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This is Step 1 (of 3) of the W3C Membership application process. A short description of the complete application process is available. If you have any questions about this form, please write to one of W3C's Membership contacts.

Before you proceed, your organization may already be one of the existing W3C Members and you can start participating with the approval of your Advisory Committee Representative. Please check this list for your company before proceeding.

Summary of Membership Application Steps

Step 1: Basic Contact Information
Provide your contact information, basic information about your organization, and choose your Membership start date. Providing an email address in the same Internet domain as your organization's Web site will help W3C process your application. This form includes 4 sections. Estimated completion time: 5 minutes. You may return to this form later to make changes.

Required fields in the form below are identified by an asterisk (*). View form without tables for layout.

Section 1: Applicant Contact Information

Example: joe@example.com, where example.com is the domain name of the organization's Web site

Section 2: Basic Information About Your Organization

Example: International Software Developer Corporation

Section 3: Start of your Membership Benefits

All W3C Membership terms begin on the first day of a calendar quarter (1 January, 1 April, 1 July, or 1 October). Please choose whether you would like your Membership benefits to begin as soon as W3C has received your signed Member Agreement (in which case your Membership term will begin on the first day of the current quarter), or on the first day of the next quarter.

If today is near the end of the current quarter, you may prefer for your Membership benefits to start on the first day of the next quarter as a cost-savings measure. For example, if your application is approved on 15 March, your Membership term will begin on the first day of that quarter (1 January). Your Membership fees will include the first calendar quarter, but your organization will only enjoy the benefits of W3C Membership for the last two weeks of March.

Please note that your Membership benefits will not be available prior to the start date you select.

*Start of Membership benefits:


Section 4: Advance to Step 2


Next Steps

When you submit this form for the first time, you will receive an email with instructions for advancing to Step 2. You will not be able to continue the application process until you have received that email. If you make changes to your application later through this form, when you resubmit the form, you will advance directly to Step 2 (without the intervening email).

For Additional Assistance

Please contact W3C if:

  1. The country of your organization's headquarters does not appear in this list.
  2. You misplace the email W3C sent you during the application process (after Step 1) with information about your application.
  3. You wish to join W3C as an individual. Please note that W3C Membership is tailored to and priced for organizations rather than individuals, but individuals may still join. In some cases, individuals may qualify for participation in a W3C group as W3C Invited Experts. Organizations and individuals may also contribute to W3C operations through the W3C Supporters Program.
  4. You have any other questions about Membership.

Required fields in this form are identified by an asterisk (*).