Travel Time on the Web from W3C Wiki and Specs


The W3C Wiki and the W3C specifications are now accessible using the Memento “Time Travel for the Web” protocol. This is the result of a collaboration with with W3C Member Los Alamos National Laboratory, W3C Systems Team and others.

The Memento protocol is a straightforward extension of HTTP that adds a time dimension to the Web. It supports integrating live web resources, resources in versioning systems, and archived resources in web archives into an interoperable, distributed, machine-accessible versioning system for the entire web. W3C finds Memento work with online reversion history extremely useful for the Web in general and practical application on its own standards to be able to illustrate how they evolve over time. We applaud the effort in this area and are pleased to join the notable ranks of sites deploying it. For more details about this project, please read Herbert Van De Sompel’s guest W3C Blog post Memento at the W3C.