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SOAP over Java Message Service 1.0

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The following documents are highly unstable and haven't received any kind of review or endorsement, use them at your own risks!

Test Cases

The test suite is managed in CVS and can be found at

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URI Scheme for Java(tm) Message Service 1.0:

See also the CVS area for the Working Group.


See Tracker Issues List

One can raise a new issue on the public mailing list. All issues in the Working Group are tracked using the tracker system.

New Issues on the Public Mailing List

For new issue proposals on the public mailing list, please use a subject header in the form "NEW ISSUE: title". Issue proposals should include the general information below:

It is also appreciated if the proposed solution comes with test cases.

Comments on Existing Issues

Meeting records


Our initial schedule was as follows:

As of June 2010, the revised schedule is:

Discussion lists

Technical discussion takes place on the Working Group discussion list, (archive). This is a public mailing list; to subscribe to the public-soap-jms mailing list, please check the subscription procedure.

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Administrative issues are discussed on the Member-only member-soap-jms mailing list (archive). See the administrative page for more details.


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A list of participants is available.

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