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Thank You, W3C Funders

W3C is deeply grateful to the organizations listed below for their current financial support. These grants, external contracts, and other funding outside Member dues support a variety of work at W3C, including Member-approved Activities (including Working Groups), W3C public communications, and W3C internal operations. They also help connect W3C to important communities and developments in emerging technologies and research.

W3C is the leading standards body for Web technology thanks to the support it receives from funders, W3C Members, the W3C Fellows Program, and contributions through the W3C Supporters Program.

Summary of Current W3C Funding Sources Outside Member Dues

This is the list of current W3C funding sources outside Member dues. See below for details of current sources .

If you are participating in an EU Project, please see our documentation on participation in W3C by EU-funded projects.

If your organization wishes to join this list of funders, please contact the W3C Communications Team at w3t-pr@w3.org.

We would also like to thank the individuals who have worked diligently to secure this funding for W3C.

Details About Current Funding Sources

These are details about current W3C funding sources outside Member dues.

Funding name Funding source(s) Managed by Secured by Work supported Starts Ends
Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service (Compose)European CommissionPhilipp HoschkaPhilipp HoschkaNov 2012Oct 2015
Decentralised Citizen ENgagement Technologies (D-CENT)European CommissionHarry HalpinHarry HalpinSocialJan 2014May 2016
GlobalITVEuropean CommissionPhilipp HoschkaPhilipp HoschkaDec 2013Nov 2015
HTML5AppsEuropean CommissionPhilipp HoschkaPhilipp HoschkaOct 2013Sep 2015
MediascapeEuropean CommissionPhilipp HoschkaPhilipp HoschkaOct 2013Jun 2016
Share-PSI 2.0 (Share-PSI)European CommissionPhil ArcherPhil ArcherFeb 2014Jul 2016
SmartOpenData (SmOD)European CommissionPhil ArcherPhil ArcherNov 2013Oct 2015
TPWG Chair Support (tpwgchair)TPWG SponsorsWendy SeltzerMay 2014open
W3Conf Developer Conference (W3Conf)W3Conf Developer ConferenceDoug SchepersDoug SchepersNov 2011open
WAI CoreUS Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation ResearchJudy BrewerJudy BrewerWAI Technical ActivityOct 2010Sep 2015
WAI SponsorsWAI SponsorshipJudy BrewerJudy BrewerWAI International Program Office, WAI Technical ActivitySep 1997open
WAI-DEVEuropean CommissionShadi Abou-ZahraShadi Abou-ZahraWAI International Program Office, WAI Technical ActivityApr 2014Mar 2016
WebPlatform Stewards (WebPlatform)WebPlatform StewardsDoug SchepersDoug SchepersOct 2012open