W3C Workshop Report: Social Standards: The Future of Business Workshop

W3C published today the final report of the August Social Standards: The Future of Business Workshop, organized jointly with the OpenSocial Foundation. W3C thanks AppFusions for hosting the event, and IBM and the Open Mobile Alliance for their sponsorship.

This Workshop provided a way for the social business and technical community to create a roadmap for standardizing the currently fragmented social landscape in order to make social a first-class part of the Open Web Platform. Participants discussed how social can revolutionize the enterprise and next steps for technologies such as OpenSocial and ActivityStreams, both of which are in early stages of revision. This workshop was the culmination of the activity of the Social Business Community Group.

Participants of the Workshop agreed that W3C should create a Working Group defining standards around social, ranging from APIs to profile federation, as well as a community group around property graphs. Collaboration with the OpenSocial Foundation, Open Mobile Alliance, ActivityStreams community, and many other groups in order will be one of the keys to creating the next generation of standards for the social web. We anticipate one or more draft charters will be available in the coming weeks.