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This form allows you to provide information on your organization’s Tool for Web Accessibility Evaluation to be listed on the WAI website. Information submitted will also be publicly available in GitHub.

If you have questions, want to update information in the list or delete a tool please send an e-mail to:

Please note that W3C does not endorse specific providers. Resources are listed with no quality rating.

What evaluation tools are included

This list includes digital accessibility evaluation software tools in any language, free or paid. These tools are specifically designed to help determine if digital content meets accessibility guidelines.

Tools that will be included on this list include:

  • Tools, applications or extensions that are specifically designed to support the evaluation of digital accessibility.
  • Tools that simulate user experience in order to support the identification of accessibility issues.

Tools that will not be included in this list are:

  • Assistive technologies, such as screen readers, or voice assistants, that are primarily designed to support people with disabilities using the web.
  • Tools that primarily change content or code directly to improve accessibility.
  • Checklists of accessibility requirements or Success Criteria.
  • Recommendations, best practices, or methodologies about digital accessibility.

1/3General information

Include 'http://' or 'https://' as appropriate.

The list maintainer may use this e-mail address solely to contact you in case of questions about this submission. For this purpose, it will be published in Github, where your submission will be processed. The e-mail address will never be displayed in the tool list.

While an accessibility statement is not required to submit a tool, it provides valuable information on your commitment to accessibility to your users. Get started by visiting Developing an Accessibility Statement.

Tools that have a documented implementation of Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT) Rules can include a link to their ACT implementation report. To learn more about ACT Rules, read ACT Rules Implementation in Test Tools and Methodologies. See also Add a Test Tool or Methodology for information on how to submit a new ACT implementation.

2/3Tool functionality

Add a description of key features and functionalities of the tool. Try to write this description in a way that tool users can understand.


What type of evaluations does this tool support?

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Range and depth of single evaluation.

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3/3Tool details

Indicate in which language or languages this tool is provided.

Type of tool(Required)

Check all that apply when submitting multiple types of the tool (e.g. both browser plugin and online tool).

Browser for plugin
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4/5Submitting your evaluation tool

Let us know if you have further comments. This comment will be publicly available but not published on the evaluation tools list.

We will aim to review and publish your submission within 2-4 weeks depending on the content. You will receive an email when we have reviewed your submission.

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