W3C awards Website Redesign Project to Studio 24

W3CStudio 24 The W3C Website redesign Request For Proposals has concluded with W3C awarding the project to Studio 24, a small, independent digital agency in the heart of Cambridge, UK, founded in 1999. The project covers a subset of the public-facing pages of our Website and will span the next 10 months. Please, read more in our joint press release.

We are aiming for this phase to scale well to cover the redesign expectations for the rest of the site. Future phases will include the Member and Team spaces, internal Work Groups homepages, specifications template, mailing lists archives, W3C Community Groups and Business Groups.

The current website was implemented ten years ago and is no longer as effective in supporting W3C’s mission and goals as it could be. We believe that by implementing current web best practices and technologies, revising the information architecture, creating a content strategy and revamping the visual design, we can provide our audiences with the best information in a more user-friendly fashion, motivate participation in the organization, and communicate the nature and impact of W3C more effectively.