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RSS WAI Highlights for general WAI information and updates

What is RSS?

RSS is a method for getting and sending news and information. You can subscribe to an RSS feed and have the latest news and information sent to your RSS reader program. The RSS reader program will alert you when there is new information for you to read.

How does WAI use RSS?

WAI has highlights on the home page of upcoming meetings and recently released documents. WAI highlights are available in RSS so that your RSS reader will alert you when there are new highlights, rather than having to check the WAI home page yourself. The title, text of the highlight, and a link to the highlight on the home page are provided in the RSS feed.

How will RSS help me?

Several RSS feeds can be loaded into your RSS program. The RSS reader will alert you when new content is available on any of your feeds. This can save you time from having to check multiple sites regularly, to find that that there is no new information available or that the new information is of no interest to you. When your RSS reader alerts you of new content, you get to choose whether you want to go to the site for more information.

How can I subscribe to an RSS feed?

Below are general instructions for subscribing to an RSS feed. Your reader might be different. For specific instructions and options, see your RSS reader's help documentation.

  1. Click on the "RSS WAI Highlights" at the top of the page
  2. Copy the address (URI) of the feed from your browser's address field
  3. Paste the address (URI) of the RSS file into your RSS reader program.
  4. Click Subscribe

RSS Readers

What does the acronym stand for?

The acronym means something different depending on which specification the RSS file uses. WAI uses RDF Site Summary as the specification for its RSS feed.