W3C at IoT Impact 2019 Australia next week

small visual banner for IoT IMPACT 2019 15-16 October 2019 in Sydney, Australia; showing key themes of the event

Over the past several years the W3C Membership has been working to help address the fragmentation that has occurred in the Internet of Things space. Our work, on Web of Things, seeks to counter fragmentation by making it much easier to create applications without the need to master the disparate variety of IoT technologies and standards. Digital twins for sensors, actuators and information services are exposed to consuming applications as local software objects with properties, actions and events, independently of the physical location of devices or the protocols used to access them.

One of our guiding principles is that our standards need to be implemented in real-world solutions. In order to hear the needs that exist in the various IoT Industries (Smart Cities, Industrie 4.0, Smart Buildings, etc.) the World Wide Web Consortium has been attending and participating in a number of events over the past several years. We have yet to actively involve the IoT community in Australia and by Partnering with IoT Impact 2019 we have that opportunity. I will be attending the Sydney event to listen to the speakers and engage with as many people as possible to expand the discussions in W3C with the thought leaders in Australia.

If you’re a W3C Member interested in attending the event, please check your e-mail: there is a 10% discount off registration. If you’re going to be there and want to meet to discuss W3C’s work in this space, or anything about W3C, drop me a note and let’s get together! I’ll be in country from the afternoon of Friday, 11 October through mid-day on Wednesday, 16 October.

3 thoughts on “W3C at IoT Impact 2019 Australia next week

  1. great article, now I know that one of your main principles is that our standards must be implemented in real solutions and to know the needs existing in various IoT industries

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  3. IoT is one of the remarkable feats of Information Technology genre. It is one of the impossible things that is going to be possible and becoming vivid reality. One cannot even imagine that want revolution it is going to bring. And the amazing thing is that the steps that W3C is taking are praise worthy. They are doing their best to incorporate the IoT vigilantly.

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