W3C Issues First Public Draft of Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL)


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"SMIL is the first non-proprietary synchronized multimedia integration format available for the Web -- or anywhere else, for that matter. It is an important first step in moving declarative multimedia specification technology from research environments to the user community. As such, it will allow the development of complex multimedia presentations without requiring user-level programming of multimedia interactions.
-- Dr. Dick Bulterman, Head, Multimedia and HCI at CWI in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and technical director of the CHAMELEON Adaptive Multimedia Authoring project (ESPRIT 20594)

"Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) introduces for the first time Web-based hypermedia presentations that are truly dynamic in nature. Its time-based document structure and relation-based temporal model make SMIL perfect for multimedia authoring, even for users of simple text editors"
-- Jin Yu, Research Staff Member at Digital Equipment Corporation's Palo Alto-based Systems Research Center

"SMIL is a major step toward a seamless integration of the Web and Interactive television technologies. The doors are now open to a new and truly multimedia universe of information. SMIL is simple but very powerful thanks to its underlying temporal model."
-- Dr. Nabil Layaida, Research Fellow at INRIA Rhone-Alpes in Grenoble

"Multimedia creation and presentation on the Web will eventually be as commonplace as e-mail is today. SMIL provides a universal language for authoring multimedia which allows users to take greater advantage of network infrastructures and multimedia computers without having to learn vast amounts of programming information. The era of truly dynamic multimedia is about to arrive."
-- Sid Ahuja, Director of the Multimedia Communications Research Laboratory at Bell Labs, the Research and Development Arm of Lucent Technologies

"SMIL is a great file format for linking multimedia creation tools to RTSP-based streaming media systems. RealNetworks supports the W3C's SMIL proposal, which is rallying the Internet multimedia community around quality open standards."
-- Philip Rosedale, Vice President, Media Systems Group, RealNetworks

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