Chairs meeting Past Confirmed

Location: Granville - South Tower 4th floor

Meeting reserved to the group chairs


(1) Process changes since the last Chairs F2F
(2) Future Process Changes being considered
(3) Open discussion: what's new since the last Chairs F2F three years ago?

irc: #chairs

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  • Jeff Jaffe


  • Phil Archer
  • Matthew Atkinson
  • Judy Brewer
  • Michael Cooper
  • Wei Ding
  • Nick Doty
  • Katie Haritos-Shea
  • Dominique Hazaël-Massieux
  • Philippe Le Hegaret
  • Vladimir Levantovsky
  • Michael McCool
  • Nigel Megitt
  • Addison Phillips
  • Wendy Reid
  • Neil Soiffer
  • Ralph Swick
  • Chris Wilson
  • Kristina Yasuda
  • Ayşegül Yönet
  • Aram Zucker-Scharff

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