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Me, a growing number of years ago...

My main work interest is in OO-design. Some history about my work here: I worked for one year on Arena, a testbed browser, to show what can be done using Style Sheets. This page is "Css Powered" and have justification, margins, backgrounds, colors and font styles without hurting any text or non css-capable browsers. When CSS became a recommendation, I moved to Jigsaw a HTTP server written in Java, working on HTTP/1.1 testing, then I became the Jigsaw activity leader.

I created the XML Protocol Activity where the XML Protocol Working Group published SOAP Version 1.2 and various other specifications. I am now the Web Services Activity Lead, and the Technical Architecture Group (TAG) Team Contact.

Creating a strategy game is really a strange thing. You try to be smart enough to create a program powerful enough to beat you at your own game! I have no time to think of a better strategy, so i can still beat it! The java version was written in less than three hours, so forgive me for the missing 'restart' button.

The following links are pointing to a strategy game i made during my spare time.

JavaFortress is Here (based on the 1.2 engine).
WebFortress was Here. (based on the 1.2 engine) (I hate when links are broken, and things moved...)
XFortress is Here (with the brand new 2.0 engine and with an evolution package (2.0.1)).

I did also the engine (all the AlphaBeta and extensions) of the new version of Darwersi (will be 2.0) for Olivier.

I did spend part of my spare time helping a sailing silumation site: Virtual Loup-de-mer, mostly in the performance and wind interpolation areas.

Note that this page is quite ugly, it is mainly because I don't have time to work on it, and also that I wanted to demonstrate bad CSS implementations (and PNG implementations also).

For friends, I have some pictures available on my personal site (mostly travel), here is a little list:

Note: if you see a white background in the next icon, your browser doesn't support well PNG alpha channel transparency!

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