and deprecate if no objection Richard Ishida 2016-06-09
ACTION-533 (edit) closed Update web-annotation 227 to say that wg thinks the normalization requirements should be removed and a health warning to do normalization on comparison might be needed Addison Phillips 2016-06-09
ACTION-534 (edit) closed Ping martin about unicode in xml Addison Phillips 2016-06-30
ACTION-535 (edit) closed Add note to issue 33 saying we don't agree before closing Addison Phillips 2016-06-30
ACTION-536 (edit) closed Publish predefined-counter-styles as a wg note Richard Ishida 2016-06-30
ACTION-537 (edit) closed File bugs against failing browsers, referring back to the encoding issue list, and update the encoding issues Addison Phillips 2016-06-30
ACTION-538 (edit) closed Work with richard and plh to establish procedure for bringing changes to encoding forward Addison Phillips 2016-06-30
ACTION-539 (edit) closed Write an email objecting to lack of i18n review and review coordination and pointing out that there are issues that should be addressed Addison Phillips 2016-07-21
ACTION-540 (edit) closed Forward dwbp issue reformulation to richard this afternoon (14 jul) Addison Phillips 2016-07-21
ACTION-541 (edit) closed Revise issue 159 about modifier keys and make appropriate revisions Richard Ishida 2016-07-28
ACTION-542 (edit) closed Ask after dpub-pagination status and if they want/ready for a review Richard Ishida 2016-07-28
ACTION-543 (edit) closed Publish elreq as fpwd Richard Ishida 2016-07-28
ACTION-544 (edit) closed Add comment with final text for issues in dwbp as discussed in teleconference for final consumption and when done, send notification to richard Addison Phillips 2016-07-28
ACTION-545 (edit) closed Create draft of bidi-in-plain-text and start email thread on public-i18n-bidi Richard Ishida 2016-08-04
ACTION-546 (edit) closed Update the metadata wiki page to discuss language/direction metadata problems in e.g. json Addison Phillips 2016-08-04
ACTION-547 (edit) closed Ping martin regarding progress on unicode in xml update Addison Phillips 2016-08-18
ACTION-548 (edit) closed Forward issue-215 to html asking for the removal of rb and rtc from the list of "obsolete" tags in html 5.1 Richard Ishida 2016-09-08
ACTION-549 (edit) closed Create agenda schedule for tpac meeting of i18n wg and reply to inquiries, especially dpub Addison Phillips 2016-09-08
ACTION-550 (edit) closed Send a request-to-read on charmod-norm for discussion next week, with an eye to proceeding to lc Addison Phillips 2016-09-08
ACTION-551 (edit) closed Drop current charmod section 4 into the wiki for posterity or future use and then edit to remove Addison Phillips 2016-09-15
ACTION-552 (edit) closed Write to TAG about potential for a serialization form for natural language strings to address issues with dir and lang Addison Phillips 2016-09-29
ACTION-553 (edit) closed Work with richard to develop a pros/cons document describing the different bidi-in-json handling proposals Addison Phillips 2016-09-29
ACTION-554 (edit) closed Work to schedule a review of microformats Addison Phillips 2017-03-30
ACTION-555 (edit) closed Provide implementer guidelines for how to obtain language from runtime environment, users, et al Addison Phillips 2016-09-29
ACTION-556 (edit) closed Convert her text justification to respec Elika Etemad 2016-09-30
ACTION-557 (edit) closed Send fantasai information and pointers to i18n use of respec Richard Ishida 2016-09-30
ACTION-558 (edit) closed Do due diligence on converting layout tfs to cgs Richard Ishida 2016-09-30
ACTION-559 (edit) closed Create a repo and base document for "string searching in natural language content" Richard Ishida 2016-09-30
ACTION-560 (edit) closed Establish a process for auto-publishing updates to encoding on a regular basis Richard Ishida 2016-10-06
ACTION-561 (edit) closed Check whether the working group agreed to publish all documents using echida Richard Ishida 2016-10-13
ACTION-562 (edit) closed Forward ldn comments to social Addison Phillips 2016-10-13
ACTION-563 (edit) closed Update activitypub issue 128 to extend to other examples Addison Phillips 2016-10-13
ACTION-564 (edit) closed Provide csarven and ldn with text about language negotiation Addison Phillips 2016-10-20
ACTION-565 (edit) closed Remind wg to review annotation-model issues for teleconference of 10 november and reply to their wg for a call on 11 november Addison Phillips 2016-11-03
ACTION-566 (edit) closed Move language detection to i18n-discuss for further development and so that we can use issues Addison Phillips 2016-11-03
ACTION-567 (edit) closed Figure out how to use bikeshed to publish encoding on tr Richard Ishida 2016-11-17
ACTION-568 (edit) closed Write to liam and ask about the changes in qt 3.1 so that we can do a targetted review Addison Phillips 2016-11-17
ACTION-569 (edit) closed Respond to issue 183 on micropub assenting to closing the issue but noting our relative dissatisfaction Addison Phillips 2016-11-17
ACTION-570 (edit) closed Close all minuted issues and notify the owning working group of our satisfaction Richard Ishida 2016-11-17
ACTION-571 (edit) closed Follow up on i18n issue 24 and see that an issue is raised on the font in question Richard Ishida 2016-11-17
ACTION-572 (edit) closed Move najib's comment to an appropriate location for further discussion Richard Ishida 2016-11-17
ACTION-573 (edit) closed Remind wg to review typography document with an goal of publishing fpwd late january Addison Phillips 2016-12-08
ACTION-574 (edit) closed Bundle up css issues up into an email for action in next teleconference Richard Ishida 2016-12-08
ACTION-575 (edit) closed Check webauthn and input events comments for status and forwarding Addison Phillips 2016-12-08
ACTION-576 (edit) closed Write to ttml's wg and ask for more time Addison Phillips 2016-12-15
ACTION-577 (edit) closed Send css-ruby and css-text comments to css at i18n wg comments Richard Ishida 2016-12-15
ACTION-578 (edit) closed Write to aharon and mati about the whatwg bidi text issue Richard Ishida 2016-12-22
ACTION-579 (edit) closed Send a note to www-international seeking additional feedback and insight on ime interaction with uievents Richard Ishida 2016-12-22
ACTION-580 (edit) closed Set up two repos for felix's documents from its for final publication as note Richard Ishida 2017-01-26
ACTION-581 (edit) closed Send vertical article for wide review after getting final feedback and fixing the issue styling Richard Ishida 2017-01-26
ACTION-582 (edit) closed Sort out justification text on typography document Richard Ishida 2017-01-26
ACTION-583 (edit) closed Review charmod-norm issues list and propose closure Addison Phillips 2017-01-26
ACTION-584 (edit) closed Send note to www-international announcing switching to github digests and set up the digests Richard Ishida 2017-02-02
ACTION-585 (edit) closed Move the justification materials to separate article and point to it from typography document Richard Ishida 2017-02-02
ACTION-586 (edit) closed Summarize whatwg string definition and recommend changes if needed Addison Phillips 2017-02-02
ACTION-587 (edit) closed Set up weekly digest of github in advance of the teleconference to send to the public-i18n-core list Richard Ishida 2017-02-09
ACTION-588 (edit) closed File additional tickets for support of predefined counter styles against remaining browsers Addison Phillips 2017-02-09
ACTION-589 (edit) closed Publish typography index as fpwd Richard Ishida 2017-02-09
ACTION-590 (edit) closed Follow up on html issue 343 wording and reopen if necessary Addison Phillips 2017-02-09
ACTION-591 (edit) closed Re-check letter spacing in css-text issues for closure Richard Ishida 2017-02-09
ACTION-592 (edit) closed Close uievents issues with close tag Richard Ishida 2017-02-09
ACTION-593 (edit) closed Add jck as point man when adding slim to review radar Addison Phillips 2017-02-16
ACTION-594 (edit) closed Reply to marcos caceres email and list his question as a topic for next teleconference Addison Phillips 2017-03-02
ACTION-595 (edit) closed Publish to obsolete wg notes as decided in this week's teleconference Felix Sasaki 2017-03-02
ACTION-596 (edit) closed Adjust the agenda to reflect use of uk time for meeting and update links to dateandtime Addison Phillips 2017-03-16
ACTION-597 (edit) closed Publish vertical text article Richard Ishida 2017-03-16
ACTION-598 (edit) closed Respond to marcos with summary of current state of bidi-in-json Addison Phillips 2017-03-16
ACTION-599 (edit) closed Publish justification for wide review Richard Ishida 2017-03-16
ACTION-600 (edit) closed Prepare and submit encoding refresh Addison Phillips 2017-03-16
ACTION-601 (edit) closed Check comment status for uievents specs Richard Ishida 2017-03-23
ACTION-602 (edit) closed Make shacl comments in felix's email into issues and/or commenting on sandro's comments and labeling them Richard Ishida 2017-03-23
ACTION-603 (edit) closed Respond to payment request api comment to make sure that direction only applies to one string at a time or to override for a specific string in a collection Richard Ishida 2017-03-23
ACTION-604 (edit) closed Move the encoding tracking table to github so addison can update it Richard Ishida 2017-03-30
ACTION-605 (edit) closed Checks status of svg2 comments Richard Ishida 2017-03-30
ACTION-606 (edit) closed Tell travis to go ahead removing bidi controls text from html5 and whatwg Richard Ishida 2017-03-30
ACTION-607 (edit) closed Publish approaches to full justification as an article Richard Ishida 2017-04-06
ACTION-608 (edit) closed Send richard comments on string-base-direction document Addison Phillips 2017-04-06
ACTION-609 (edit) closed Write to chaals and html indicating our preferences (see minutes) regarding handling of ruby in html Addison Phillips 2017-04-13
ACTION-610 (edit) closed Start working on what a new version or update for ruby annotation would look like Richard Ishida 2017-04-13
ACTION-611 (edit) closed Contact martin to see if unicode-xml will be worked on soon so that wg can decide if alternate next steps are needed Addison Phillips 2017-04-27
ACTION-612 (edit) closed Create a bidi/lang recommendations document in order to go to tag Addison Phillips 2017-04-27
ACTION-613 (edit) closed Add pictures of successful rendering to bidi strings doc Richard Ishida 2017-04-27
ACTION-614 (edit) closed Ping anne about encoding tests (reviewing, etc.) Addison Phillips 2017-04-27
ACTION-615 (edit) closed Finalize floating time article for publication Addison Phillips 2017-05-04
ACTION-616 (edit) closed Update unicode-xml to indicate current status Addison Phillips 2017-05-11
ACTION-617 (edit) closed Give addison access to i18n-drafts Richard Ishida 2017-05-11
ACTION-618 (edit) closed Create a short document about making direction default recommendation to be 'auto' and send to www-international@ for review Richard Ishida 2017-08-25
ACTION-619 (edit) closed Notify html that we completed 5.2 and don't have comments Addison Phillips 2017-05-25
ACTION-620 (edit) closed Check unicode-xml publication via echidna Richard Ishida 2017-06-01
ACTION-621 (edit) closed File additional issue on imsc related to font selection and "recommended character sets" section Addison Phillips 2017-06-01
ACTION-622 (edit) closed Forward poe/ordl comments on behalf of bert Bert Bos 2017-06-08
ACTION-623 (edit) closed Reach out to webidl regarding tag-issue-178 Addison Phillips 2017-06-15
ACTION-624 (edit) closed Publish qa-floating-time for wide review Richard Ishida 2017-06-15
ACTION-625 (edit) closed Check status of html eai issue and reopen as necessary Addison Phillips 2017-06-22
ACTION-626 (edit) closed Notify semantic sensor network ontology folks that review is complete Addison Phillips 2017-06-22
ACTION-627 (edit) closed Pull together "requirements for language and direction information in data formats" draft Addison Phillips 2017-06-22
ACTION-628 (edit) closed Send to list the documents to be combined Addison Phillips 2017-06-22
ACTION-629 (edit) closed Set up notifications for push-api Richard Ishida 2017-07-06
ACTION-630 (edit) closed Raise push-api comments after r12a sets up notifications Steven Atkin 2017-07-06
ACTION-631 (edit) closed Invite chaals to teleconference in two weeks to discuss microdata Addison Phillips 2017-07-13
ACTION-632 (edit) closed Update unicode-xml to include change in status banner Addison Phillips 2017-07-13
ACTION-633 (edit) closed Create github repo for new document (call it string-metadata) Richard Ishida 2017-07-13
ACTION-634 (edit) closed Check john's comment on floating times article Richard Ishida 2017-07-13
ACTION-635 (edit) closed Remind all to think about ways and venues for reaching out to larger audience for reviews Addison Phillips 2017-07-13
ACTION-636 (edit) closed Update floating times q+a to address confusing section at end Addison Phillips 2017-07-20
ACTION-637 (edit) closed Stimulate non-ascii email advocates to provide feedback on eai support in html John Klensin 2017-07-20
ACTION-638 (edit) closed Provide a formal statement on i18n position on eai in html Addison Phillips 2017-07-20
ACTION-639 (edit) closed Follow up on microdata review and chaals action for text Addison Phillips 2017-08-10
ACTION-640 (edit) closed Change style sheets to incorporate gill sans changes Richard Ishida 2017-08-10
ACTION-641 (edit) closed Publish "strings and bidi" for wide review and forward link to tag Richard Ishida 2017-08-10
ACTION-642 (edit) closed Ask www-international about closing index db items Richard Ishida 2017-08-10
ACTION-643 (edit) closed Close ttml issues Richard Ishida 2017-08-24
ACTION-644 (edit) closed Add the language use case to string meta article Richard Ishida 2017-08-24
ACTION-645 (edit) closed Remind working group to read whatwg html issue 2945 for discussion next telecon Addison Phillips 2017-08-31
ACTION-646 (edit) closed Publish strings-and-bidi article Richard Ishida 2017-08-31
ACTION-647 (edit) closed Send list of review items for next week (pendings and close? items) Richard Ishida 2017-09-07
ACTION-648 (edit) closed Ask mongolian ad hoc group to use our list Richard Ishida 2017-09-07
ACTION-649 (edit) closed Reply to whatwg 2945 translatehint issue with wg opinion Addison Phillips 2017-09-07
ACTION-650 (edit) closed Write to remote playback and indicate that we are satisfied and our review is in fact complete Addison Phillips 2017-09-14
ACTION-651 (edit) closed Shorten the list of pending/closed items and reissue for next telecon discussion Richard Ishida 2017-09-14
ACTION-652 (edit) closed Ensure that our tpac av request is filed Addison Phillips 2017-09-21
ACTION-653 (edit) closed Send email about default stylesheet for emphasis marks (issue 385) seeking input Richard Ishida 2017-09-21
ACTION-654 (edit) closed Forward all comments we discussed during telecon. Richard Ishida 2017-09-21
ACTION-655 (edit) closed Send pending issues agreed during call, and close issues agreed during call; and send out new list for discussion next week Richard Ishida 2017-09-28
ACTION-656 (edit) closed Notify websub we are satisfied with 124 Richard Ishida 2017-10-05
ACTION-657 (edit) closed Contact fantasai about issue 387 inviting summary of current status of text-emphasis-position Richard Ishida 2017-10-05
ACTION-658 (edit) closed Look for latin text with dot or macron below that could cause problems for underline Richard Ishida 2017-10-05
ACTION-659 (edit) closed De-pend all the css-text-decor issues Richard Ishida 2017-10-05
ACTION-660 (edit) closed Raise comment against utr53 asking for clarity about what they are trying to do Richard Ishida 2017-10-12
ACTION-661 (edit) closed Send to intersection observer group Richard Ishida 2017-10-12
ACTION-662 (edit) closed Review dnt and sent an all-clear status to that wg unless something found Addison Phillips 2017-10-19
ACTION-663 (edit) closed Remind all to review charmod for status for next week, set agenda item for working to promote to next status next telecon Addison Phillips 2017-10-19
ACTION-664 (edit) closed Produce updated string-meta with additional text needed for fpwd by 2 weeks Addison Phillips 2017-10-19
ACTION-665 (edit) closed Get behnam to forward 497 to the utr53 pri Richard Ishida 2017-10-19
ACTION-666 (edit) closed Talk to unicode folks about ways to cross-pollinate between our groups Addison Phillips 2017-10-19
ACTION-667 (edit) closed Talk to unicode folks about ways to cross-pollinate between our groups Addison Phillips 2017-10-19
ACTION-668 (edit) closed Set up wiki in our repo to capture ideas for engaging folks with our questions Richard Ishida 2017-10-19
ACTION-669 (edit) closed Ping various chairs or the chairs list for ideas on engaging Addison Phillips 2017-10-26
ACTION-670 (edit) closed Remind members to send ideas about how to find experts to member list Addison Phillips 2017-10-26
ACTION-671 (edit) closed Close all dnt issues that need close Richard Ishida 2017-10-26
ACTION-672 (edit) closed Respond to device and sensors and ask if they can self-review (while ack that we are going to review) Addison Phillips 2017-11-02
ACTION-673 (edit) closed Forward remaining low-vision-needs comments Bert Bos 2017-11-02
ACTION-674 (edit) closed Respond to observer requests and in particular folks who'd like to schedule tpac time Addison Phillips 2017-11-09
ACTION-675 (edit) closed Create agenda in wiki for tpac Addison Phillips 2017-11-09
ACTION-676 (edit) closed Contact plh about moving encoding to rec Addison Phillips 2017-11-09
ACTION-677 (edit) closed Invite angel et al to propose a time to talk about clreq progress and gap analysis Addison Phillips 2017-11-09
ACTION-678 (edit) closed Add text to inline-bidi-markup saying more strongly why not to use the bdo element Richard Ishida 2017-11-13
ACTION-679 (edit) closed Send inline-bidi-markup for wide review Richard Ishida 2017-11-13
ACTION-680 (edit) closed Update string-meta with newly planned recommendations and then notify dbaron@ and sangwhan@ by name in github tag issue Addison Phillips 2017-11-14
ACTION-681 (edit) closed Set up mongolian task force framework Richard Ishida 2017-11-14
ACTION-682 (edit) closed Contact uighur contacts and send information to start conversation Richard Ishida 2017-11-14
ACTION-683 (edit) closed Check low-vision-needs comments are notifying properly Richard Ishida 2017-11-23
ACTION-684 (edit) closed Add text-decoration to radar Addison Phillips 2017-11-23
ACTION-685 (edit) closed Add links to ids in html authoring techniques page Richard Ishida 2017-11-23
ACTION-686 (edit) closed Update agenda using the link only Addison Phillips 2017-11-23
ACTION-687 (edit) closed Send list of edge bugs to upvote Richard Ishida 2017-11-23
ACTION-688 (edit) closed Produce new encoding cr Addison Phillips 2017-12-07
ACTION-689 (edit) closed Add mustard to string-meta bp section Addison Phillips 2017-12-07
ACTION-690 (edit) closed Include comment resolution for text-decoration next week and remind all to review issues Addison Phillips 2017-12-14
ACTION-691 (edit) closed Put a foot in the door on utr53 comments if needed Richard Ishida 2017-12-21
ACTION-692 (edit) closed Comment on csswg-drafts 2138 (emoji locale presentation) in support of normative language forbidding the interpretation Addison Phillips 2018-01-25
ACTION-693 (edit) closed Comment on csswg-drafts 2125 in support of visual truncation of text-overflow Addison Phillips 2018-01-25
ACTION-694 (edit) closed Update wg pages with new header discussed in teleconference Richard Ishida 2018-02-01
ACTION-695 (edit) closed Put charmod-norm on homework list for advancing to wide review Addison Phillips 2018-02-01
ACTION-696 (edit) closed Raise jlreq issue 9 (from our issue 389) with clreq also Richard Ishida 2018-02-22
ACTION-697 (edit) closed Close the css-text-decor issues as discussed in teleconference Richard Ishida 2018-02-22
ACTION-698 (edit) closed Update charmod-norm and push to tr for wide review Addison Phillips 2018-02-22
ACTION-699 (edit) closed Write to cldr on wg behalf about trac 8915 including wording about getting exemplars right Addison Phillips 2018-03-15
ACTION-700 (edit) closed Make pal's new draft part of homework Addison Phillips 2018-03-15
ACTION-701 (edit) closed Reply to dom that we completed a review with no issues found Addison Phillips 2018-03-22
ACTION-702 (edit) closed Write a 1-pager about the unicode-xml and isolating controls issue Addison Phillips 2018-03-22
ACTION-703 (edit) closed Create updated bdo example for html 5.3 in response to html issue 1254/pull 1267 Richard Ishida 2018-03-29
ACTION-704 (edit) closed Write to imsc and suggest the terms 'widely accepted' or 'widely supported' instead of 'safe' Addison Phillips 2018-03-29
ACTION-705 (edit) closed Ask unicore list about southeast asian line breaking Richard Ishida 2018-04-05
ACTION-706 (edit) closed Publish charmod-norm for wide review Addison Phillips 2018-04-05
ACTION-707 (edit) closed Mention meta idea on html 1292 Addison Phillips 2018-04-05
ACTION-708 (edit) closed Set up southeast asian task force and corresponding repo Richard Ishida 2018-04-26
ACTION-709 (edit) closed Announce charmod to ietf@ (jck to post to other lists) Addison Phillips 2018-05-10
ACTION-710 (edit) closed Announce charmod on home page, twitter and send to unicore Richard Ishida 2018-05-10
ACTION-711 (edit) closed Follow up on pointer spec to see if they requested a review Addison Phillips 2018-05-17
ACTION-712 (edit) closed Ping webvtt on our issues 4 and 12 since they have a cr transition with these open Addison Phillips 2018-05-17
ACTION-713 (edit) closed Make html53 review homework for next telecon Addison Phillips 2018-05-17
ACTION-714 (edit) closed Check spacing for french examples in q element article (for non-breaking) Richard Ishida 2018-05-17
ACTION-715 (edit) closed Add info to q element article about quoted text that should looks like original Richard Ishida 2018-05-17
ACTION-716 (edit) closed Update whatwg issue 3636 to say we discussed and would like to proceed Addison Phillips 2018-05-17
ACTION-717 (edit) closed Update microdata issue 21 saying we don't object Addison Phillips 2018-05-17
ACTION-718 (edit) closed Add html issue 1424 to homework for next week Addison Phillips 2018-05-31
ACTION-719 (edit) closed Respond to gamepad that we reviewed with no issues Addison Phillips 2018-05-31
ACTION-720 (edit) closed Write to html and tell them we're not quite done with the review of 5.3 Addison Phillips 2018-05-31
ACTION-721 (edit) closed Look into font subsetting for charmod-norm Katy Mawhood 2018-05-31
ACTION-722 (edit) closed Work with peter and jck on a response relative to thai eai request Addison Phillips 2018-06-07
ACTION-723 (edit) closed Follow up on our utr53 comments Addison Phillips 2018-06-07
ACTION-724 (edit) closed Review "awaiting comment resolution" items and follow up Addison Phillips 2018-06-07
ACTION-725 (edit) closed Raise profile of whatwg thread on autocomplete/autocapitalize Richard Ishida 2018-06-07
ACTION-726 (edit) closed File utf-8 issue on html53 Richard Ishida 2018-06-07
ACTION-727 (edit) closed Invite stakeholders for html issue 1424 to next teleconference and say that we are doing this on the issue itself Addison Phillips 2018-06-21
ACTION-728 (edit) closed Ping groups about open comments under "awaiting comment resolution" Addison Phillips 2018-06-21
ACTION-729 (edit) closed And fantasai to write an article on ltr scripts historically written rtl Richard Ishida 2018-06-28
ACTION-730 (edit) closed Write an article about rtl usage for non-semitic text particularly historic scripts Richard Ishida 2018-06-28
ACTION-731 (edit) closed Send intro to tc39 to start liaising conversation Peter Saint-Andre 2018-07-05
ACTION-732 (edit) closed Send intro to tc39 to start liaising conversation Peter Saint-Andre 2018-07-05
ACTION-733 (edit) closed Follow up on creating simple explanation of length limits for specdev or some other document Addison Phillips 2018-07-05
ACTION-734 (edit) closed (and jck) post pointer to slides on encoding form/length stuff Addison Phillips 2018-07-05
ACTION-735 (edit) closed Reply to all wide review issues for charmod-norm Addison Phillips 2018-07-19
ACTION-736 (edit) closed Send coordinates of i18n bof @ ietf to winter list Peter Saint-Andre 2018-07-19
ACTION-737 (edit) closed Publish line break article for wide review Richard Ishida 2018-07-26
ACTION-738 (edit) closed Write something about the possibility of using language tags to help indicate direction Richard Ishida 2018-07-26
ACTION-739 (edit) closed Merge bidicontrolsinstrings into string-meta Addison Phillips 2018-07-26
ACTION-740 (edit) closed Follow up with javascript/tc39 folks Addison Phillips 2018-08-02
ACTION-741 (edit) closed Reply to verifiable claims wgs request Addison Phillips 2018-08-09
ACTION-742 (edit) closed Look at merging specdev definitions with definitions-characters article Richard Ishida 2018-08-09
ACTION-743 (edit) closed Set up agenda for tpac Addison Phillips 2018-08-16
ACTION-744 (edit) closed Review verifiable credentials Peter Saint-Andre 2018-08-23
ACTION-745 (edit) closed Review the media spec Fuqiao Xue 2018-08-23
ACTION-746 (edit) closed Review the media spec Peter Saint-Andre 2018-08-23
ACTION-747 (edit) closed Review the writing modes 4 Richard Ishida 2018-08-23
ACTION-748 (edit) closed Also review credentials spec Bert Bos 2018-08-23
ACTION-749 (edit) closed Review input-events issue 70 Richard Ishida 2018-08-30
ACTION-750 (edit) closed Review input-events issues 71-73 Addison Phillips 2018-08-30
ACTION-751 (edit) closed Publish updated article definitions-characters Richard Ishida 2018-09-06
ACTION-752 (edit) closed Review richard's pull request 29 on specdev and also integrate the editor copy Addison Phillips 2018-09-06
ACTION-753 (edit) closed Draft email to payments asking about early interaction Peter Saint-Andre 2018-09-13
ACTION-754 (edit) closed Make section 3.2.2.x clearer in string-meta Richard Ishida 2018-09-13
ACTION-755 (edit) closed Re-reach out to dan eherenberg about ecma402/tc39 Addison Phillips 2018-09-27
ACTION-756 (edit) closed Write to webaudio asking if they did a self-review Addison Phillips 2018-09-27
ACTION-757 (edit) closed Update unicode references to 11 from 8 in charmod-norm Addison Phillips 2018-09-27
ACTION-758 (edit) closed Poll css and html if we need joint time at tpac Addison Phillips 2018-10-04
ACTION-759 (edit) closed Post a comment on ecma-402 #3047 supporting position Addison Phillips 2018-10-29
ACTION-760 (edit) closed Add personal opinion about "settings" serialization in ecma-402 #3046 Addison Phillips 2018-10-29
ACTION-761 (edit) closed File a bug on cldr to add remaining grandfathered tags to canonical mapping rules in uts#35 Addison Phillips 2018-10-29
ACTION-762 (edit) closed Comment on temporal and 3339 etc etc in ecma-402 Addison Phillips 2018-10-29
ACTION-763 (edit) closed Contact koji about garnering implementer support for eai Richard Ishida 2018-10-30
ACTION-764 (edit) open Check if unicode describes backwards deletion clearly and develop doc if not Addison Phillips 2018-10-30
ACTION-765 (edit) closed Contact nayef/muhammed for next steps in arranging translations, etc. Richard Ishida 2018-10-30
ACTION-766 (edit) closed Survey for an hour earlier time for wg call vs. current set up Addison Phillips 2018-11-08
ACTION-767 (edit) closed Change the date used in the member page for the meeting info Richard Ishida 2018-12-13
ACTION-768 (edit) closed Review css-text-3 comments for closure opportunities Addison Phillips 2018-12-20
ACTION-769 (edit) closed Write back to ivan and wpub stating our position and asking for clarification for why they can't accommodte it; also mention FSI issues Addison Phillips 2018-12-20
ACTION-770 (edit) closed Publish new/replacement articles on http meta lang by wednesday, incorporating new wg comments as appropriate Richard Ishida 2019-01-17
ACTION-771 (edit) closed Ping chaals about syncing whatwg ruby support Addison Phillips 2019-01-17
ACTION-772 (edit) closed Update charmod and prepare for publication as a note Addison Phillips 2019-01-24
ACTION-773 (edit) closed Close all issues and publish charmod-norm as a wg note (with richard's assistance) Addison Phillips 2019-01-31
ACTION-774 (edit) closed Publish first public working draft of string-meta Richard Ishida 2019-02-07
ACTION-775 (edit) closed Ping florian in place of chaals for simple ruby Addison Phillips 2019-02-14
ACTION-776 (edit) closed Remind wg to read simple-ruby draft for next week's teleconference Addison Phillips 2019-02-14
ACTION-777 (edit) closed Ask florian and kobayashi about their preferences regarding publication and maintenance of simple-ruby document Addison Phillips 2019-02-21
ACTION-778 (edit) closed Revise string-meta section 4.5 if appropriate Richard Ishida 2019-02-21
ACTION-779 (edit) closed Sync with richard about maintaining typography index Katy Mawhood 2019-02-28
ACTION-780 (edit) closed Put short checklist into a document and structure a bit better Richard Ishida 2019-02-28
ACTION-781 (edit) closed Make katy collaborator so she can label issues Richard Ishida 2019-03-07
ACTION-782 (edit) closed Circulate chart of wall times during dst transition and check with participants for next week's telecon Addison Phillips 2019-03-07
ACTION-783 (edit) closed Investigate implications of moving its recs to github Richard Ishida 2019-03-07
ACTION-784 (edit) closed Announce short checklist on home page and via tweet, addison to send to chairs@ Richard Ishida 2019-03-07
ACTION-785 (edit) closed Remind wg to review webaudio Addison Phillips 2019-03-14
ACTION-786 (edit) closed Remind wg members to review whatwg issue 2945 and related tag discussion for next tc Addison Phillips 2019-03-14
ACTION-787 (edit) closed After 31 march change wg teleconference to match 1400 utc Richard Ishida 2019-03-14
ACTION-788 (edit) closed Remind folks to review non-semitic text rtl document Addison Phillips 2019-03-28
ACTION-789 (edit) closed Revive issue 96 with css as a github issue Richard Ishida 2019-03-28
ACTION-790 (edit) closed Add list of pending issues to next week's agenda Addison Phillips 2019-04-04
ACTION-791 (edit) closed Raise tracker action error with sysreq Richard Ishida 2019-04-04
ACTION-792 (edit) closed File TPAC 2019 wbs request Addison Phillips 2019-04-11
ACTION-793 (edit) closed Update issue 251 to point at string-meta fpwd and suggest considering our work Addison Phillips 2019-04-11
ACTION-794 (edit) closed Research what happened to the discussion of autocapitalize issue 573 and if needed raise with whatwg Addison Phillips 2019-04-11
ACTION-795 (edit) closed Send issue 521 to css Addison Phillips 2019-04-11
ACTION-796 (edit) closed Comment on web-share issue 6 pointing to string-meta Addison Phillips 2019-04-11
ACTION-797 (edit) closed Start writing weekly summary of new/tracked issues Atsushi Shimono 2019-04-18
ACTION-798 (edit) closed Make new autocapitalization issue against html based on today's discussion Addison Phillips 2019-04-18
ACTION-799 (edit) closed Check whatwg for issue 518 (multiple meta description allowed) Katy Mawhood 2019-05-09
ACTION-800 (edit) closed Write a personal response to eric p's email to public list about wasm language for unicode string Addison Phillips 2019-05-09
ACTION-801 (edit) closed Ask unicore about issue 686 and the behavior of zwsp Addison Phillips 2019-05-09
ACTION-802 (edit) closed Reach out to JSON-LD 1.1 about base direction and I18N reviews Addison Phillips 2019-05-17
ACTION-803 (edit) closed Suggest some wording to unicode around zwsp and stretching Richard Ishida 2019-05-23
ACTION-804 (edit) closed Examine our issue 96 and css 3754 and ensure we can close or reopen if necessary Richard Ishida 2019-05-23
ACTION-805 (edit) closed Send list of w3c html issues for review next week Katy Mawhood 2019-05-23
ACTION-806 (edit) closed Work with richard on a template for fpwd request boilerplate Addison Phillips 2019-06-06
ACTION-807 (edit) closed Research html issue 1023 (our 481) and see if whatwg has text that needs an edit Richard Ishida 2019-06-06
ACTION-808 (edit) closed Research the 6 close suggested issues vs. the whatwg specification Atsushi Shimono 2019-06-06
ACTION-809 (edit) closed Please research the "needs review" issues in the linked email vs. the whatwg specification Atsushi Shimono 2019-06-20
ACTION-810 (edit) closed Review captcha changes (issue 705, a11y issue 29) Addison Phillips 2019-06-27
ACTION-811 (edit) closed Forward comments on dcat including one on base direction Addison Phillips 2019-06-27
ACTION-812 (edit) closed Investigate situation for accesskey including wording and tests and report back Richard Ishida 2019-07-25
ACTION-813 (edit) closed Update and submit 607 to whatwg (email addresses) Richard Ishida 2019-07-18
ACTION-814 (edit) closed Create new issue against whatwg cloning html:1011 (our 396) Atsushi Shimono 2019-07-18
ACTION-815 (edit) closed Publish tips for linking to headings and figures for wide review Richard Ishida 2019-08-01
ACTION-816 (edit) closed Raise issue 157 with whatwg as a question Richard Ishida 2019-08-01
ACTION-817 (edit) closed Respond to the plain unicode string thread seeking more clarification Addison Phillips 2019-08-08
ACTION-818 (edit) closed Set up tpac2019 agenda wiki Addison Phillips 2019-08-15
ACTION-819 (edit) closed Publish "internationalization tips for linking to headers and figures" Richard Ishida 2019-08-22
ACTION-820 (edit) closed Create the horizontal review bill of rights in wiki Richard Ishida 2019-09-05
ACTION-821 (edit) closed Contact leonie about hr and discussing hr at tpac Addison Phillips 2019-09-05
ACTION-822 (edit) closed Approve observer to alan bird Addison Phillips 2019-09-12
ACTION-823 (edit) closed Add text to specdev in the language tags section explaining well-formed, validity, etc. Addison Phillips 2019-09-12
ACTION-824 (edit) closed Ask dom if every repo can be set up with labels and notification Richard Ishida 2019-09-12
ACTION-825 (edit) closed Reach out to css (chairs, xfq) and plh to discuss progress of specs in charter Addison Phillips 2019-09-12
ACTION-826 (edit) closed Ping rossen about time to meet css about text Addison Phillips 2019-09-23
ACTION-827 (edit) closed Contact wendy reid regarding treatment of language in pub manifest Addison Phillips 2019-09-23
ACTION-828 (edit) closed Ask group to read string-meta and provide feedback Addison Phillips 2019-09-23
ACTION-829 (edit) closed Raise string-meta problem at chairs lunch Addison Phillips 2019-09-23
ACTION-830 (edit) closed Check with unicode about the status of bliss symbol encoding Addison Phillips 2019-09-23
ACTION-831 (edit) closed Consider a proposal on title/meta for whatwg and report back David Clarke 2019-09-23
ACTION-832 (edit) closed Check with Unicode ESC and UTC on CSS 337: can emoji be EA Width of Ambiguous Addison Phillips 2019-09-26
ACTION-833 (edit) closed Follow up on with unicode Addison Phillips 2019-10-03
ACTION-834 (edit) closed Follow up on feedback on automation requirements from telecon pinging addison with any questions (see minutes) Richard Ishida 2019-10-03
ACTION-835 (edit) closed Review #wot issues and notify their chairs if any issues remain unaddressed for pending CR transreq Addison Phillips 2019-10-03
ACTION-836 (edit) closed Follow up on open dcat issues and update transreq as needed Addison Phillips 2019-10-03
ACTION-837 (edit) closed Contact Unicode, JCK, others about potential URL service for BCP47 Addison Phillips 2019-10-03
ACTION-838 (edit) closed Add wai pronunciation docs to radar Addison Phillips 2019-10-17
ACTION-839 (edit) closed Review "awaiting comment resolution" items, moving appropriate ones to completed and listing open issues Addison Phillips 2019-10-17
ACTION-840 (edit) closed Find out about potential schedule clash with ttwg and report back if we need to consider a time change Atsushi Shimono 2019-10-31
ACTION-841 (edit) closed Change the meeting page to ensure it reflects the pending time change Richard Ishida 2019-10-31
ACTION-842 (edit) closed Write to other hr groups via team list and ask about label patterns in github Richard Ishida 2019-10-31
ACTION-843 (edit) closed Close xslt tracker items Richard Ishida 2019-11-07
ACTION-844 (edit) closed Close tracker items for utr51, package on the web, css flexbox Richard Ishida 2019-11-07
ACTION-845 (edit) closed Advise intersection observer about our review, pointing out issue 488 Addison Phillips 2019-11-14
ACTION-846 (edit) closed File 2 issues against whatwg infra about case-sensitive and update css comment Addison Phillips 2019-11-14
ACTION-847 (edit) closed Document proposed repo-based review request mechanism Richard Ishida 2019-11-28
ACTION-848 (edit) closed Write to plh about automating review requests Addison Phillips 2019-12-12
ACTION-849 (edit) closed Write to ttml wg and ask after vertical presentation of audio controls including an appropriate summary Fuqiao Xue 2019-12-19
ACTION-850 (edit) closed Ping xfq@ about ttml2 review progress and ask ttml2 for an extension Addison Phillips 2020-01-16
ACTION-851 (edit) closed Review ttml issues found in request issue 86 and send findings by next week Richard Ishida 2020-01-23
ACTION-852 (edit) closed Send an email to chairs announcing new review request process (pending richard's ping) Addison Phillips 2020-01-23
ACTION-853 (edit) closed Give system/comms team guidance on i18n best practices to make new home page readily localizable Najib Tounsi 2020-01-23
ACTION-854 (edit) closed Write back about html snapshot publication, indicating our on-going work Addison Phillips 2020-02-06
ACTION-855 (edit) closed Ask fantasai to make bidi comments on ttml issue Addison Phillips 2020-02-13
ACTION-856 (edit) closed Check the time planner in the meeting page to ensure it is correct for 2020 Richard Ishida 2020-02-27
ACTION-857 (edit) closed File a bug against safari regarding quotes and line-breaking in chinese Fuqiao Xue 2020-02-27
ACTION-858 (edit) closed Remind wg to review string-meta and make comments Addison Phillips 2020-02-27
ACTION-859 (edit) closed Double-check that github picked up closing of 5 wcag i18n issues Richard Ishida 2020-03-05
ACTION-860 (edit) closed Submit issues 640 and 650 to vc-data-model and 599 to media-streams Addison Phillips 2020-03-05
ACTION-861 (edit) closed Add retrieving the weekly digest of external issues and reviewing it to the agenda Addison Phillips 2020-03-05
ACTION-862 (edit) closed Chase down the missing review request Addison Phillips 2020-03-12
ACTION-863 (edit) closed Liaise with atsushi to come up with list of items to review/triage in teleconference Fuqiao Xue 2020-03-12
ACTION-864 (edit) closed Review prs on string-meta Richard Ishida 2020-03-12
ACTION-865 (edit) closed Fix page at wrt which edge is being reported Richard Ishida 2020-03-12
ACTION-866 (edit) closed After richard fixes test page, open an issue against webkit regarding support for isolating controls Addison Phillips 2020-03-12
ACTION-867 (edit) closed Remind group to read css 4497 for next week Addison Phillips 2020-03-12
ACTION-868 (edit) closed Think about how to track bugs reported against products such as browsers Richard Ishida 2020-03-19
ACTION-869 (edit) closed Write a "sense of the i18n wg" comment on css 4497 Addison Phillips 2020-03-19
ACTION-870 (edit) closed Write scope statement for locale-related work Addison Phillips 2020-03-19
ACTION-871 (edit) closed Ask css why they didn't use our process to request a pre-cr review Addison Phillips 2020-03-26
ACTION-872 (edit) closed Convert personalization-semantics comments into separate issues putting needs-resolution and tracker labels Addison Phillips 2020-03-26
ACTION-873 (edit) closed Create a pr on string-search pointing to find-text issues and the need to resolve or comment on issues and requirements Addison Phillips 2020-03-26
ACTION-874 (edit) closed Ask after the status of dpub's css-priorities doc in reference to our issue 195 Fuqiao Xue 2020-03-26
ACTION-875 (edit) closed Find out actual status of webvtt documents from issue 15 etc. Atsushi Shimono 2020-03-26
ACTION-876 (edit) closed Research webvtt horizontal review request and contact plh if there appears to be a gap Addison Phillips 2020-03-26
ACTION-877 (edit) closed Update the webvtt issues with correct labels Richard Ishida 2020-03-26
ACTION-878 (edit) closed Refile issue 195 against the new community group after cg is created (depends on epub3 charter) Fuqiao Xue 2020-04-02
ACTION-879 (edit) closed Remind wg to review rules for simple placement of ruby for next week's telecon Addison Phillips 2020-04-02
ACTION-880 (edit) closed Ask florian about splitting the accessibility material from "rules for simple..." in prep for taking doc to note Richard Ishida 2020-04-02
ACTION-881 (edit) closed Set up simple-ruby repo Richard Ishida 2020-04-02
ACTION-882 (edit) closed Reply to webvtt issue 256 (our issue 8) Addison Phillips 2020-04-02
ACTION-883 (edit) closed Open issue 79 against media-streams noting that we're just housekeeping the previous issue Addison Phillips 2020-04-02
ACTION-884 (edit) closed Revise comment in issue 871 for consideration next week Addison Phillips 2020-04-09
ACTION-885 (edit) closed Investigate if any more work needs doing in rdf for language and direction metadata Felix Sasaki 2020-04-09
ACTION-886 (edit) closed Create github issue to discuss rdf bcp47 issue in i18n-discuss repo Felix Sasaki 2020-04-16
ACTION-887 (edit) closed Request a slot to discuss generic font family rules in next css virtual f2f Fuqiao Xue 2020-04-16
ACTION-888 (edit) closed Remind wg to read font fingerprinting proposals for next telecon Addison Phillips 2020-04-23
ACTION-889 (edit) closed Add html to review radar, respond to xiaoqian Addison Phillips 2020-04-23
ACTION-890 (edit) closed Propose a draft of "health warning" text for specdev Addison Phillips 2020-04-23
ACTION-891 (edit) closed Forward comment in issue 871 Addison Phillips 2020-04-23
ACTION-892 (edit) closed Reply to issue 473 (css issue 1789) as part of closing Richard Ishida 2020-04-23
ACTION-893 (edit) closed Close dnt issue 62 (our 508) with a comment Addison Phillips 2020-04-23
ACTION-894 (edit) closed Request a slot in time slot a of css virtual f2f for discussing generic font families Fuqiao Xue 2020-04-30
ACTION-895 (edit) closed Respond to issue 4055 with i18n wg response about font fp asking justificiation and adding various discussion points made in telecon Addison Phillips 2020-04-30
ACTION-896 (edit) closed Update web-share issue 6 pointing to string meta Addison Phillips 2020-05-07
ACTION-897 (edit) closed Review open css-text issues Fuqiao Xue 2020-05-07
ACTION-898 (edit) closed Nudge this issue Richard Ishida 2020-05-07
ACTION-899 (edit) closed Review css 1790 and decide if some action is still wanted/needed Richard Ishida 2020-05-07
ACTION-900 (edit) closed Follow up on input-events 71 and see if further action is needed Richard Ishida 2020-05-07
ACTION-901 (edit) closed Raise issue 91 against css-text if that's appropriate Richard Ishida 2020-05-14
ACTION-902 (edit) closed Read the issue 95 email thread and decide if there's an issue in there Richard Ishida 2020-05-14
ACTION-903 (edit) closed Read issue 165 and decide if it is tracker or needs-resolution and whether it is satisfied Richard Ishida 2020-05-14
ACTION-904 (edit) closed Add a summary to issue 221 Fuqiao Xue 2020-05-14
ACTION-905 (edit) closed Research issue 222 Addison Phillips 2020-05-14
ACTION-906 (edit) closed Review edits in css issue 4765 (our 845) and see if we're satisfied Richard Ishida 2020-05-14
ACTION-907 (edit) closed Remind wg to review css-text close? and open issues Addison Phillips 2020-05-14
ACTION-908 (edit) closed Create issue 221 in css as "needs resolution" ( Fuqiao Xue 2020-05-21
ACTION-909 (edit) closed Look at Richard Ishida 2020-05-21
ACTION-910 (edit) closed Submit issue 901 to web-share Addison Phillips 2020-05-21
ACTION-911 (edit) closed Fill in review request for miniapp Fuqiao Xue 2020-05-21
ACTION-912 (edit) closed Review all repos to see if we need to publish fpwd or updates Richard Ishida 2020-05-28
ACTION-913 (edit) closed Update hr request github issue for html snapshot Addison Phillips 2020-05-28
ACTION-914 (edit) closed Publish current version of specdev to tr Fuqiao Xue 2020-06-04
ACTION-915 (edit) closed Update bp-i18n-specdev pr41 for further consideration next week Addison Phillips 2020-06-04
ACTION-916 (edit) closed Publish lreq documents to tr as fpwd Richard Ishida 2020-06-04
ACTION-917 (edit) closed Reply to issue css 5068 on behalf of i18n saying we're satisified with the edit proposed Richard Ishida 2020-06-11
ACTION-918 (edit) closed Flesh out issue 865 for re-review Addison Phillips 2020-06-18
ACTION-919 (edit) closed File miniapp issues looking at minutes for additional instructions Addison Phillips 2020-06-18
ACTION-920 (edit) closed Send simple-ruby for wide review Richard Ishida 2020-06-25
ACTION-921 (edit) closed Send issue 865 to personalization-semantics Addison Phillips 2020-06-25
ACTION-922 (edit) closed Close all css-text issues from telecon and communicate status in css's issues Richard Ishida 2020-06-25
ACTION-923 (edit) closed Review editorial work on string-meta for 9-july-2020 telecon Richard Ishida 2020-07-02
ACTION-924 (edit) closed Prepare updates of ltli for review by 9-july-2020 pinging fsasaki first Addison Phillips 2020-07-02
ACTION-925 (edit) closed Update string-meta to include json-ld changes, etc. Addison Phillips 2020-07-09
ACTION-926 (edit) closed Propose text for geolocation issue Atsushi Shimono 2020-07-09
ACTION-927 (edit) closed Work with richard on crossover tpac meeting planning and proposal for our tpac calls Addison Phillips 2020-07-16
ACTION-928 (edit) closed File an issue against miniapp packaging asking after i18n plans Bert Bos 2020-07-16
ACTION-929 (edit) closed Send uri/iri/url issue to wg Felix Sasaki 2020-07-16
ACTION-930 (edit) closed Reply to whatwg 4562 (input type=email) with sense of i18n wg Addison Phillips 2020-07-16
ACTION-931 (edit) closed Reply to rdf via our i18n-dicuss issue 13 Felix Sasaki 2020-07-16
ACTION-932 (edit) closed Update teleconference joining links etc. on mo page Richard Ishida 2020-07-16
ACTION-933 (edit) closed Send mail to chairs@ asking for signups for tpac meetings Addison Phillips 2020-07-23
ACTION-934 (edit) closed Remind wg to read lang-bidi-use-cases for next week Addison Phillips 2020-07-23
ACTION-935 (edit) closed Read html input type=email text and suggest edits Addison Phillips 2020-07-23
ACTION-936 (edit) closed Contact plh copy richard and sam weiler to ask about public-review-announce list in wide review etc. Addison Phillips 2020-08-06
ACTION-937 (edit) closed Follow up on media queries about status of hr Addison Phillips 2020-08-06
ACTION-938 (edit) closed Notify mediastream track that we completed a review with no issues Addison Phillips 2020-08-13
ACTION-939 (edit) closed See if we have a definition of ltr/rtl/auto somewhere centralized that specs can refer to Richard Ishida 2020-08-13
ACTION-940 (edit) closed Write proposal for error message handling for specdev Addison Phillips 2020-08-13
ACTION-941 (edit) closed Notify screen wake lock of review complete with no issues Addison Phillips 2020-08-20
ACTION-942 (edit) closed Apply edits discussed in telecon and merge the normalization and localization specdev changes Addison Phillips 2020-08-20
ACTION-943 (edit) closed Publish ltli to tr Addison Phillips 2020-08-20
ACTION-944 (edit) closed Set up ltli for echidna Richard Ishida 2020-08-20
ACTION-945 (edit) closed Review predefined-counter-styles for changes and send info to group so we can take a publication decision Richard Ishida 2020-08-20
ACTION-946 (edit) closed Create definition of 'ltr'/'rtl'/'auto' that can be referenced by other specifications in string-meta Addison Phillips 2020-09-03
ACTION-947 (edit) closed Propose content guidance text in charmod-norm Addison Phillips 2020-09-03
ACTION-948 (edit) closed Submit issue 953 to web-xr with appropriate rewording based on telecon Addison Phillips 2020-09-03
ACTION-949 (edit) closed Propose text for spec dev around examples such as personal names Felix Sasaki 2020-09-03
ACTION-950 (edit) closed Submit comments on cognitive disabilities doc Felix Sasaki 2020-09-03
ACTION-951 (edit) closed Close old webshare request, link from the new one, and clean up radar Addison Phillips 2020-09-10
ACTION-952 (edit) closed Send confirmation of our tpac meetings Addison Phillips 2020-09-10
ACTION-953 (edit) closed Reply to css to schedule tpac joint meeting including a plea for topics in advance Addison Phillips 2020-09-10
ACTION-954 (edit) closed Reply to marcos about manifest bidi text per teleconference discussion Richard Ishida 2020-09-10
ACTION-955 (edit) closed Update pr of charmod-norm, merge, and send text to richard for posting as a wide review Addison Phillips 2020-09-24
ACTION-956 (edit) closed Check with webmaster on how to publish charmod-norm for wide review Richard Ishida 2020-10-01
ACTION-957 (edit) closed Ping fantasai and respond on issues related to css shorthand logical Richard Ishida 2020-10-01
ACTION-958 (edit) closed Write short summary about "i18n considerations" sections for considering by wg Addison Phillips 2020-10-01
ACTION-959 (edit) closed Notify webrtc that our review is complete Addison Phillips 2020-10-08
ACTION-960 (edit) closed Add comment on whatwg 5475 expressing interest in the requirements and relationship to locale/lang Addison Phillips 2020-10-08
ACTION-961 (edit) closed Publish charmod-norm for wide review and seek horizontal review Richard Ishida 2020-10-08
ACTION-962 (edit) closed Ping css for a time and topics Addison Phillips 2020-10-08
ACTION-963 (edit) closed Respond to charmod-norm comments publishing changes as needed Addison Phillips 2020-10-15
ACTION-964 (edit) closed Send issue 978 to css and notify that our review is complete of css-cascade Addison Phillips 2020-10-15
ACTION-965 (edit) closed Have a look at logical properties issue in css vs. cascade Richard Ishida 2020-10-15
ACTION-966 (edit) closed Add namespace to charmod-norm ids Richard Ishida 2020-10-15
ACTION-967 (edit) closed Ping universe about charmod-norm review Addison Phillips 2020-10-22
ACTION-968 (edit) closed Document dicussion of logical vs. physical inheritance from i18n tpac meeting Elika Etemad 2020-10-27
ACTION-969 (edit) closed Write to iuc organizers about making presentations public Addison Phillips 2020-10-27
ACTION-970 (edit) closed Ping privacy/security about their use of considerations sections Addison Phillips 2020-10-29
ACTION-971 (edit) closed Update meeting times on meeting details page Richard Ishida 2020-11-12
ACTION-972 (edit) closed Report to css that we completed three reviews with no issues (box, sizing, conditional) Addison Phillips 2020-11-19
ACTION-973 (edit) closed Review issues proposed to close on miniapp and personalization semantics and send to member@ Fuqiao Xue 2020-11-19
ACTION-974 (edit) closed Produce additional text in charmod-norm with worked example of canonical casefold matching Addison Phillips 2020-11-19
ACTION-975 (edit) closed Update wiki on i18n "considerations" sections and reply to sec/ping thanking them Addison Phillips 2020-11-19
ACTION-976 (edit) closed Ask wai for more time on wai-aria 1.2 Addison Phillips 2020-11-26
ACTION-977 (edit) closed Reopen personalization-semantics issues 875/144, 876/143, 874/145 and notify their WG about meta discussion Addison Phillips 2020-11-26
ACTION-978 (edit) closed Create issues on specdev from issue 989 Addison Phillips 2020-11-26
ACTION-979 (edit) closed Forward webauthn 2.0 comments Addison Phillips 2020-11-26
ACTION-980 (edit) closed Review css-3 issues with xfq@ Richard Ishida 2020-12-10
ACTION-981 (edit) closed Update css3-text review request with scheduling thoughts and asking for fantasai's help reviewing opens Addison Phillips 2020-12-10
ACTION-982 (edit) closed Propose text for a stock health warning about selection/truncation e.g. on code units for inclusion in spec-dev Addison Phillips 2020-12-17
ACTION-983 (edit) closed Notify completion of dom review Addison Phillips 2020-12-17
ACTION-984 (edit) closed Update css-text review request to note completion Addison Phillips 2020-12-17
ACTION-985 (edit) closed Study css 3775 for future action Richard Ishida 2020-12-17
ACTION-986 (edit) closed File an issue on miniapp manifest about i18n architecture Addison Phillips 2021-01-14
ACTION-987 (edit) closed Ping miniapp editors to origanize call if needed Fuqiao Xue 2021-01-14
ACTION-988 (edit) closed Update comment on appmanifest 920 mentioning the abnf problems Addison Phillips 2021-01-14
ACTION-989 (edit) closed Check tus and if necessary ping unicode folks about d145 normalization case fold ordering questions Addison Phillips 2021-01-21
ACTION-990 (edit) closed Review "needs-attention" issues marked "close?" and close as appropriate Atsushi Shimono 2021-01-28
ACTION-991 (edit) closed Ping payment-request chairs to ask if it would be appropriate to do a fresh review based on our look into closing 251 and long time since last full review Addison Phillips 2021-02-04
ACTION-992 (edit) closed Close 8 items from email, adding comments from email to our issue and adding comment in matching issue in target wg's github iff needed Atsushi Shimono 2021-02-04
ACTION-993 (edit) closed Check out access to progress report Richard Ishida 2021-02-11
ACTION-994 (edit) closed Update automated welcome e-mail template Richard Ishida 2021-02-11
ACTION-995 (edit) closed Add i: labels to issue filing instructions Richard Ishida 2021-02-18
ACTION-996 (edit) closed Follow up with mark davis on liaison status and google participation Addison Phillips 2021-02-25
ACTION-997 (edit) closed Publish typographic character units in complex scripts for wide review Richard Ishida 2021-02-25
ACTION-998 (edit) closed Clean up early review column Addison Phillips 2021-02-25
ACTION-999 (edit) closed Link between and Richard Ishida 2021-03-04
ACTION-1000 (edit) closed Publish lang-bidi-use-cases for wide review Richard Ishida 2021-03-04
ACTION-1001 (edit) closed Publish qa-indic-graphemes Richard Ishida 2021-03-04
ACTION-1002 (edit) closed Update coga issue 246 with proposed text Felix Sasaki 2021-03-04
ACTION-1003 (edit) closed Check personas for writing system problems like vertical, non-spacing, et al as discussed in teleconference Fuqiao Xue 2021-03-04
ACTION-1004 (edit) closed Publish qa-direction-from-langauge for wide review Richard Ishida 2021-03-11
ACTION-1005 (edit) closed Reply to aria that we've completed our review Addison Phillips 2021-03-18
ACTION-1006 (edit) closed Reply to coga issue with a proposed note addition to the text Richard Ishida 2021-03-18
ACTION-1007 (edit) closed Publish new specdev, incorporating existing prs, fixings self-links, and update tr Richard Ishida 2021-03-18
ACTION-1008 (edit) closed Reply to editing charter asking for i18n in section 4.1 Atsushi Shimono 2021-03-25
ACTION-1009 (edit) closed Sort out rtl named group support; ask plh to allow labels on wicg Richard Ishida 2021-03-25
ACTION-1010 (edit) closed Propose text about non-nls text in string-meta Addison Phillips 2021-03-25
ACTION-1011 (edit) closed Send a note to google acrep asking for potential i18n support Addison Phillips 2021-04-01
ACTION-1012 (edit) closed Reopen geolocation 50 and add comment from working group Fuqiao Xue 2021-04-01
ACTION-1013 (edit) closed Comment on geolocation 50 about on going discussion of i18n on this topic Addison Phillips 2021-04-08
ACTION-1014 (edit) closed Reopen csswg 5570 against cascade-4/5 Richard Ishida 2021-04-15
ACTION-1015 (edit) closed Harvest useful text from geolocation 50 for specdev Addison Phillips 2021-04-15
ACTION-1016 (edit) closed Fix stylesheets using logical properties etc. Richard Ishida 2021-04-22
ACTION-1017 (edit) closed Send wpwg list of specs that implement lang/dir Addison Phillips 2021-04-22
ACTION-1018 (edit) closed Establish rotating scribe list and add it to the agenda Addison Phillips 2021-04-22
ACTION-1019 (edit) closed Fix terminology on natural language in spec dev Addison Phillips 2021-04-29
ACTION-1020 (edit) closed Examine charmod related to natural language & do edits Addison Phillips 2021-04-29
ACTION-1021 (edit) closed Ensure that specdev itself is consistent with regards to natural language Addison Phillips 2021-04-29
ACTION-1022 (edit) closed Edit string meta use of 'natural language' Addison Phillips 2021-05-20
ACTION-1023 (edit) closed Ping fantasai about shadow dom Addison Phillips 2021-04-29
ACTION-1024 (edit) closed Review floating times article for final publication Addison Phillips 2021-05-13
ACTION-1025 (edit) closed Look at the typography index and determine a way to point to other (outside) documents Richard Ishida 2021-05-13
ACTION-1026 (edit) closed Revise charmod-norm to move optional step from 1 to 3 Addison Phillips 2021-05-20
ACTION-1027 (edit) closed File issue on css multi-col to clarify columns in vertical Richard Ishida 2021-05-27
ACTION-1028 (edit) closed Update personalization-semantics issue with clarifying statements and questions Addison Phillips 2021-05-27
ACTION-1029 (edit) closed Review payment-request issues and mark for close as needed Addison Phillips 2021-05-27
ACTION-1030 (edit) closed Ensure that a summary of the ruby issue in english is forwarded to the working group Atsushi Shimono 2021-06-03
ACTION-1031 (edit) closed Document the state of payment-request Addison Phillips 2021-06-03
ACTION-1032 (edit) closed Propose text for html 4814 (datalist find/string search) Richard Ishida 2021-06-03
ACTION-1033 (edit) closed Create skeleton of "best practices for manifests" Addison Phillips 2021-06-10
ACTION-1034 (edit) closed Triage awaiting comment resolution items Addison Phillips 2021-06-24
ACTION-1035 (edit) closed Update string-meta to use new mustard format from specdev Richard Ishida 2021-06-24
ACTION-1036 (edit) closed Propose a definition of "metadata" for the string-meta bidi definitions Felix Sasaki 2021-06-24
ACTION-1037 (edit) closed Provide a definition of 'metadata' for the i18n glossary Felix Sasaki 2021-07-01
ACTION-1038 (edit) closed Create repo for developing-localizable-manifests Richard Ishida 2021-07-01
ACTION-1039 (edit) closed Propose pr for Addison Phillips 2021-07-01
ACTION-1040 (edit) closed Add a side note about dir to Richard Ishida 2021-07-01
ACTION-1041 (edit) closed De-emphasise xhtml in Richard Ishida 2021-07-01
ACTION-1042 (edit) closed Remind members to review techniques/authoring-html-new for next telecon Addison Phillips 2021-07-08
ACTION-1043 (edit) closed Publish i18n-glossary as fpwd Richard Ishida 2021-07-08
ACTION-1044 (edit) closed Contact plh about webauthn issues and how to handle them Addison Phillips 2021-07-08
ACTION-1045 (edit) closed Draft issues on webauth#sctn-strings-langdir Addison Phillips 2021-07-08
ACTION-1046 (edit) closed Add mustard warning against unicode language tag characters to string-meta Addison Phillips 2021-07-15
ACTION-1047 (edit) closed File issues against webauthn and ping plh when complete Addison Phillips 2021-07-15
ACTION-1048 (edit) closed Create PR on webauthn with new metadata proposal Addison Phillips 2021-07-21
ACTION-1049 (edit) closed Close open completed reviews Addison Phillips 2021-07-22
ACTION-1050 (edit) closed Merge string-meta changes pending richard's review of the glossary changes Addison Phillips 2021-07-22
ACTION-1051 (edit) closed File issues about domexception against webidl to add metadata and to provide for localizability Addison Phillips 2021-07-22
ACTION-1052 (edit) closed Investigate glossary linking solutions, e.g. marcos's Richard Ishida 2021-07-29
ACTION-1053 (edit) closed Make pr for charmod-norm with proposed additions to mustard and organizational updates to section 3.2 Richard Ishida 2021-07-29
ACTION-1054 (edit) closed Notify that dom review completed with no new issues (outstanding issues remain open for future work) Addison Phillips 2021-08-05
ACTION-1055 (edit) closed Publish localizable-manifests as fpwd with help from richard Addison Phillips 2021-08-05
ACTION-1056 (edit) closed Publish the paragraph direction definition Richard Ishida 2021-08-05
ACTION-1057 (edit) closed Add more information about using left/right as well as start/end Richard Ishida 2021-08-05
ACTION-1058 (edit) closed Merge pr217 and publish charmod-norm to tr Richard Ishida 2021-08-12
ACTION-1059 (edit) closed Publish update to typography article Richard Ishida 2021-08-12
ACTION-1060 (edit) closed Follow up on citpc/jltf request to utc about 4 characters and bring doc for review by wg when ready Atsushi Shimono 2021-08-26
ACTION-1061 (edit) closed Remove encoding tests and put a link to wpt tests Richard Ishida 2021-08-26
ACTION-1062 (edit) closed Review open css-text-decor issues for close or escalation Richard Ishida 2021-08-26
ACTION-1063 (edit) closed Respond to vocab-dcat issues pinging for updates Addison Phillips 2021-08-26
ACTION-1064 (edit) closed Propose health warning text on vocab-dcat and language Felix Sasaki 2021-08-26
ACTION-1065 (edit) closed Ping a11y to see if they intend to progress low-vision-needs Addison Phillips 2021-08-26
ACTION-1066 (edit) closed Move pronunciation-gap-analysis issues to new document Richard Ishida 2021-08-26
ACTION-1067 (edit) closed Follow up on previous action related to language tag registry online Addison Phillips 2021-09-02
ACTION-1068 (edit) closed Put "foot in the door" for tpac and survey group for days/times Addison Phillips 2021-09-02
ACTION-1069 (edit) closed Ping chairs for tpac cross meetings Addison Phillips 2021-09-02
ACTION-1070 (edit) closed Reply to css about scrollbars Addison Phillips 2021-09-09
ACTION-1071 (edit) closed Send uax50 change request document for review by wg Richard Ishida 2021-09-09
ACTION-1072 (edit) closed Send feedback from clreq to jlreq on uax50 proposed changes Fuqiao Xue 2021-09-09
ACTION-1073 (edit) closed Coordinate citpc and w3c publication of uax50 change request Atsushi Shimono 2021-09-09
ACTION-1074 (edit) closed Respond to personalization-semantics that we can meet the 13th at 1400z Addison Phillips 2021-09-09
ACTION-1075 (edit) closed Respond to css confirm 27 oct at 1600z for tpac crossover meeting Addison Phillips 2021-09-09
ACTION-1076 (edit) closed Review css open issues for important items to resolve in tpac Fuqiao Xue 2021-09-09
ACTION-1077 (edit) closed Ping ian about joint meeting during tpac in re: secure payment confirmation Addison Phillips 2021-09-16
ACTION-1078 (edit) closed Review payment-request issues Addison Phillips 2021-09-16
ACTION-1079 (edit) closed Prepare comment for web auth until next week Addison Phillips 2021-09-16
ACTION-1080 (edit) closed Ping unicode about establishing a langtag online subtag reference Addison Phillips 2021-09-23
ACTION-1081 (edit) closed Proofread the uax50 letter from citpc Richard Ishida 2021-09-23
ACTION-1082 (edit) closed Establish tpac agenda page and put our various meetings with other groups there also Addison Phillips 2021-09-23
ACTION-1083 (edit) closed Write the ADs about creating language subtag url reference John Klensin 2021-09-30
ACTION-1084 (edit) closed Set up meeting with felix, jck, self about tag registry thing at iana Addison Phillips 2021-10-07
ACTION-1085 (edit) closed Respond to media streams and capture transreq with lack of satisfaction Addison Phillips 2021-10-07
ACTION-1086 (edit) closed Tell wg to register on cvent Addison Phillips 2021-10-14
ACTION-1087 (edit) closed Schedule a generic i18n meeting for thursday Richard Ishida 2021-10-28
ACTION-1088 (edit) closed Ensure that the i18n/css meeting is scheduled for wednesday Richard Ishida 2021-10-28
ACTION-1089 (edit) closed Put the coga meeting on the schedule Richard Ishida 2021-10-28
ACTION-1090 (edit) closed Reach out to apa about potential joint publication of t2s ruby requirements with i18n Addison Phillips 2021-11-04
ACTION-1091 (edit) closed Create repo for ruby t2s doc Atsushi Shimono 2021-11-04
ACTION-1092 (edit) closed File review approving payment request text plus personal comment on 'may' Addison Phillips 2021-11-11
ACTION-1093 (edit) closed Ping localizable thread and seek to resolve next steps with whatwg Addison Phillips 2021-11-11
ACTION-1094 (edit) closed Start conversation with ecma-402 et al about webidl work Addison Phillips 2021-11-11
ACTION-1095 (edit) closed Go through all issues that are needs-resolution and compare to awaiting comment resolution and create list of unassigned specs Richard Ishida 2021-11-18
ACTION-1096 (edit) closed Ping jck about link to bcp47 Fuqiao Xue 2021-11-25
ACTION-1097 (edit) closed Codify epub's character restrictions as guidance for specdev Addison Phillips 2021-11-25
ACTION-1098 (edit) closed Review lang-bidi-use-cases for clarity of use cases of specific override Richard Ishida 2021-11-25
ACTION-1099 (edit) closed File errata on json-ld @direction null example Fuqiao Xue 2021-11-25
ACTION-1100 (edit) closed Move and close unassigned with support from r12a Addison Phillips 2021-11-25
ACTION-1101 (edit) closed Send email to naur asking after early review Addison Phillips 2021-12-09
ACTION-1102 (edit) closed Update bcp47 specific section references in articles Fuqiao Xue 2021-12-09
ACTION-1103 (edit) closed File issue with tag to discuss fate of lang/dir metadata and prepare explainer Addison Phillips 2021-12-09
ACTION-1104 (edit) closed Respond to dom's thread after xfq forwards note Addison Phillips 2021-12-09
ACTION-1105 (edit) closed Draft text about ift glyph/codepoint issue Atsushi Shimono 2021-12-09
ACTION-1106 (edit) closed Get pointer to list of where bcps are maintained John Klensin 2021-12-23
ACTION-1107 (edit) closed Reply to handwriting-recognition issue 1 about options with zh tags Addison Phillips 2021-12-23
ACTION-1108 (edit) closed Create naur review item Addison Phillips 2022-01-20
ACTION-1109 (edit) open Remind shepherds to tend to their awaiting comment resolutions Addison Phillips 2022-01-27
ACTION-1110 (edit) closed Add "... and strings" to glossary definition of localizable content Addison Phillips 2022-01-27
ACTION-1111 (edit) closed Add rangerequest to review radar Addison Phillips 2022-02-03
ACTION-1112 (edit) closed Follow up on glossary linking from specdev so we can publish to tr Addison Phillips 2022-02-03
ACTION-1113 (edit) closed Clean up linking on specdev Addison Phillips 2022-02-10
ACTION-1114 (edit) closed Ping felix Addison Phillips 2022-02-17
ACTION-1115 (edit) closed Investigate input type=email status Addison Phillips 2022-02-17
ACTION-1116 (edit) closed Follow up on issue 1358 Richard Ishida 2022-02-17
ACTION-1117 (edit) closed Contact plh to add horizontal review labels et al in a11y-discov-vocab Richard Ishida 2022-02-17
ACTION-1118 (edit) closed Follow up on (ask addison for details) Fuqiao Xue 2022-02-17
ACTION-1119 (edit) closed Issue 1445 links to wrong spec, talk to plh about it Richard Ishida 2022-02-17
ACTION-1120 (edit) closed Remind group to follow up on html#4986 Addison Phillips 2022-02-24
ACTION-1121 (edit) closed Add urlpattern to review (non-urgent) Addison Phillips 2022-02-24
ACTION-1122 (edit) closed Find outstanding prs for string-meta and merge as appropriate Richard Ishida 2022-03-03
ACTION-1123 (edit) closed Look at pending issue 1465 Richard Ishida 2022-03-03
ACTION-1124 (edit) closed Figure out what fuqiao's action item is and send him a note Addison Phillips 2022-03-10
ACTION-1125 (edit) closed Fix glossary/terminology section in string-meta pr and merge the results Addison Phillips 2022-03-10
ACTION-1126 (edit) closed Resolve conflicts in string-meta pr #48 and merge Addison Phillips 2022-03-10
ACTION-1127 (edit) closed Check thread on urls for language tags Addison Phillips 2022-03-17
ACTION-1128 (edit) closed Propose additional text in specdev about identifiers Addison Phillips 2022-03-17
ACTION-1129 (edit) closed Review httpapi-linkset for concerns Addison Phillips 2022-03-24
ACTION-1130 (edit) closed Pick up css-syntax thread materials in specdev identifiers section as needed and merge r12a's changes Addison Phillips 2022-03-24
ACTION-1131 (edit) closed Follow up on personalization-semantics #144 with commentary discussed in telecon Richard Ishida 2022-03-24
ACTION-1132 (edit) closed Contact ian about spc comments vs. tag conversation Addison Phillips 2022-04-07
ACTION-1133 (edit) closed Merge specdev pull 61 and publish Addison Phillips 2022-04-07
ACTION-1134 (edit) open Create pr against canvas formatted text Addison Phillips 2022-04-07
ACTION-1135 (edit) closed Add to issue that need to allow numbers and alphas to behave separately too - and mark as needs-resolution Richard Ishida 2022-04-07
ACTION-1136 (edit) closed Send css-text issues with needs-resolution label Richard Ishida 2022-04-07
ACTION-1137 (edit) closed Summarize to personalization-semantics our position Richard Ishida 2022-04-14
ACTION-1138 (edit) closed Check indexeddb issues Addison Phillips 2022-04-14
ACTION-1139 (edit) closed Convert ruby terminology to wiki page for direct comments and track progress for i18n Atsushi Shimono 2022-04-21
ACTION-1140 (edit) closed Add screen capture to list of specs in tag issue Addison Phillips 2022-04-28
ACTION-1141 (edit) closed Propose text with r12a and respond to issue #996 Bert Bos 2022-04-28
ACTION-1142 (edit) closed Replace developing-specs with links to specdev and publish updated specdev Richard Ishida 2022-05-05
ACTION-1143 (edit) closed Triage specdev issues Addison Phillips 2022-05-05
ACTION-1144 (edit) closed Review webidl#996 and make a proposal Addison Phillips 2022-05-05
ACTION-1145 (edit) closed Create a repo for new version of 'timezone' Fuqiao Xue 2022-05-05
ACTION-1146 (edit) closed Review handling of tracker prs vs. needs-resolution issues Fuqiao Xue 2022-05-12
ACTION-1147 (edit) closed Double-check css-variables issues and ensure labels are correct for tracker Addison Phillips 2022-05-12
ACTION-1148 (edit) closed Update short review checklist to contain all text and links Richard Ishida 2022-05-12
ACTION-1149 (edit) closed Send email to the list with links to specdev changes and parent issues as homework Addison Phillips 2022-05-12
ACTION-1150 (edit) closed Create new checklist handling in specdev Richard Ishida 2022-05-12
ACTION-1151 (edit) closed Fill in tpac logistics survey Addison Phillips 2022-05-19
ACTION-1152 (edit) closed Set up tpac calls for tue/thurs at usual times and corresponding wiki pages Addison Phillips 2022-05-26
ACTION-1153 (edit) closed Review wot-discovery and our comment #1522 for service name restrictions in iana John Klensin 2022-05-26
ACTION-1154 (edit) closed Look into unicode support in ecma-262 as referenced by wot-description Fuqiao Xue 2022-06-02
ACTION-1155 (edit) closed Make review of manifest document (add link) homework Addison Phillips 2022-06-02
ACTION-1156 (edit) closed Update wot-discovery our #1522 Addison Phillips 2022-06-09
ACTION-1157 (edit) closed Create jlreq-d repo Atsushi Shimono 2022-06-09
ACTION-1158 (edit) closed Create issues against wicg/manifest-incubations in our repo for review Addison Phillips 2022-06-09
ACTION-1159 (edit) closed Respond to our issue 1552 (editing 278) Addison Phillips 2022-06-16
ACTION-1160 (edit) closed Add exemplary list of names to specdev Addison Phillips 2022-06-16
ACTION-1161 (edit) closed Reply to coga issues from telecon saying we're satisfied Felix Sasaki 2022-06-16
ACTION-1162 (edit) closed Publish updated rtl languages article Richard Ishida 2022-06-23
ACTION-1163 (edit) closed Respond to dxwg#959 Addison Phillips 2022-06-30
ACTION-1164 (edit) closed Respond to string-search#10 Addison Phillips 2022-07-07
ACTION-1165 (edit) closed Write to unicode edcom about the unicode_web faq and start revision process Addison Phillips 2022-07-07
ACTION-1166 (edit) closed Make pr in specdev defining whitespace with help from addison and richard Fuqiao Xue 2022-07-07
ACTION-1167 (edit) closed Reply to tpac organizers to ensure room sizes (we will visit others) Addison Phillips 2022-07-07
ACTION-1168 (edit) closed Publish qa-ltr-scripts-in-rtl for wide review Richard Ishida 2022-07-07
ACTION-1169 (edit) closed Publish qa-ltr-scripts-in-rtl article Richard Ishida 2022-07-14
ACTION-1170 (edit) closed Send ruby/styling to wide review Richard Ishida 2022-07-14
ACTION-1171 (edit) closed Write to ecma-402 about tag issue 716 and next steps on string-meta Addison Phillips 2022-07-21
ACTION-1172 (edit) closed Reply to w3ctag#716 with next steps and ask for support Addison Phillips 2022-07-21
ACTION-1173 (edit) closed Raise gap report on nnbsp issue in french & on the danda and Southeast Asian punctuation Richard Ishida 2023-02-23
ACTION-1174 (edit) closed Remind all to review string-meta requirements related to auto and provide materials for upcoming ecma402 chat Addison Phillips 2022-07-28
ACTION-1175 (edit) closed Publish ruby-styling article after fixing the font issue Richard Ishida 2022-08-04
ACTION-1176 (edit) closed Draft changes to allow 'auto' in string/document metadata for consideration by wg Addison Phillips 2022-08-04
ACTION-1177 (edit) closed Publish string-meta to tr after finishing style edits Addison Phillips 2022-08-04
ACTION-1178 (edit) closed Merge useful bits from i18n-html-tech-lang to ltli Addison Phillips 2022-08-18
ACTION-1179 (edit) closed Publish updated vertical-text article Richard Ishida 2022-08-11
ACTION-1180 (edit) closed Update webshare#152 with our consensus Addison Phillips 2022-08-11
ACTION-1181 (edit) closed Send xfq comments on pattern_white_space, etc. Addison Phillips 2022-08-18
ACTION-1182 (edit) closed Follow up with payments and other groups with status on string-meta Addison Phillips 2022-08-18
ACTION-1183 (edit) open Follow up with ecma-402 on next steps and start tc39 discussion Addison Phillips 2022-08-18
ACTION-1184 (edit) closed Update tag issue for string-meta Addison Phillips 2022-08-18
ACTION-1185 (edit) closed Publish updated (deprecated) versions of i18n-html-tech-lang and i18n-html-tech-bidi Fuqiao Xue 2022-08-18
ACTION-1186 (edit) closed Create slides for tpac video and circulate for review Fuqiao Xue 2022-08-25
ACTION-1187 (edit) closed Sync with fuqiao about tpac video Addison Phillips 2022-08-25
ACTION-1188 (edit) closed Reply to url#626 Addison Phillips 2022-08-25
ACTION-1189 (edit) closed Update qa-html-css-normalization Richard Ishida 2022-08-25
ACTION-1190 (edit) closed Propose text in string-meta for "bag of octet" strings including canned note for inclusion in specs Addison Phillips 2022-09-08
ACTION-1191 (edit) closed Add blessing to webtransport#414 Addison Phillips 2022-09-08
ACTION-1192 (edit) closed Create parent tracking issue for string-meta status and link dependent issues to it Addison Phillips 2022-09-08
ACTION-1193 (edit) closed Ping css for their list of hot issues Addison Phillips 2022-09-15
ACTION-1194 (edit) closed Summarize into issue, for discussion in csswg Elika Etemad 2022-09-19
ACTION-1195 (edit) closed Follow up with r12a and others about gap analysis for font generics Addison Phillips 2022-09-19
ACTION-1196 (edit) closed Follow up with jlreq on csswg#6091 to see if non-cjk enclosing punctuation should be included in space-trimming Atsushi Shimono 2022-09-19
ACTION-1197 (edit) closed Reread CSS issue 6915 on :lang(*), and if conclusions still make sense in the end, post as the proposal Florian Rivoal 2022-09-19
ACTION-1198 (edit) closed Find instructions for doing reviews and add to i18n-editors page Richard Ishida 2022-09-20
ACTION-1199 (edit) closed Add instructions for t: labels to the github review instructions Richard Ishida 2022-09-20
ACTION-1200 (edit) closed Improve ijam/tashkil definitions in glossary Richard Ishida 2023-02-23
ACTION-1201 (edit) closed Read the ils-text-variations-final doc and make sense of it for addison Richard Ishida 2022-09-20
ACTION-1202 (edit) closed Publish current specdev to tr Richard Ishida 2022-09-20
ACTION-1203 (edit) closed File an issue on the danda and Southeast Asian punctuation Richard Ishida 2022-09-20
ACTION-1204 (edit) closed Add comment to secure-payment-confirmation#205 about cr transition and i18n support Addison Phillips 2022-09-21
ACTION-1205 (edit) closed Triage the linked issues in #1579 into active vs. non-active Addison Phillips 2022-09-22
ACTION-1206 (edit) closed Create i18n css from local.css and do other related work (see notes) Richard Ishida 2022-09-22
ACTION-1207 (edit) closed Coordinate with css chairs a more-frequent review meeting Addison Phillips 2022-09-29
ACTION-1208 (edit) closed Propose text for specdev about url references Addison Phillips 2022-09-29
ACTION-1209 (edit) closed With r12a follow up on font generics with elika and css Addison Phillips 2022-10-06
ACTION-1210 (edit) closed Convert csswg#4910 comment 619342561 into an article Richard Ishida 2022-10-06
ACTION-1211 (edit) closed Ping unicode about file naming utn/utr possibility Addison Phillips 2022-10-06
ACTION-1212 (edit) closed Merge specdev pr 80 and copy glossary items to glossary Addison Phillips 2022-10-13
ACTION-1213 (edit) closed Reply to webauthn#1642 Addison Phillips 2022-10-13
ACTION-1214 (edit) closed Finalize and publish font styles and fallbacks doc Richard Ishida 2022-10-27
ACTION-1215 (edit) closed Schedule call with css + i18n including "font fallbacks" Addison Phillips 2022-10-27
ACTION-1216 (edit) closed Add new string requirements in specdev pointing to design-principles doc Addison Phillips 2022-11-10
ACTION-1217 (edit) closed Respond to gpuweb#2780 with request for issue in text or read our docs Addison Phillips 2022-11-10
ACTION-1218 (edit) closed Update questionnaire for self-review and ping plh to fix robot to match Fuqiao Xue 2022-11-17
ACTION-1219 (edit) closed Add mastodon @webi18n to our website and other references Richard Ishida 2022-11-24
ACTION-1220 (edit) closed Update deprecated character handling in file names in specdev Fuqiao Xue 2022-11-24
ACTION-1221 (edit) closed Read r12a's article on generic font families Florian Rivoal 2022-11-29
ACTION-1222 (edit) open With florian triage richard's article into a list of potential generics Elika Etemad 2023-01-16
ACTION-1223 (edit) open Triage all css properties to determine which are logical, physical, or na by default Florian Rivoal 2023-01-16
ACTION-1224 (edit) closed Prepare proposal for file name addition for unicode Addison Phillips 2022-12-08
ACTION-1225 (edit) closed Fix boilerplate footer to contain mastodon link Richard Ishida 2022-12-08
ACTION-1226 (edit) closed Publish new tamil and thai lreq docs for additional review Richard Ishida 2022-12-08
ACTION-1227 (edit) closed Respond to miniapp#7 Addison Phillips 2022-12-08
ACTION-1228 (edit) closed Add additional character reference text to s4.10 of specdev Addison Phillips 2022-12-15
ACTION-1229 (edit) open Upgrade/edit the explainer to address issues raised by google Addison Phillips 2023-01-19
ACTION-1230 (edit) open Make sure generics are comfortable to read in the content language Florian Rivoal 2023-01-24
ACTION-1231 (edit) closed Put one or two counter example into issue 6252 in css related to zwj/zwnj Richard Ishida 2023-01-24
ACTION-1232 (edit) closed make sure generics are comfortable to read in the content language Florian Rivoal 2023-01-25
ACTION-1233 (edit) closed put one or two counter-examples into issue 6252 in css related to zwj/zwnj Richard Ishida 2023-01-25
ACTION-1234 (edit) closed Follow up on w3c/i18n-activity#1641 and #1642 Addison Phillips 2023-01-26
ACTION-1235 (edit) closed Update the agenda format per discussion Addison Phillips 2023-02-02
ACTION-1236 (edit) closed Reply to leonie about keyboard events Addison Phillips 2023-02-09
ACTION-1237 (edit) closed Investigate issue 1651 Addison Phillips 2023-02-09
ACTION-1238 (edit) closed Update qa-bidi-unicode-controls Richard Ishida 2023-02-16
ACTION-1239 (edit) closed Review and create list of terms from lreq Richard Ishida 2023-02-16
ACTION-1240 (edit) closed Publish gurmukhi lreq as first public note Richard Ishida 2023-02-16
ACTION-1241 (edit) open Pull text from gpuweb as a reference until we have a more permanent solution Addison Phillips 2023-02-16
ACTION-1242 (edit) closed Add ijam/tashkil to the i18n-glossary Richard Ishida 2023-03-02
ACTION-1243 (edit) closed Reply to mani about i.e. and e.g. usw Addison Phillips 2023-03-02
ACTION-1244 (edit) closed Find the named entity issue in whatwg/html and see if we can re-raise Addison Phillips 2023-03-02
ACTION-1245 (edit) closed Make definition for spillover Addison Phillips 2023-03-02
ACTION-1246 (edit) closed Raise github issue for list of glossary terms to add Richard Ishida 2023-03-02
ACTION-1247 (edit) closed Suggest changes to example 13 in string-search Richard Ishida 2023-03-02
ACTION-1248 (edit) closed Check if the review issue template needs help assigning the project Fuqiao Xue 2023-03-09
ACTION-1249 (edit) closed Re-open html#5121 with comments from wg Addison Phillips 2023-03-09
ACTION-1250 (edit) closed Address i18n-glossary#22 Richard Ishida 2023-03-09
ACTION-1251 (edit) closed Review glossary entries for conflicts with or consistency with infra Richard Ishida 2023-03-09
ACTION-1252 (edit) closed Request physical meeting at tpac Addison Phillips 2023-03-16
ACTION-1253 (edit) closed Propose changes to the bidi recommendation text and update spc pr 232 with that Addison Phillips 2023-03-16
ACTION-1254 (edit) closed Add issue to the accept-language repo with sense of wg Addison Phillips 2023-03-16
ACTION-1255 (edit) closed Write to coralie about the style guide Addison Phillips 2023-03-23
ACTION-1256 (edit) closed Update tr versions of specdev and glossary Addison Phillips 2023-03-30
ACTION-1257 (edit) open Get character styling into w3c stylesheet Addison Phillips 2023-03-30
ACTION-1258 (edit) open Work with respec and bikeshed to provide the character markup template as easy-to-use markup Richard Ishida 2023-05-26
ACTION-1259 (edit) closed Forward ken's email about right-to-left Addison Phillips 2023-03-30
ACTION-1260 (edit) closed Remove square brackets from the character styling template Addison Phillips 2023-04-06
ACTION-1261 (edit) closed File wicg/manifest-incubations issues Addison Phillips 2023-04-13
ACTION-1262 (edit) closed Respond to wot profile thread and schedule call if possible Addison Phillips 2023-04-27
ACTION-1263 (edit) closed Update css-view-transition Addison Phillips 2023-04-27
ACTION-1264 (edit) closed Follow up on custom property namespacing Addison Phillips 2023-05-02
ACTION-1265 (edit) open Keep track of line-breaking in Korean for i18n-discuss#11 Addison Phillips 2023-05-02
ACTION-1266 (edit) closed Set up new teleconference bridge in zoom (updated to include i18n/css call) Fuqiao Xue 2023-05-04
ACTION-1267 (edit) closed Make the character template use brown Addison Phillips 2023-05-04
ACTION-1268 (edit) closed Publish qa-bidi-source Richard Ishida 2023-05-04
ACTION-1269 (edit) closed Publish qa-bidi-unicode-controls Richard Ishida 2023-05-04
ACTION-1270 (edit) open Check into how to list questions at the top of a digest and/or improve lang enablement communications Richard Ishida 2023-05-11
ACTION-1271 (edit) closed Ask group to review languagedev_participation by next week Addison Phillips 2023-05-18
ACTION-1272 (edit) closed Look at view transitions ( Bert Bos 2023-06-01
ACTION-1273 (edit) closed Ask unicode about making reference glyphs generally available for download e.g. for w3c specs Addison Phillips 2023-06-08
ACTION-1274 (edit) closed Create tracking issue and follow up on glyph generation by unicode once edcom has made progress Addison Phillips 2023-06-15
ACTION-1275 (edit) open Publish fpwd of korean gap analysis Fuqiao Xue 2023-06-15
ACTION-1276 (edit) closed Respond to csswg 8636 about making ready-made counter styles into a registry and i18n's thoughts on that Addison Phillips 2023-06-29
ACTION-1277 (edit) open And fantasai to have informal explanation sessions about counter style translations with csswg members Florian Rivoal 2023-07-05
ACTION-1278 (edit) closed Do research on a11y-discov-vocab#3 Addison Phillips 2023-07-06
ACTION-1279 (edit) open Develop a specdev section about i18n considerations sections Addison Phillips 2023-07-13
ACTION-1280 (edit) open Create an action item Fuqiao Xue 2023-07-17
ACTION-1281 (edit) open Set up a repo for action tracking Richard Ishida 2023-07-18
ACTION-1282 (edit) open Set up a repo for action tracking Richard Ishida 2023-07-18
ACTION-1283 (edit) open Configure i18n-actions repo Richard Ishida 2023-07-18
ACTION-1284 (edit) open Give ghurlbot access to write to the repo Richard Ishida 2023-07-18
ACTION-1285 (edit) open Work with respec and bikeshed to provide the character markup template as easy-to-use markup Richard Ishida 2023-07-27
ACTION-1286 (edit) open Check into how to list questions at the top of a digest and/or improve lang enablement communications Richard Ishida 2023-07-25
ACTION-1287 (edit) open Triage all css properties to determine which are logical, physical, or na by default Florian Rivoal 2023-07-18
ACTION-1288 (edit) open Make sure generics are comfortable to read in the content language Florian Rivoal 2023-07-18
ACTION-1289 (edit) open Publish fpwd of korean gap analysis Fuqiao Xue 2023-07-18
ACTION-1290 (edit) open And fantasai to have informal explanation sessions about counter style translations with csswg members Florian Rivoal 2023-07-18

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