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其中技术领域包括:交互技术领域普适Web领域、 技术和社会领域Web信息无障碍计划


  1. Web信息无障碍技术(WAI Technical Activity):下设协议和格式(PF)工作组Web内容可访问性原则(WCAG)工作组编写工具可访问性原则工作组用户代理可访问性工作组评估和修复工具(ERT)工作组,及独立用户界面(Indie UI)工作组
  2.  WAI国际计划办公室(WAI International Program Office Activity):下设教育和推广(EO)工作组研究和开发(RD)工作组WAI兴趣小组WAI协调组

中国信息无障碍社区小组 则属于社区小组,W3C通过社区组(Communitiy Group)和商务组(Business Group)收集产业及广大Web用户对Web标准的需求。这两个组对所有公众个人与机构开放。其中,社区组类似于兴趣小组,通过提供讨论平台收集个人对未来标准的意见和建议。商务组通过汇聚某一行业的主要公司及各类邀请专家,讨论开放Web平台在一个行业中应用所特有的标准需求。

One Response to 关于W3C社区小组

  • Judy Brewer

    Hi 一丝 yisi,

    Thank you for posting this background information in Chinese on W3C and WAI, explaining how the work at W3C is organized, and the things that we are working on.

    There is some additional information here about specific WAI groups:
    including the three groups, that I mentioned in my previous message, which are meeting in Shenzhen in a few weeks. In case you or others in this Community Group are interested in these groups, here is more information:

    – Protocols and Formats Working Group

    – User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group

    – Indie UI Working Group

    – Judy


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